Maori: Mine. Mine. That’s mine. That’s mine too. And that.

Who would have thought the Treaty of Waitangi applies to completely different continents?

Maori could develop power through Antarctica and the Treaty of Waitangi, writes Barrie Cook:

The placing of a pou whenua at Scott Base this year was a welcome affirmation of New Zealand sovereignty over its slice of Antarctica.

When Ngai Tahu leader Mark Solomon and Prime Minister John Key unveiled the carved totara pole at a ceremony in January, Mr Key called it a “very meaningful addition” to the base.

I don’t know what he had in mind, but by definition the pou can be seen as a territorial marker.

Clever, using the imperial colonial oppressor as a Trojan Horse to figuratively piss against a tree in Antarctica and claim it is all yours.

A few years ago I put a proposal to Ngai Tahu for them to lead an expedition to Antarctica to coincide with Scott Base’s 50th anniversary. I called it Te Pou Expedition. A centrepiece was to be the placing of a pou whenua. I wanted to encourage Maori interest to strengthen New Zealand’s territorial rights. My proposal was politely rejected. Ngai Tahu had more pressing matters with which to be concerned.

I like to think that the Crown side of the Treaty partnership can deliver something as tangible to the arrangement in the form of the Ross Dependency as Maori did when they delivered a share in their lands.

If not, maybe, just maybe, Maori will take it anyway.

Barry Cook and whose army?

This would be laughable if they weren’t so serious.

Note to Barry Cook:  At one point, there was a single continent called Gondwanaland.  Get the idea?  Go for broke big boy.




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  • Patrick

    Keep giving, they will keep taking. It is human nature.

  • williamabong

    More land thievery from the usual suspects, in you come Rangi the honkeys are bashing up the brown folks again.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Don’t feed the Troll.

    • manuka416

      This idea of more Maori interest in Antarctica was Barrie Cook’s idea – not a Maori idea. Note that Ngai Tahu rejected Barrie’s idea of a Maori expedition to Antiartica.

  • Greg

    Nobody gets ahead in this world through hand outs, Maoris case in point. They will always be at the bottom with no effort from themselves.

  • Whafe

    And here we go again……………….

    Take take take take……………

  • rockape

    No You got it wrong. The Brits were there first so now we can put in a claim against Maori as we were the origional population. Role on all that Koha!

  • steve and monique

    ENOUGH. When does this bullshit stop. .The time has come for the people of this country who have had a enough of this treaty debacle to petition the Govt to put a stop to what is just a joke. Claim after claim are just pie in the sky,crap.An excuse to try and make money,for nothing. Try hard work,and taking the opportunities that are on offer in this country.Then you might get your Mana back.

    • manuka416

      There is no Maori claim for Antarctica.

      • UnconventionalConventionist

        Just for everything else?
        I agree with Steve and Monique, enough is enough! This has gone past the point of ridiculousness, even if there is no claim on Antarctica. If you want to sue someone, sue the British who were the people that bought… Oh I mean “Stole” your land. No you say? Because every other country in the world would find it a ridiculous notion. Right…

        • manuka416

          Mate, that’s just a rant.

  • andrew carrot

    I believe Q Vic once invited a maori chieftain to visit England. No doubt the only acceptable koha would have been England itself. I’m waiting for that little claim to be brought forward during the Constitutional Review.

    • Mr_Blobby

      You mean the Maori dominated constitutional review.

  • andrew carrot

    And Barrie again resorts to the catch-all ‘verbal’ history that so strongly underpins maori claims for everything. So, Bazza says, verbal history records that some character sailed south and discovered a big white land. No record of the same character sailing west and discovering a big red land, so the aborigines are safe until some other verbal history is discovered by Bazza. Mind you, half of the tangata whenua shifted to the red continent last decade, so the next generation are likely to claim it for themselves.

  • Ronnie Chow

    We must all become ‘ Honorary Maori ‘

    There is a precedent . For the 1970 tour of South Africa a compromise solution was devised for Māori (and Pacific Island) players. They would be considered ‘honorary whites’.

    • UnconventionalConventionist

      Something that always gets me is how its not racist to have a “Maori All Blacks” team… but if you ever suggested a European All Blacks….

  • Hazards001

    The Nats have done this time after time. Pissing in the pocket of Maori and selling off everyone’s natural birthrights in the hope of staying in power through dodgy gerrymandering.

