Karam’s embedded Herald PR flunkie howls with manufactured outrage

David Fisher continues the Joe Karam initiated PR fest on behalf of David Bain by…shock, horror…writing about a minister doing her job.

A 34-point list of issues attacking the case for David Bain’s innocence was compiled by Justice Minister Judith Collins and sent to the former High Court judge she appointed to “peer review” the case.

The list was sent with her letter of instruction to Robert Fisher QC, who prepared a report which dismissed the finding of former Canadian Supreme Court Justice Ian Binnie that Mr Bain was probably innocent.

It has prompted Opposition parties to accuse Mrs Collins of bias and attempting to rort Mr Bain’s claim for compensation, filed after he was found not guilty in 2009 of murdering his family. It was the second murder trial stemming from the 1994 murders – Mr Bain was convicted of murder at the first and spent 13 years in prison before the original verdict was quashed.  

So, let’s get this straight…David Fisher, his pals in the opposition, and the David Bain camp think it is terrible that Judith Collins;

  1. Consulted as a minister is supposed to do
  2. Compiled a list of 34 concerns (that in itself is worrying that Binnie produced a report with 34 serious concerning items)
  3. Asked someone to review it

I can only imagine what this article would have said if the minister hadn’t sent any list of concerns or consulted with anyone ..the article would have howled in outrage that there was nothing to see, no concerns, so why the review of the Binnie report.

These sanctimonious pricks want it both ways.They want Robin Bain wearing gloves so there are no finger prints, then they want Robin Bain loading a magazine and getting powder residue on his unprotected hands without reconciling the lack of fingerprints on the rifle, the magazines or the silencers despite David Bain’s fingerprints being all over them.

This is nothing more than yet another part of the massive pro-Bain media PR campaign orchestrated by Joe Karam.


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  • fozzie2

    Nothing as simple as 1 2 3 with Judge Judy now is it ?
    Publish the rest of the article – and give this post some balance instead of JC spin..

    • How about David Fisher publish the 34 issues…he has them, how about he publishs them?

      As for the rest, the link is there.

    • I don’t have to provide balance..I am a blogger, a commentator…it is Fisher who has not provided balance in his crass and ultimately futile attempts to “get” Judith Collins.

      • John Edwards Jr

        Judge Judy is a biased individual, pure and simple.

    • kehua

      Delete my vote please , pressed wrong button, Get a life fozzie, what has JC got to do ? ignore the facts!!

      • Bunswalla

        Just click on the upvote again, it will disappear like Fisher’s intelligence and ethics did a long time ago…

    • pukakidon

      Fozzie you muppet!!!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Starting to go around in ever decreasing circles.

    Nothing to see here Whale Boy, time to move on.

    • There is plenty see…corrupt media, agenda based journalists, manipulation of public to achieve private outcomes through political processes.

      Both Karam and Reed are calling for compensation from the public purse… when they are the ones delaying via court action…ministers can’t and won;t comment because of court action Karam and Reed initiated…Media aren’t telling whole story.

      But hey….stick your fingers in your ears and shout lalalalalala and it will be all ok

      • John Edwards Jr

        You missed biased Ministers from your list above, Cam. I think that you have long since predetermined the matter with a fixed, immutable view point, whereas I take no position either way as to Bain’s guilt or innocence. I just focus on the process, and what I see is absolutely shameful.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      David Bain is so clearly guilty. I can’t believe he’s out of prison. The guy’s nuts! New Zealand’s clearly filled with some credulous plebs!

    • LesleyNZ

      Mr Blobby – what do you like to read on this blog other than your own comments?

  • SJ00

    Cam you could add Robin to your list of registered teachers that have gone on to commit crimes, if we are to believe Robin did it. Perhaps we can turn this into support for Charter Schools, considering there is OVERWHELMING evidence that Robin did it…..

    [David did it, Karams a prick]

    • Patrick

      Would it be right & proper to do a run of 1000 polo shirts with “David did it” printed across the front? Seems to me there is some money to be made here.

      • Hazards001

        Like this?

  • thor42

    I’m sick of seeing Karam and Jersey-Boy in the media.
    The Funny-Jersied One *did it*, and no half-witted jury will convince me otherwise. The list given by WO the other day was overwhelming. Only a knuckledragger would be able to ignore all of those facts and say that Funny-Jerseys is not guilty.

