Juking Polls the Labour way

Labour is emailing their support base, plus a good number of my own army to implore them to vote in an online survey.



None of the people who received this today, and forwarded it to me, are either Maori or living in Ikaroa-Rawhiti or on the maori roll.

It looks like the Mana candidate and Labour candidate are doing the same thing…emailing supporters to juke the poll.

No mater, might I suggest the Army get involved and vote for Na Raihania, the Maori party candidate….just to even the score up a bit.


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  • Done; but it looks as though the Mana Party has been doing the same thing as Labour, based on the results so far…

  • Curious



    Civic Duty done and remember the Irish saying vote early and often.

    • Kimbo


      I always thought the Ngati Irish were famous for complaining long and loud during the entire term of a Tory government, especially at the pub on election day, but because there is a bit of rain about, not actually getting along to the polling booth.

  • rightoverlabour

    Clear your chrome history and vote as many times as you wish….

  • Pete George

    Hard to know how quickly this can be changed as the number of votes aren’t shown.

    At about 8 am:
    Davidson, Marama – Green Party 12%
    Nikora, Te Hamua – Mana Party 42%
    Raihania, Na – Maori Party 2%
    Whaitiri, Meka – Labour Party 44%

    See if/how this changes.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Maori party 3% at 9am

    • Pete George

      There must have been a high number of votes because it’s moving slowly. Mana initially went up to 43 but is back down, as are Greens and Labour, with Maori slowly rising. As at 10 am:

      Davidson, Marama – Green Party 11%
      Nikora, Te Hamua – Mana Party 42%
      Raihania, Na – Maori Party 5%
      Whaitiri, Meka – Labour Party 43%

      • Scott

        Some rounding errors I guess. It’s out of 101%

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  • Whafe

    Liabour, the gift that keeps on giving

  • Pete George

    Where did the term “juking” come from? I thought “redbait a poll” was a more locally descriptive term.

    • Great stuff Pete. I’d multiple up-tick you if I could!

  • nasska

    Get Reddy on the job & John Banks could be the top candidate for Ikaroa-Rawhiti!

  • Scott

    Just voted about 40 times. 4% now

  • LesleyNZ

    Done! Talk about a rigged poll!

  • LesleyNZ

    Why would any Maori vote for the Mana Party? Read this in today’s NZ Herald. What a bunch of hypocrites! “Harawira jnr gets luxury respite from Waterview noise”: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10890662

    The son of Mana Party leader Hone Harawira was put up in the luxury Metropolis apartments and hotel in central Auckland after complaining that construction work on the Waterview connection was “interfering” with his shift work.

    A source has told the Weekend Herald that Hone Harawira jnr has clashed with contractors from the Well Connected Alliance, the consortium building the six-lane motorway that will join SH16 and SH20, about everything from construction noise to parking on his Mt Albert street.

    The state house which Mr Harawira lives in is in the project’s path and he has been locked in mediation over it.

    It is understood that he was given $1,000 to move away from Auckland, but changed his mind and is still in the house. After he complained that the project interfered with his “shift work”, the Alliance put him up at the Metropolis.

    The Weekend Herald has been told the consortium offered to put sound walls up near Mr Harawira’s home to reduce the noise but he refused and has insisted it must stop trucks travelling to and from the site.

    His other complaint has been lack of parking near his home since work began, although the source said all residents were told the consortium would be working around the clock.

    Mr Harawira could not be contacted yesterday but the Transport Agency, which is overseeing the Waterview project, confirmed that some residents had been moved into other accommodation.

    The state highways manager for Auckland, Tommy Parker, said: “During the construction of major projects in urban areas, our contractors will use a range of techniques to reduce the impacts on surrounding residents and businesses … the installation of noise walls, temporary evacuation of residents, and in some cases temporary alternative accommodation. ”

    Mr Parker said that to ensure safe blasting, in some cases residents were “evacuated” from their properties for up to 40 minutes, and given $50 supermarket or fuel vouchers.

    On average, each resident received 40 vouchers worth $2,000.

    “If an affected resident is a shift worker requiring sleep during the daytime, it’s appropriate for the Alliance to contribute to alternative accommodation,” Mr Parker said.

    The consortium has paid for 34 nights of accommodation at a total cost of $7,200.

    • Patrick

      I get the impression you are surprised by this, not sure why as the Hariwiras’ have had a “what’s in it for me” attitude for many years.

      • LesleyNZ

        I am surprised in one way – but not surprised in another way. Why The Metropolis? Think of how many starving kids up North could be fed a decent breakfast with what it is cost to stay – 34 nights of accommodation at a total cost of $7,200!

        • Patrick

          My assumption was the $7200 was for a number of people but on reading it again you may be right. But i stand by my comment, Hariwiras’ care very little about their community, they are more about themselves.

    • GazzW

      Slight correction in your last sentence Lesley. Delete ‘consortium’ and substitute ‘taxpayer’.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Cam, did you forward this to Peta Sharples?

  • johnbronkhorst

    The poll doesn’t say how many voted. Would be fun to see the number exceed the voting population of Ikaroa-Rawhiti.

  • Patrick

    The left wouldn’t have harvested email addresses from a recent campaign would they? Surely not, that would be low grade ethics & have privacy implications. Rusty Norman claims John Key is viewing everyone’s emails, maybe JK is taking a backhander to pass the email addresses on – once he has perused the emails that is…

    • johnbronkhorst

      I still get mine from dear old dave. It helps remind me how little intellect, integrity or policy nous that labour actually have.

    • Pete George

      Greens have acknowledged that they have a database of asset petition signers, and they said Labour has their own.

  • johnbronkhorst

    10:40…Maori party 6%

  • johnbronkhorst

    Labour supports Education???
    “There is currently a on line poll…..”
    Not AN on line poll?

  • rightoverlabour

    Bugger.. no matter how many times I vote its still stuck at 6%. Any body know a code writer that could automate the process and leave it running for a few hours? (Really must get to know the poor bugger I’ve been voting for too)….

  • Pokerface


  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I don’t know why Labour is even bothering to do anything. They will sleep walk to victory here….

  • Hazards001

    Done and at 5.50pm this is how it looks