Labour’s Spring Offensive

The Labour troops are preparing for their own Spring offensive against David Shearer’s Leadership.

This is what a Spring offensive looked like in 1918.


The 1918 Spring offensive may have worked, but as we know, Germany still ended up losing the war.   

And the PM nudged things along this morning too…

Prime Minister John Key has added to rumours of a leadership coup in the Labour Party, saying leader David Shearer is in “a lot of trouble”.

Last night TV3 reported that an unnamed Labour MP had said Shearer had been effectively put on notice, with two months to improve the performance in the polls.

It came after a poll released this week saw Labour’s support slump to just over 30 per cent, a similar picture to the Fairfax-Ipsos poll last month.

Today Key told RadioSport Shearer was under pressure with Labour likely to struggle to a win in tomorrow’s Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election.

“He’s in a lot of trouble,” Key said.

“They’ve got the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election in the weekend. I actually don’t think Labour’s going to do very well.

“They might win it but they used to win it by 6500 votes, but at best they’ll scrape home, so I think he’s in a fair bit of trouble myself.

“I don’t think he’s actually gone today or tomorrow, but I think he’s under a lot of trouble.”

Don’t sheep get shorn in Spring?


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  • blokeintakapuna

    It’s not just the Spring when Labour are offensive – they’re offensive all year round – and even worse for the 6 month’s prior to an election…

  • Pete George

    In Labour’s case there are three trenches in a triangle all facing inwards.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Boyz – Sheep has already said a “a win is a win”. So don’t ever try the spin of victory margin etc.

  • George

    Wrong helmet shape for WW1

  • maninblack

    why was he on radio sport commenting on that?

    • GazzW

      Commenting on labour is great sport these days MIB.

  • cows4me

    Poor old Liarbore, they remind me of woodlice trying to jump of a burning log.