Is Sanitarium part of a spy plot?

If you read the NZ Herald you would think that Pierre van Heerden, the head of Sanitarium, is some sort of master spy….or perhaps the secret head of the GCSB.

In not one, but two articles about spying and the GCSB they feature an image taken at the launch of the Food in Schools programme.

The first is from Brian Rudman, who obviously didn’t enjoy his trip to the theatre on the weekend since he has written about this and not a review.


Does the NZ Herald thinks Pierre van Heerden is a spy?

The second is from a week ago and by David Fisher and has Sir Bruce Ferguson moaning about standard procedures for people entering GCSB.

The Herald thinks Pierre van Heerden is Bruce Fergusson?

The Herald thinks Pierre van Heerden is Bruce Ferguson?

More outstanding work from “decent journalists, trained and skilled”.


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  • Mediaan

    Massively interesting. Does NZH know something?

    The question is not who runs agencies of secret workings, but who are the unseen pressure-people who DETERMINE the secret workings and direction.

    Somewhere behind all our cosy-chummy-bro functioning are the vicious foreign groupings who push NZ around. Not just one bunch, several. Labour and National have different ones.

    One is certainly would-be royalists (often dressed up as socialists).

    Frequently these lean to Rose politics. The Rose bunch are the bunch hoping to slip a new monarchy in here and there, based on the claim that Jesus had descendants in France and this (insert name suggested king) is from that line, and so is destined to rule us.

  • Dave

    Cam, If the most senior editor, CEO or similar had one ounce of grey matter left, they would apologize for their comments to you / WOBH, and admit they have editorial issues and too many errors are being made. Perhaps admit that their Repeaters, trained and skilled are not nearly as trained and skilled as they thought.

    Its high time for a publication that proudly calls themselves the leading NZ paper, to face facts and take corrective action, they really are the laughing stock of the NZ MSM.

    The only other alternative left, is for the Herald to supply copies to all schools, and give the junior school pupils the job of finding the mistakes. Elementary stuff dear Mr’s Herald.

  • Col

    Sorry too tell you, but in every Weetbix packet a camera has been installed, so Hone won’t steal them, and sell them on the black market.