Mocking the Spin

The ALP and Julia Gillard are in awful trouble in the polls and facing electoral annihilation.

Watch as Kevin Rudd loyalist, Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon reads from the party’s ‘manual’ about how to respond to bad poll results.

NSW Labor faction chief Joel Fitzgibbon is highlighting “a lot of disaffection” with the Government as he becomes the public face of party discontent with Julia Gillard’s leadership. 

In one, brief interview he used the word “disaffected” at least five times.

His blunt talk has been endorsed by a range of opinion polling which today shows the gap between the rampant Coalition and a battered Government continues, with Newspoll putting the two party preferred tally at 58 per cent for the Coalition to 42 per cent for Labor.

Mr Fitzgibbon, convener of the NSW right who quit as Government Whip because he backed Kevin Rudd over Ms Gillard, today on television mocked topic information – the “talking points” – sent by the Prime Minister’s office to MPs who will be interviewed by journalists.

“I brought the manual with me. I’ll see what it says,” a grinning Mr Fitzgibbon told Seven’s Sunrise as he produced a sheaf of papers.

“It says, ‘Polls come and go and the only poll that matters is on election day’.”

He said there was a seminar this week for retiring MPs: “I hope there’s not a rush for the ball.”

In a separate interview with, Mr Fitzgibbon deliberately and repeatedly said voters were not happy with the Government. Given recent opinion polling this would appear to be valid commentary, but from a senior ALP figure is provocative criticism.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    It’s like the last survivor on SS Titanic/Labor commenting on the choice of music the band was playing…
    … but both knew the sip had floundered, was sinking fast… and the rats were scurrying

    • johnbronkhorst

      “…………and the rats were scurrying”
      Next watch them feed off each other!!!

  • Daniel Church

    In some ways you have to admire him though. Facing electoral annihilation come September yet still having his sense of humour intact.

  • Bryan

    it will interesting to see the impact on Labour here when the Aust party gets thumped over there

  • Mr_V4

    The scary thing is, even with probably the most dishonest Labor govt in Australian history (well in a long time), they can still get 42% of the vote on a 2PP basis, when really they should be destroyed..