Moira’s Empty War Chest, Clayton Cosgrove for Christchurch East

Moira Coatesworth has been hopeless as a fundraiser, and all these by-elections are getting expensive.

Her one solution is to tax caucus members more, and sources inside the Labour caucus are saying this is not going down well and Moira needs to start raising more money or leave, rather than taxing them more. 

Moira’s empty war chest means Clayton Cosgrove is the presumptive candidate for Christchurch East. Moira doesn’t have the money so the three HQ votes will go to the man who won’t bankrupt the party. He will only need one of the other four votes to secure the selection.

Labour has problems with its lack of money.

You can’t fight a campaign if you don’t have finances. Caucus should tell Moira to spend less time promoting gays and womens groups and more hard work raising money.


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  • Dave

    I hope they toss out Clayton, and put everything they have behind Moira, i mean, Clayton is best saved for later, and once those funds are gone, they will be doubly fucked!! Win-Win situation, then time for Robertson to roll Shearer. chaos continues as Norman tries to elbow Robertson out of the spotlight, pass the popcorn!

    • Guest

      Robertson is a popular boy in Wellington – replacing Shearer with him won’t exactly harm Labour. And I can’t say Norman strikes me as spotlight hogger either….he isn’t exactly a Winston.

      No. The real chaos will be if Winston does join in their attempt to form a communist bloc…THAT will be when the fun really starts!

  • Liberty

    Labour having trouble raising cash from the business sector?
    I’m not surprised.
    After Green/Labour stuffed the share price on power companies. With
    there foolhardy power plans
    So it appears green/labour have been told to get stuffed.if not they should be.

  • Col

    If Jessie came sing at my door, I would give a few dollars to Labour, and I hate them.
    Clayton would have to watch out down here, as most of the labour voters have left, why do you think someone wants to be Mayor?

    • jedmo

      Who’s Jessie?

      • Col

        The singer in the video?

  • CoNZervative

    Cosgrove is unlikely and would be a fool to stand in chch east. He’s a polarising figure and also ‘old-school Labour’ that the Rainbow Caucus won’t support. His standing would also be a capitulation in Waimakariri where he only just lost to National last time. And with Kate Wilkinson being demoted recently, Cosgrove has every chance of winning back that rural -naturally National – seat. But Cosg has held it for a long time since Mike Moore, so is unlikely to flick over to Chch East which may disappear anyway, with Waimak. likely to grow south into Chch East making it more Labour in 2014. He’ll get it eventually anyway, if he holds on in Waimak.

    The more interesting possibilities are three possible City Councillors or Vicki Buck, discussed here. Or Gilmore’s ex, Andrew Riches for Nats…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep will release funds from his UN Bank account at the right time to sink National….

    • Dave

      SCS, thank you for confirming Shearer has significant funds in his hidden offshore bank account, as the campaign will cost in excess of $1,000,00.00 it again confirms sheep has over this amount in the bank and is not only a Lying Rich Prick but very forgetful!

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        You got it wrong Dave. Here is what Sheep is saying, He has only 183.52 in the account. He says, CHC East is such a strong Labour seat, all he needs to do is visit there to say “hello” and people will vote for Labour in droves. He is talking about buying a Latte in a local cafe as the only expense Labour will incur. Sheep again says, the bank account is made of small change he had after finishing the UN engagement.

        • Dave

          SCS, your maths is as bad as the liebour politicians. $183.52 will only buy 61.17 cups of very cheap coffee at $3.00 each, so there is 61 votes, if he doesn’t drink any coffee. UNess you meant Rich Prick Shearer has $183,520.00, now that would might help!

          SCS, NZ$5mill is very small change to the UN, and auntie helen.

  • cows4me

    I have a sack of shit if Moira is interested.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Cow4me – Aunty Moria is planning to sell Fridge Magnets with Socialist Cindy’s beaming smile at $5 each…how many do you want?

      • Bad__Cat

        I’ll have one. With those chompers I won’t need to turn the light on at night.

        • BigDes

          That’s gold mate nice one!

      • cows4me

        Couldn’t put that on the fridge Sir, turn the milk sour.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Your best Idea yet a real winner.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Good to see some fans starting to emerge for Socialist Cindy…if you buy 12, you will get one free…..

          • Hazards001

            Now now..ya not flogging off KFC in south auckland now ya know!

      • Whanga_Cynic

        Is this the same sack of shit that cows4me has?

  • Mediaan

    Could be this is what media-manufactured boy wonder Sam Johnson, age 20, has been saving himself for? Standing for Dalziel’s current seat?

    The Press, which has for ages front-paged Dalziel regularly, has also been singing the praises of Sam Johnson, student army starter, for years now. So he is clearly left-wing.