Melissa Bachman: Greatest hits

This is the best action and shots  from season one of Melissa Bachman’s ‘Winchester’s Deadly Passions ‘ all rolled into one video.


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  • Never in the dark…..

    Opens with a kudu, best biltong in the world.

  • chovik

    Some of the worst shot placements that I have ever seen

  • wiltinpenis

    Looks like more wounded than dead. WTF?

    • Travis Poulson

      They stop eventually, some sooner than others.

  • Dave

    Oops, I watched intently, then realised it was Melissa’s Greatest Hits, not her great tits bugger

  • Custard

    As a hunter of 25 years, over half of those shot placements are dreadful. I have seen her program’s on more than one occasion and this is a typical American production where the stars have zero idea of what they are doing. In today’s age hunting large (90kgplus) animals with arrows is unnecessary cruelty, especially if you are as inept at aiming as this hunter is. Makes me cringe.

    • Travis Poulson

      I’m not a fan of bow hunting to be honest, I can’t see any logical reason to sub my .270 for a bow.

      The “but it requires more skill having to stalk closer” argument doesn’t quite wash either, you can do the same with a rifle! I’d rather be more content with dispatching the animal humanely, I fucking hate seeing an animal suffer. I’m not sure I’d say she’s inept at aiming though, I never used a bow myself but I can imagine it’d be difficult especially with adrenalin flowing through your veins.

      • Custard

        I agree travis but I do know people who bow hunt and have an amazing sight and aim for it. I just don’t think she is fully up,to the play to what is entertainment and what bow hunting can and should be.

  • Russell Bell

    If it’s not a demonstration of great skill (and I can’t judge) then what’s the point ? All those big animals. I eat cows and they’re big and have brains and emotions too… but I’ve gotta eat.