Labour want more ‘front bums’…bad luck JT

John Tamihere is going to find it very difficult to gain selection for Labour. It seems they want more “front bums“…but they will have to get past the nasty wimmin’s caucus first. Pressure is ramping up at the regional conferences now.

A working group was set up at Conference to look at candidate selection matters, and how to achieve gender equality in the numbers of men and women Labour MPs. The work of this group will be discussed at regional conferences in April to June 2013.?

Kate Sutton is already lining up to grab Ross Robertson’s seat…and he has only barely announced his retirement.

There is going to be a real bun fight on, especially for list places.

So, Labour are trying to get more women in caucus, the major problem with that plan though is that the current women hate all those outside and they can’t agree which ones should come in.

Kate should be alright though…she is well connected with the nasties.