Labour Education Spokeman Chris Hipkins posts a fake quotation about education

I hope Shearer cuts off Chris Hipkins internet access in case he thinks he might send a few thousand dollars in advance fees to get millions from the coffers of  his dead Nigerian relative as it appears Hipkins thinks everything on the internet is true.

If Einstein made this inspiring quote it would have been included in the comprehensive collection of quotations “The Ultimate Quotable Einstein” from Princeton University Press, but it’s not there.


It appears to be no evidence of the quote attributed to Einstein prior to a Catholic Faith self-help book published in 2004, long after Albert Einstein died in 1955, by Australian author Matthew Kelly – his website is here  – and he doesn’t look like a serious academic who trawled through Einstein’s papers to find this quote that everyone else overlooked.

Politicians will never learn even when they make complete dicks of themselves on Facebook and Twitter. But hey, high prices gurus keep on telling them that this is how you engage…far be it from me to stop them.

Chris Hipkins is certainly no genius, just a gullible fool.


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  • Rick Rowling

    “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet” – Abraham Lincoln

  • coventry

    Oi Hipkins this is NZ not the USA it’s ‘Standardise’ & ‘Recognise’ you fool !

    • johnbronkhorst

      Spokes person for………Education?

  • Ronnie Chow

    Standard education for standard brains is required . Measured and ranked .

    For Hipkin’s benefit , all alcoholics are different , every pedo is different , every depression is different , every experience of a beach at dawn is different .

    It is the similarities that we address in education , and in life overall , Mr Hipkins , not the differences .

  • In Vino Veritas

    This quote has been going around for sometime and is widely debunked. More than likely arose from George Reavis book The Animal School written in 1940.

    On Hipkins rationale that production line learning is bad, it didnt harm anyone educated before about 1980. In fact I have a wee story. Friends of ours spent three years living in France, their son and their daughter’s learning and results went ahead in leaps and bounds. When they came back to NZ and were miles ahead of their peers. Now, they are starting to struggle. Apparently, France is more “production line” and less about multiple strategies. I guess that tells a story.

    • Donovan Jackson

      I reckon parents have to play the major role in their child’s education – and combine that with the relatively standard stuff they will learn in school.

  • Harry B’Stard

    Obviously not all ginger gobshites are the same

  • Allyson

    Nice quote. But do we want an twerp for an education minister,dictated to by Trade Unions with their failed social philosophy or a government that will set its own policy with an agenda for improving educational outcomes for all.

  • Jester

    He knows as much about education as he does about mudskippers!

  • Kendall

    If this government is so hell bent on standardize for ALL, how the,n to you rationalize their push for chater schools which by my reckoning will provide different models to suit different students. Does not sound like a widget production line to me. That said if teachers followed the international best practice in their classrooms and put time and energy into better outcomes for all, I’m sure no matter what the government of the day dictates all students would learn. Teaching is leading if done correctly, leading is often done by example.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I describe education like this:
    Imagine, your future life as a painting The bigger the painting, the bigger/better the life.
    If you want a big painting, you are going to need a big nail (qualification) to hang it.
    The bigger the nail (qualification), the bigger the hammer (Education system) YOU will need to drive it into the wall and the harder you will need to hit the nail!
    ie To be wealthy and live a “big” life you will need a high qualification, to get a high qualification you will need to use the education system to it’s fullest.
    Observation: The key here is YOU, and education is just a tool to be used. Use the correct tool in the correct manner and hey presto…success.
    To hipkins: 1+1 will still equal 2. and stop trying to sell people screw drivers when they need hammers!!!

  • Paul

    If he accepts that quote, why on earth does he oppose charter schools? The state colleges are the ones who standardise education round here; it is the independent schools which provide an alternative to the production line.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Hipkins: A wonder to modern medical science….how any mammal with so little brain function, can still be breathing.

    • cows4me


  • cows4me

    Education is already standardised, it has to be, look at the hundreds of mindless drones that jump up and down when the teacher unions tell them to. Teachers are standardised by the crap forced into their heads by our higher learning institutions, the sad thing is they are to thick to realise it. They fear standardisation , oh please , baa, baa, baa, go the sheep

    • johnbronkhorst

      That comes from years of teachers teaching kids WHAT to think, instead of HOW to think.

      Starts with teaching the kids a LOVE of reading and writing and maths. The rest they can effectively teach themselves….meaning teaching changes from imparting information, to encouraging them and teaching them how to find it for themselves.

      • Donovan Jackson


      • Dave

        Absolutely 100% JB Teach them to read and write, give them the basics of science, maths, encourage social skill development, but most importantly, give them a thirst for knowledge, and point them in the right direction, they will learn for life.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Rider to this…..If they are getting off track or getting it wrong…the teacher needs to guide them back to the subject. NOT tell them or steer them!

  • Patrick

    “Chris stop using my photo in your publicity” – Ron Howard

  • Agent BallSack

    So 30 kids stuck in the same class room learning the same crap regardless of ability is not standardized education? My daughters teacher – one of the good ones, constantly tells us that the current way of teaching maths is not reaching kids. She’s at the coalface so I am sure she knows what the hell she is talking about…At least the majority of us had the “Inchworm” song

    • johnbronkhorst

      I still believe the current crop of kids would be screwed during a battery shortage.
      Take away their calculators and make them learn their “times table”.
      I can add my whole shopping bill, before I get to the checkout, so I know how much I am spending (and whether I can afford ice cream this week), BEFORE I get to the checkout!
      It shortcuts all sorts of processes if you just know how to add, multiply, etc in your head…much faster than a calculator.

      • Dave

        JB My kids are adults now, they learnt the old way, learnt times tables. Partner has younger kids, sub tens, and they were 5 to 8 when we got together. I noticed their maths was crap, so they were taught the times table at home, memorised it, learnt to add, multiply, divide and subtract any number simply (ie. 17×17=17×10=170+17+17..) which once the young ones found so easy. Within months, they were top of class, and the younger one was moved up a year for maths. its not rocket science, they are now doing extremely well .

        • johnbronkhorst

          Try it this way:
          17×17 =
          17×10= 170 (1/2 of 170 is 17×5)
          So 170 + 85 + 17 + 17=289
          See patterns in Numbers another one is 8 + 7=15
          so above 170 + 85 = 250 + 5= 255
          Patterns are different for everyone, so the patterns that work best for you are useful and the ones that work for me may not be!

  • Dave

    Perhaps he should have asked a teacher for a quote!! Oh, he did??

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Boys – You forget that Chippie has the power to invent quotes of his own. I cannot imagine this guy will be our Education Minister in November 2014. God, please make NZ disappear before November 2014…..

  • SteveWrathall

    And why should we take our moral lead from Einstein anyway?

    “…Einstein’s positive beliefs toward the Soviet Union did not change as substantial information came forth demonstrating that the Soviet Union was a totalitarian state that did not tolerate political liberty. Einstein was never shy about judging capitalism or Nazism by their deeds and actions instead of their rhetoric. He did not apply this standard to the Soviet Union….”-

    • johnbronkhorst

      Read his quote obviously political science and economics were not Einstein’s strong suit!