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Yadayadayada whatever.

We’re only a publicly listed online marketing company. Can’t be expected to have our online marketing in order.

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Yeah good one fools…plastering Lorem ipsum all over your Key People page…and you are supposed to be marketing gurus?

These hipsters are just the modern day equivalent of junk mail deliverers.

UPDATE: In the fastest turn around ever they have now updated their site to remove the pig latin.


THANK YOU for being a subscriber. Because of you Whaleoil is going from strength to strength. It is a little known fact that Whaleoil subscribers are better in bed, good looking and highly intelligent. Sometimes all at once! Please Click Here Now to subscribe to an ad-free Whaleoil.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    At least they’ve finally gone from mindless English jargon in the form of “differentiating between contraposed transmogrifying and juxtaposed holistic growth synergies for the implementation of personnel development moving forward”, to pretentious latin, which is quite a vulgar language really. This kind of bullshit was only necessary because we need somewhere to put the kinds of women who should never have been “emancipated” from the kitchen in the 1970s.
    At least they admit that they’re Romans. I am in too generous a mood to describe them as philistines.

    • peterwn

      I ran it through Google translate and got:
      “Mom did not live now scenery or truck models. For manufacturing, development and overall social members, airport hotel drink soup, football scores as the local feature. Until the chocolate cake was always pregnant. In this post. For China, but hate the valuable commodity, tilt basketball team, football photography pure raw tags.”
      Seems to be as much bullshit in Latin as in English.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Sounds like Chinglish, haha :-)

  • Dirk

    They might have removed the pig latin, but the maps on the contact page are still wrong.

    What a pack of muppets.

    • AnonymousJuan

      Lol, Karangahape Rd in Sydney and Collingwood in Auckland

  • Snakk tech

    Snakk here.. appreciate the feedback (and QA); we had to re-build the site overnight after a technical issue and we’re still sorting content out – which you’ve spotted brilliantly I must add :)

    Painful, but we’re almost there..!

  • flashman

    In 2001 they were “one of the first companies in the world that recognized the power of mobile devices…”. Unless you include all the companies that had been doing that since the late 1980’s including self-employed bricklayers. Who do they think they’re fooling with this bullshit?

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    I can’t resist pointing out that he looks very Tony Robbinsesque :-p

  • Dion

    They should have used Bacon Ipsum – if they’re not Green voters that is.

  • bunter

    They still haven’t fixed this though…


    • bunter

      Oh well done Snakk – banner fixed now – Snakk reads Whaleoil.

      But the T&C now read ‘This content will be restored shortly’ which is a *LIE* since it was never there in the first place.

      SNK? SELL.