    Until the sham of Maori seats are done away with we can expect to see the ongoing grievance industry continuing to flourish!

    As an indigenous Caucasian New Zealander I resent this continual pandering to one section of the indigenous population over and above the rights of all the others. There have been civil wars fought over this type of legislated apartheid!

    • manuka416

      Ironically, it was NZ’s conservatives in government that set up the Maori seats in the first place (1850’s). They didn’t want Maori representation in mainstream politics, so segregated the electorates and votes.

      • Hazards001

        I know. So we still going back in time or we ready to go forward?

        • manuka416

          We’re always going forward. Parliament has become much more representative of all New Zealanders in recent times.

          I’m unsure about the dissolution of the Maori seats. It seems a bit rich to me to view the Maori seats today as unfairly advantageous to Maori when they were purposely set up to exclude Maori from mainstream politics.

          However, I see that Pita Sharples is concerned that Maori may lose a seat in parliament because of lack of numbers on the Maori roll:

          So, it seems that Maori seats can be reduced through attrition from the Maori roll.

          Myself? Though I have the option for both rolls, I stay on the general roll. Better representation.

          • Hazards001

            WE haven’t gone forward since Doug Graham opened the whole treaty grievance process and we won’t in my time.

            For as long as there are people that believe they have a right to put their hands out for recompense from the labour of others in this country there is no going forward. Sorry!

            Until the treaty of Waitangi is banned from our legislative process and the Maori seats are abolished there will be no going forward. As a nation NZ has been mired in political and economic uncertainty since the late 80’s and is the constant feeding ground for both the bribery and corruption that we naively claim does not exist in our legislative bureaucracies and commerce.

          • UnconventionalConventionist

            Hazards001 is 100% right. Maori claim to want to be treated as equals in New Zealand. Why is it then they ask for MAORI seats in the house, MAORI health care, seperate MAORI benefits, MAORI only sports teams, MAORI only parties, MAORI water rights… For a race that claims to want equality, you sure as hell don’t appear to be making an effort?

          • manuka416

            Separate Maori benefits? Maori-only parties? Maori water rights? Figments of your imagination.

            As for Maori seats in parliament – these were established by a pakeha parliament to segregate the Maori vote and political issues (Maori weren’t allowed to vote in Pakeha electorates).

            You should know your stuff if you want to go on a rant.

          • manuka416

            Separate Maori benefits? Maori-only parties? Maori water rights? Figments of your imagination.

            As for Maori seats in parliament – these were established by a pakeha parliament to segregate the Maori vote and political issues (Maori weren’t allowed to vote in Pakeha electorates).

            You should know your stuff if you want to go on a rant.

          • UnconventionalConventionist

            Where to start. “The MAORI Party is concerned by the low numbers of MAORI taking up the opportunity to switch from the General roll to the MAORI roll, and are urging MAORI voters to stand up for MAORI representation and their MAORI seats”. That was taken directly from the Maori party website. Surely if it was inclusive, there would be mention of “New Zealander’s” not just MAORI. Oh and how about the Maori electoral role? “The opportunity for New Zealander’s of MAORI descent”. Yet again, slight inequality by making it only accessible for one race? While we are at it how about Maori scholarships. There’s not shortage there! Or passing rates. If you want to be a doctor, your pass rate can be lower than those of Non-maori descent. On top of that is Maori Support Groups at every university, Ministry of MAORI development, Te Whare Marie (Maori Mental Health), Whanau Care Services (Maori Social Services), Mo Wai Te Ora (Maori Health Services), The Maori Health Innovation (address’ the needs of whānau, hapū, iwi and Māori), Ngati Kapo (Maori Blind), – to name but a few Maori Health Care Providers. There are also hundreds more listed with the Māori Health Innovations Fund and all their MAORI health initiatives. Maori politicians and leaders need to remember we are all ONE people, with ONE vote and ONE country. Get over the victim mentality and start encouraging all peoples to be more self reliant – it doesn’t come in welfare handouts or special treatment.

          • manuka416

            Rant *cough cough*

          • UnconventionalConventionist

            Not a rant, merely proving my point in the earlier message that there is a lot of separate initiatives that do not include people of non-Maori decent. You seemed to believe they did not exist so here is proof :)

  • manuka416

    Don’t get worked up about Barrie’s article. There’s absolutely no precedent for a Maori claim on Antarctic territory.

