Labour’s policy disarray continues


You’ve got to give it to Damien O’Connor for at least trying to be relevant. He’s in a face-off with Nikki Kaye and needed to look as though he was doing something when Nikki saved the good-ol Kiwi sausage sizzle from the officious bureaucrats.

Sad thing was his media release was two days after Nikki had announced the changes.

Then in Labours’ rush to be seen responding to the Government’s announcement, Damien didn’t do his homework. 

Damien said “Labour will not support the Bill unless Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) is also included”. Oh really Damien.

I wonder how Labour’s front bencher Annette King feels about that considering that when she was Food Safety Minister she said

“New Zealand has for many years opposed mandatory country of origin labelling internationally as we believe CoOL should be a commercial decision for businesses, rather than a matter for the Government, and because we believe mandatory CoOL is potentially an unnecessary barrier to international trade.”

When you’re in opposition you have time to look at issues in detail and make comments at select committees dealing with Bills. Damien sat on the Primary Production Select Committee that looked at the Bill – but didn’t say a word.

It’s no wonder Labour is in complete disarray.

While organising a BBQ seems a common thing for Labour, the chances of aligning policy among senior Labour MPs seems near on impossible.


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  • Dave

    Remember the advert for BNZ (I think it was BNZ, can’t find the video clip), yunno, the one with the elderly farmer selling pumpkins off the back of his truck on the side of the road, the sign says Pumpkins $1, the bank manager asks why he needs a loan for a bigger truck, he says, need to sell more, I’m not making much, how much do they cost. $1.00 each the farmer says, we need to talk the bank manager says.

    Seems the same with Labours BBQ’s, fundraising and business acumen, they are truely fucked!

  • Patrick

    Are they cooking Mad Butcher sausages? Where is Darien?

  • In Vino Veritas

    Make the best of the BBQ, because when the main opposition party, the Greens get into power, they will be banning meat and ensuring that we all eat our “recommended dietary requirements”. Or in other words, organically grown vegetables.
    The Greens upon making this announcement, failed to point out that the Green Party is full of vegetables. Both organic and non.

  • Whafe

    As the Whaleoil Army knows: Liabour = Cluster Fuck

  • Lion_ess

    Is this all these numpties do – have staged photos taken of themselves in their business shirts & pc barbeque cooking attire. Guess Kris and Dave are inside making the salads.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Krees Fcukfai could be in the lounge…I meant Sky city lounge….

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      If Trevor’s inside whipping up some salad then it’s clearly a euphemism…

  • LionKing

    Fucktards. Can’t even get their stories right. No wonder the Greens are pouncing all over them as Opposition. Damien can hand in his man-card – it’s worthless on the West Coast.

  • thor42

    The thing is – Labour, the Greens, ALL left-wing parties are permanently stuffed because their policies **do not work.**

    If you look at the ten poorest cities in the US, **every one of them** is Democrat (Labour) held and has been for donkey’s years.

    The thing is – left-wing supporters are not bright enough to realise that they are being used as pure vote-fodder, and they have been ever since socialism was born.

    I can’t remember it now, but there is a name for the effect whereby the worse the policies that a party promotes, the more popular they become. Labour (and the Democrats in the US) are absolute masters at this – they promote **seemingly**-generous policies that actually make people more dependent on the state and *stop* them from getting ahead. Those people just CAN’T see that they are being USED by the left-wing parties.

    EDIT – Ahh…. it’s the **Curley effect**. That’s the one.
    See here –
    Quote – “James Michael Curley, a four-time mayor of Boston, used **wasteful redistribution** to his poor Irish constituents and incendiary rhetoric to encourage richer citizens to emigrate from Boston, thereby shaping the electorate in his favor. As a consequence, Boston stagnated, but Curley kept winning elections. We present a model of using redistributive politics to shape the electorate, and show that this model yields a number of predictions opposite from the more standard frameworks of political competition, yet consistent with empirical evidence. ”

    For wasteful redistribution here, look no further than “Working for Families”.

    Another excellent page on it here –