New Army Camo [VIDEO + IMAGES]

The NZ Army has started deployment of its new Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniforms (MCUs).


The NZ Army has taken on a new look with an updated uniform and the first soldiers to get to enjoy the new clothing and wear the Multi-Terrain Camouflage Uniforms (MCUs) is New Zealand 1st Brigade. 

Captain Ian Leabourne, one of the project managers involved in the introduction of the MCUs, said there were many benefits to the new uniforms.

“We have traditionally had our two patterns of uniform, one for the jungle and one for the desert. However, with the operational environments we face today, we can be operating in a variety of terrains within one area. We needed something which would do the job in whatever environment we deploy to. This uniform, with its unique NZ Defence Force pattern, solves this issue.

“The MCUs are a layered clothing system, so it is not just a case of a new look. We have included the full range of clothing which our soldiers need to perform well on operations and in training,” said Capt Leabourne.

The uniforms include knee and elbow pads and there is also a flame resistant variant for soldiers to wear while on operations. The layered system sees the inclusion of wet and cold weather clothing layers which are designed to fit underneath and over top of the MCUs.

The NZ Army will be rolling the uniforms out over the next six months, at which time the old uniforms which have characterised the force will be a thing of the past. However, the NZ Army will not be wasteful when disposing of the old pattern.

“Our old uniforms will be inspected and all serviceable items will be placed into a clothing pool to equip our recruits, officer cadets and the NZ Air Force until stocks are exhausted,” said Capt Leabourne.

The overall cost of the project is $13.6 million over two years which includes the complete fit out for the current members of the Regular and Reserve Forces.

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  • Jimbo

    I love it how the RNZAF gets the old out of date ones!

  • Luke D

    Saw it on an airman on gathouse duty at Trentham last night, I must say I had my reservations about going for an organic cam rather than getting MTP which the SAS have been using for ages, but it looks sick.

    • mike

      SAS have not been using MTP, that is a British Cam Pattern. SAS have been using Cryetech Multicam.

      Also wouldn’t of been an Airman (as they are Air Force) and only Army is getting it at this stage.

      • Luke D

        MTP is pretty close to it though.

        It was an airman, he had a red ‘FP’ patch on the right sleeve and was wearing an “AIR FORCE” baseball cap.

        • mike

          MTP is a “micro blob” (small blobs) pattern whereas the new MCU is “digital” (pixels) pattern.

          Colours may be the same because both are based on the Multicam created by Cryetech.

          And I’m curious how anyone in the Air Force has MCU yet as not all RF Army units have got theirs yet.

          • Luke D

            The guy obviously is friendly with a quartermaster somwhere, that or he’s attached to 1 MP Coy who may have been issued with it and they have given it to him so everyone is wearing the same kit.

  • cows4me

    “once they see the uniform the first time they will instantly recognise us as kiwis”, kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

    • mike

      Actually when you compare this against the current US UCP (their grey pixel cam) it looks very similiar.

  • Bunswalla

    I just don’t see it.

  • mike

    I would of bought a commercial off the shelf option, saved money on R&D costs… instead of using a cam pattern designed specifically for NZDF by a Canadian company, licensed to a Chinese manufacturer who makes the material, who then sells the material to an Australian company who makes the actual uniform

  • AJ

    Will this save lives??? Will this make the improve performance ??? !!! Smells like looks like i want to leave a legacy type issue. Something the Generals are really good at. Look at what I did – changed the uniform that was me that was me. What a waste of money !!!