    But that’s not what Barrie’s talking about, is it. Barrie is making a case for securing the New Zealand claim on the Ross Dependency Antarctic territory, i.e. securing our current position based on the 1959 Antarctic Treaty. No country has ownership of Antarctica, but plenty would like it’s resources. I don’t know why Barrie thinks a Maori interest in Antarctica would secure our position, though.

  • LabTested

    ‘Who would have thought the Treaty of Waitangi applies to completely different continents’

    Of course it does. My ex applied to do some post Grad research in China, interviewing the locals. As part of the Ethical Approval for the Research Application she had to write how the research would incorporate the Treat of Waitangi. She wrote ‘Not Applicable’ an got as phone call from the University saying even though the research was about Chinese in China the ‘Principles’ of the Treaty were still relevant!!

    She said Fuk this and did the research through Singapore University

  • Lloyd

    Barrie Cook is not Maori.
    But I guess when he comes out and makes a daft claim, assuming that he IS Maori allows the trolls to vent their bile. Every time we make some progress, some wanker like this presumes to speak on our behalf. If I met him, I would tell him to fuck off. Most Maori would be a surprise to the commenters on here. We don’t want the shit the Mana Party espouses and do not count Hone Harawira as any kind of spokesman. Ditto Tuku Morgan and Tama Iti. But that does not suit the trolls, does it?

    • AnonWgtn

      But can’t anybody have a claim to be Maori if they like – be an Urban Maori and you can take a choice of any tribe you believe to belong to.

  • nocommentkiwi

    Jeez, it doesn’t take this crowd much to get worked up, does it?

    If any iwi were to have some claim to Antartica, it would be Ngai
    Tahu (due to them being the Southern-most located), but Ngai Tahu has
    made it clear on multiple occasions that there is no territorial claim.

    ROSS DEPEDENANCY AND ANTARTIC. Maori are involved only insofar as that
    history involves their ancestors.

    It’s a SUGGESTION about something to do with NZ’s external-relations,
    nothing to do with the treaty in itself – that’s just one mechanism by
    which the Crown can bring in contemporary Maori perspective in official
    diplomatic exercises.

    The suggestion being made is to the benefit of all New Zealanders,
    courtesy of our history (which includes Maori), not some sort of
    exclusive Maori-land/ice grab.

    Calm down.

  • philbest

    As Prof. David Round so aptly said on TV once; the limit to the absurdity of Maori claims, is “the point at which we start SAYING NO”

    • UnconventionalConventionist

      We never will. Politicians are walking on eggshells around the topic for fears of being labelled as a racist. Its not racist in my opinion if it is true.

      • philbest

        It is just a disaster for western civilisation, that the Left has been allowed to define the charge of “racism” to include a whole lot of things that are not that at all.
        We should be free to criticise and compare cultures and cultural outcomes, without incurring the charge of “racism”; and rational people of all races should be able to decide for themselves on the basis of fact and reason, what culture they want to follow. It is the Left that is truly racist, insisting that certain races must NOT change the culture that predominated in their native lands prior to the arrival of enlightenment values. Of course they insist that the failure of those cultures is the “fault” of the successful culture anyway, and the successful culture must therefore pay those whose background is a failed culture, some form of “damages”.
        Note that I said “the successful culture” pays, not “white people”. Anyone of any race who is a “producer” and not a parasite, pays for the State-backed entrenchment of a failed culture in a particular race.
        Meanwhile genuinely unfortunate people could have been better provided for, and indeed all of society could have been better provided for, to the benefit of all, had public money not been splurged on the basis of “race”, with minimal benefit to any of that race anyway apart from a new breed of upper-class twits.
        The Jews certainly were not made successful by millennia of favouritism from governments.
        Thomas Sowell’s writings are great.

  • Rangi

    Fuck me – at your old tricks again ay Whale? I suppose there’s a market for racist dumb-fuck, oxygen thieves who would get worked up by such an obvious pisstake “article”.

    What makes it a new class of pathetic is that this opinion is not Barrie Cook’s, a Pakeha – but the opinion of another Pakeha – “Editor” of a mainstream news media called “The Truth” whose only useful purpose is when people run out of toilet paper.

    Nowhere are Maori consulted for rebuttal or input. Can you say “Hate-speech” Cam??