Nice upgrade in Onehunga

A friend of mine, was recently approached to collaborate with Auckland Transport and the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board to create designs as part of the new transit centre at Onehunga.

This is a prime example of how community engagement can work and should be a model for further engagement in other communities. Amanda lives, works and plays in Onehunga, and is a real advocate for the area. The designs incorporate local historic landmarks, events personalities, past and present.

I reckon she did a real top job….they look great.

If you want some top design work done then contact Amanda.

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  • Pita

    Keep the photos as, without applying the yobbo factor, they won’t look like that for long.

  • andrew carrot

    As beautiful as that bus shelter now looks, your friend was never in a position to redesign it so that it would perform its essential task: protect users from the weather. Fit for purpose? Nup.

    • Whatever…don’t want to get wet, don’t take public transport…it is for other people….Amanda was commissioned to do the artwork, not design the shelter.

      Everyone knows that public transportis for other people, it is them that will get wet, not me, as I have a perfectly working motor vehicle, and park in covered carparks.

      • Rangi

        Wow, so much going on in that little nugget…

        • Ronnie Chow

          He gets you every time….

      • spollyike

        Just out of interest, what was wrong with the old bus stops, it looks like they were as good at least as the ones we have in BOP? Is this sort of thing why Auckland has a spending problem?

        • andrew carrot

          Yep. But it keeps the region’s glass replacement industry in business, and that can’t be a bad thing.

      • andrew carrot

        Train tunnels will keep the public dry too. They are by far the most costly form of weather protection known to mankind, so I’m surprised Len hasn’t yet touted them as a reason for building his train set.

        • Agent BallSack

          Lens been smoking too much K2 and listening to ‘Brave New World’ by Jeff Lynne

  • OT Richter

    3, 2, 1 (insert cool sound that bus stop glass makes when it smashes and hits the ground here).

    Nice job though.

  • Greg

    Take one last look at the stops as next week they will be covered in paint from a can.