  • Rex Widerstrom

    Once again the question of whether Bain is innocent is becoming commingled on this thread with the question of whether Collins has behaved properly. It’s entirely possible for the answer to both questions to be “no”.

    As the article explains, the Police and Crown Law were both given the chance to rebut Binnie’s conclusions. Why then the need for an unsourced list of “concerns” including that Binnie was “descending into the arena” – ironically precisely the criticism leveled at Collins, who should know better than to appoint an independent expert and then attempt to lead the witness.

    It is in fact possible to answer “no” to three questions – Is Bain innocent, was the Binnie report adequate, and did Collins behave fairly and justly following its receipt. It is equally legitimate to ask all three, and a negative conclusion regarding the first two in no way invalidates the same conclusion about the last.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    I’m delighted to be seeing this nonsense exposed. Quite frankly, the MSM has been exposed (once again) as inadequate by the bloggers.

  • Patrick

    Would be interesting to discover the political alignments of those that believe Bain (junior) is guilty or not. Seems to me the lefties are jumping on this to attack the government rather than doing what is right.

    • Gaynor

      Is that what it is? Makes sense I guess . labour voters = easily fooled so therefore more likely to believe this latest rubbish.

    • pukakidon

      You cant be very smart to vote for Liarbour, hence they would believe anything they are told on the TV. They are a bunch of feeble minded sheep.

  • LesleyNZ

    I have just read this online in the NZ Herald. David Fisher really should be careful who he chooses to keep company with. He shows far, far too much personal bias and has lost objectivity. Makes you roll your eyes at his articles and say – here we go again…….Why does he keep doing this? Good to read what Judith Collins did. Thanks David Fisher for informing us. Suggest that the Labour Party keep comment to themselves. What a stupid thing that Andrew Little said – it is our money that the government dishes out so how can politics stay out of this? [Labour justice spokesman Andrew Little said the process for compensation and pardon needed to be lifted out of political office. “It’s open to political abuse and I think that’s what has happened in the Bain case.”]

    Surely he hasn’t been taken in by the Joe Karam /Michael Reed/David Bain circus? He shouldn’t be Labour’s justice spokesman if he has been.

    • Yes he has…this is the same Andrew Little who consults with career criminals like Arthur Taylor over Labour;s justice policy.

  • Bunswalla

    Fisher’s bias and hysteria are clear for all to see, and he’s also edited the article from when it was first published yesterday (no, he didn’t put EDIT or UPDATE like he should’ve!). It originally said that Collins made 29 (think it was 29, may’ve been 27) copies of the report in the article, but in his “Bain File” summary at the bottom he turned that into “almost 30 copies” to make it seem like a bigger number.

    He’s since edited the original article to also say “almost 30” this time without stipulating the exact number – maybe he just pulled it out of his arese?

    He also clearly doesn’t believe that the legitimate concerns that Collin raised with the report are real concerns – that’s why he refers to them as “concerns”.

    I guess in much the same way as we refer to what he does as “journalism”.

  • Dex

    It goes to show the standards of journalists we have in this country. The ironic thing was they did have a photograph of the ‘smoking gun’, it was the photo of the magazine balanced on it’s thin edge next to Robins hand. Clearly it couldn’t have fallen from his hand and fell on that edge, so it had be placed. Robin, being dead and all would have probably struggled to have achieved this, which just leads to one other person…

    • John Edwards Jr

      Dex, the Privy Council debunked that one, I am afraid. The question is who placed it so; it was either David or Robin. There is no way of assigning anything other than a ratio of 50 : 50 as to who put it upright. Of course, there would still be an unlikely scenario of it falling that way. That it is upright, does not in any way indicate that David put it so.

  • John Edwards Jr

    Cam, you are as biased against Bain as is Judith Collins. However, you are a nice guy and she is just a bulldog wearing lipstick!

  • John Edwards Jr

    Cam, you are as biased against David Bain as is the so-called Minister of ‘Justice.’ However, you are a nice guy while she just looks like a bulldog wearing lipstick!

    • LesleyNZ

      What a silly thing to say. Nothing to do with being biased. Forensic evidence is what matters – not hearsay and Joe Karam’s interpretation and opinion. Watch out then JE Jr – Judith might bite you!