Is the Press trying to tell us something?

With the countries worst kept secret about to be revealed The Press thought they should hold a little survey.

This is the image that thy presented with the survey…Keeping Stock noticed and wondered if perhaps they were trying to tell us something.

Why wouldn’t you vote for a radiant, beaming Ms Dalziel, against the taciturn, tired and grumpy looking Bob Parker?

Has The Press already annointed Ms Dalziel as its candidate of choice, even though an official announcement will not be made until Saturday? Is this a subtle (or perhaps a not-so-subtle) message from the editorial staff of The Press that a fresh face is just what Christchurch needs?

Dalziel Parker poll


Keeping Stock reckons it is shallow and shabby.

I don’t know…Bob Parker has certainly annoyed a great many people in Christchurch…sure he is certainly better than Jim Anderton, but it is time for a new face.

Given a choice between Bob Parker and Lianne Dalziel I will be supporting Lianne Dalziel.

There are a couple of reasons for this. I have outlined those in numerous posts about Bob, but one side effect is the by-election that will result…which will cost Labour a pretty penny with money they don’t have to fight it. That can only be good.

The Press article notes:

…Parker has struggled to unite his council and at times he has been at the helm of a seriously dysfunctional ship. The situation got so bad that Parker had to ask the Government to intervene.

Critics say he is too close to council chief executive Tony Marryatt, who he has supported through thick and thin.

He is accused of keeping information from a faction of the council that fails to follow the Parker line and being overly sensitive to criticism.

His wife’s role in council affairs has also excited detractors.

They are certainly putting the boot in.


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  • grumpy

    The Press has a pathological hatred of Parker – God knows why. They are constantly rubbishing everything he does and this type of photographic set-up is par for the course.
    As a monopoly newspaper in Christchurch, it is unsurprising that people who get their only information from the news media (and The Press via Stuff) should hold a poor view of Parker.
    People out of Christchurch should take anything from The Press and Stuff with a huge grain of salt.

    • Guest

      I agree. I was born & raised in Canterbury & still have plenty of family & friends there. I can’t say I know of anyone who would vote for Dalziel over Parker. He’s bad, but not that bad.

      • Sponge

        Exactly. He is not perfect but she would be a whole lot worse. Listening to her lies on the radio this morning about being above party politics made my blood boil.

  • blokeintakapuna

    For Christchurch though – it’s like out of the fry pan and into the fire…

    Surely there’s some better alternatives though? Ronald McDonald? Aaron Gilmore? Sally & Jamie Ridge?

    Haven’t Christchurch been through enough to have to deal with a Labour patsy – and her no doubt socialist sympathies will insist that all of NZ pays for the Christchurch rebuild, rather than Christchurch liquidating some of their assets in a partial asset sale to pay for the repairs?

    • richard.b

      I like the way your thinking BIT.

      A reality TV show type of mayoral race would be the way to go.

      Sort of Survivour meets The GC meets Masterchef.
      Contestants include the Ridges and Gilnore along with any othe 3rd rate wannabe celebrity. The compete and the CHCH public vote 1 off each week.

  • Harry B’Stard

    did they get made up on the Hobbit set?

  • Mr_V4

    Fresh like a week old stale pizza .

  • Jimbob

    Is it just me or doesn’t she look like Helen Clark airbrushed? Can someone please make sure she is still in NY!!

  • Guest

    For a moment I actually couldn’t make out who was who….kidding…kind of.

    I think the better question is would Dalziel have done better had she been Mayor when the earthquake struck? I think we can assume the answer would be an emphatic no.

    “but it is time for a new face” – maybe, but then Dalziel is hardly a new face is she? She has been in politics forever. And how can someone with her world view & tendency to play dirty politics possibly benefit CHCH?

    Nope. They don’t need her. Maybe someone like Aaron Keown? Who knows.

    Interestingly the Press poll has Parker ahead of Dalziel at present

    • Sponge

      Fuck not Aaron Keown – he is a jumped up self important know nothing attention seeker.

  • Dr Wang

    I wouldn’t say that’s the greatest photo of Dalziel though either – those yellowed smoker’s teeth scream “halitosis”.

    Edit: it’s not uncommon among the Labour coven, Ruth Dyson had bad-breath foul enough to make you dry retch.

    • Patrick

      Are you admitting to having kissed Ruth Dyson?

      • Dr Wang

        Haha – no, Ruth’s halo of halitosis curtailed that fantasy.

        • Patrick

          You need to get out more, I suggest a few days R&R in Winston Peters “city of sin”, chokka block full of Chinese whores, gambling, drug dealers, drunks etc – should relieve you of those Dyson fantasies quick smart.

  • grumpy

    So when Dalziel next says there is a “99% chance of something not happening”, is that a sign that it is a dead cert?
    Dalziel is a proven liar, The Press would back Adolf Hitler against Parker – see Godwin’s Law already!!!

  • grumpy

    Dalziel, through her dodgy contact with some of the accusers in the Civic Creche case is one of the main drivers of the Peter Ellis hysteria and the reason why he was never given justice by the Klark government. Wasn’t her husband previously married to one of the female accused?
    Her hoofprints are all over that shameful part of Christchurch history.

    • Guest

      Not dodgy contact with the accusers – she had a personal connection to two of the children & her husband’s ex wife was Ellis’ supervisor…a woman who was was one of the 3 that were initially charged with indecent assault & sexual violation….before they nailed Ellis to the wall.

      Interesting case that one…”Her hoofprints are all over that shameful part of Christchurch history”..yep I think so too.

      • grumpy

        Certain to resurface in an election campaign. She was the prime lobbyist to a receptive Klark to resist all attempts to revisit that case. She has blood on her hands.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Did they morph a helen clarke campaign picture into leanne dalziel?

  • Col

    No one is perfect. Put yourself in Bobs shoes, now start to rebuild the city.
    I do not think any Mayor has a handbook regarding earth quake recovery.
    Now that all the shit has been cleaned up, it is very easy for others to take his position ‘I can do better”
    No matter what happens, I would not have wanted to be in Parkers shoes, I believe he has done the best job anyone could do, to much friction with council, when they should have kept together and stopped in fighting ( political ) between each other, just to many Hitlers.

  • old shunter

    well she has worked out that all the people have shifted out out of eastside so she has no one left to vote her back into parliament so she is looking for a a new income

  • island time

    If Dalziel has to manage through a quake like Parker did, then she will end up looking like him as well

  • Apolonia

    When will she resign?
    It will raise the average I.Q in parliament.

  • Col

    Is she leaving labour before she runs for Mayor?
    Or is she staying with Labour until she becomes Mayor?
    I have heard 2 stories, so can someone tell me the F&^*^&ing truth?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Flowershow Bob before he was Mayor of Christchurch was Mayor of the now defunct Banks Peninsula District Council.

    The last days of the District Council were marked by bitterness acrimony and mud-slinging.

    Can anyone recognize a pattern here and isolate a common factor in the difficulties faced by both Councils?

    • Hazards001

      They were Councils in white power rat holes?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Lianne will want to build a floating 6 lane motorway to New Brighton beach. That will cover the shit ponds and mudflats.
    Um, Christchurch needs to be moved to stable ground, like ground that has rocks, not a huge river pan

    • Whanga_Cynic

      No-one ever talks about that, do they? it’s all about “rebuilding in the same place where it fell down before”. FFS, there’s thousands of acres empty on the plains.