Nicola Toki: troughing with the enemy

A few days ago I posted a story about Nicola Toki and the rank hypocrisy of militant conservationists. Seems apparent that I’m not the only one that detests this bullshit, as a reader emailed Cam the day after:


Why are farmer levies from the Animal Health Board funding treehuggers like Toki, who then slag off farmers or campaign against farming?

Is this not the same Toki who is employed as a ‘Pest Control Education and Advocacy at the AHB?’

She seems keen to take the farmer’s coin to pay for her log burner, much of that coming from dairy her mates at Hook & Bullet (Fish & Game) & Forest & Bird detest.

So I got digging since I couldn’t recall off the top of my head whether or not Toki who says “some of my dearest friends are farmers”  to see what I could come up with:



Now I don’t have a problem with her standing up for what she believes in, good on her. The trouble with that is she sells herself out to trough off those she campaigns against like a cattle tick on a cows arse. You would think out of principle that she wouldn’t work for the Animal Health Board, after all it’s tainted money right? One thing that should be noted is that all the tweets with the exception of the top one (and unsure about the second one) were before she started working stuck her nose in the AHB trough last October. Her criticism of farmers since then has been highly sanitized.

Here are the organisations and companies that fund and assist the Animal Health Board:

  • DairyNZ: DairyNZ is our principal industry funder. It contributes $15.5 million a year from the Milksolids Levy, and a further $8.5 million from its share of the cattle slaughter levy.
  • beef + lamb NZ: The beef sector provides $19 million p.a. from the cattle slaughter levy.
  • Deer Industry New Zealand and NZDFA: The deer sector contributes $1.5 million p.a. from its levies on venison and velvet.
  • Federated Farmers: Federated Farmers is a strategy partner.
  • NZ Government:The government provides approximately $30 million annual funding.
  • Local Government: Regional councils provide a further $6 million.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been directly involved with the dairy farming sector, but having farming in my blood I can sympathize with the reader as to why he might be just a little pissed off about this. Fair enough that she wants clean rivers, but to be bitching about:

  • herbicides (necessary for weed control Nicola, unless of course greenies want to volunteer to remove everything by tool and hand)
  • pesticides, (actually herbicides ARE  pesticides Nicola, Pest Control Education and Advocacy you say? at least I’m qualified )
  • Fertilizers (grows the grass where your wages come from Nicola)
  • income and tax avoidance (wtf does that have to do with water quality?)
  •  highly intensive farming (again, that is where your wages come from)
  • seats on local councils (must be a conspiracy in there somewhere?)
  • high irrigation usage (well yes, alot of farming operations rely on it Nicola)

For someone that just wants clean rivers, she sure has an axe to grind with farmers. Those people that are funding her job. So far Gareth Morgan seems to be the only conservationist that plays nicely on both sides of the fence without being a total hypocrite about it. Toki was bouncing with joy when Gareth started his anti cat campaign, but strangely silent when he blogged about mining which contained this statement:

So how unique is the Denniston Plateau compared to the rest of New Zealand? Those who make claims of the plateau being “priceless” or “irreplaceable” either have no skin in the game (nothing to lose) or find making trade-offs intellectually impossible, so simply advocate abolition of extraction.

Easy for outsiders to oppose something in principle and not get sullied with the choices faced in the real world by those who have to actually go without as a consequence. We suggest they will need to keep chaining themselves to trees to make their point. When they come down they may find that everyone else has left the country in search of a job. – source

Brilliant stuff from Morgan, who doesn’t seem to have his head buried firmly in the sand in all matters environmental.

I hope our resident farmer cows4me doesn’t read this post, keyboards will be sacrificed.


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  • Kopua Cowboy

    Nice to see our “industry good” dollars being put to good use. Sadly, NZ is awash with these smelly, the-sky-is-falling hippies, who love nothing better than bashing NZ’s most productive sector

  • BigDes

    Pls tell me see works in the Naki, I might need her to give me some advice on farm, when I’ll be more than happy to point out her shortcomings.

    • Travis Poulson

      Wellington and Christchurch.

  • Liberty

    That post is very good example of why blogs. such as Whaleoil are so vital for
    The populace can now speck out. The flow of information has been one way
    because the mainstream media are to up themselves supporting the pinkos
    to publish such informed opinions. The worm has turned.

  • kehua

    Travis this is a very good post shows the charlaton for what she is, Dairy farm employees pay tax , Animal Health on most Dairy farms would be around $120 per cow reaping a fortune in GST granted some of it is clawed back, Rating on farms is disproportionate to services/benefits received, as for the Councillors just shows how well regarded they and their experience are valued by thos ewho vote in the LB Elections. As for all the polluted rivers the pricks talk about, name them bitch.

    • Travis Poulson

      Thanks. Re: the last part of your comment, that’s the whole point of it. A select few of the farmers are doing the damage deliberately, but she’s more than happy to generalize and use the term “farmers” lumping everyone in the same basket. Coming from personal experience I’ve seen plenty of farmers with poor practices, but on the same token I’ve seen plenty of farmers making good progress with doing their bit for the environment.

      What Toki fails to realize is that while it looks good, and makes it look like the farmer is making an effort, riparian planting actually stops very little runoff, and absolutely none of the leaching into groundwater. This is the problem people of her ilk have trouble grasping, and that their criticism is is not backed up with solutions except for a few weak ideas like riparian planting.

      The elephant in the room is farm drainage: effluent leaches into the water table , into the tile drains, into the novaflow (often called neverflow) then into the main drains, into the streams, then into the rivers. Nobody wants to talk about it, or they just haven’t figured it out yet. You can’t have dairying AND clean rivers.

      The myth is that there is widespread incompetence and neglect by farmers, and this is the part that pisses me off the most. It is not the farmers per se, but the unavoidable practices in which they have to use in their farming operations. As long as you have cows, rain and drains, this is always going to be an issue. But nobody can address this problem, so they don’t want to talk about it. It’s far easier to jump up and down and complain about it in public for all and sundry to see so the green vultures can circle and pick the bones clean.

      This one sided hippie bullshit is coming to a stop, and their hypocrisy will be exposed every time they dare to open their gaping traps.

  • Patrick

    She demonstrates she is not so much an environmentalist as a Socialist, it appears her biggest beef is that farmers make profits – an evil word apparently to the lefties, unfortunately she cannot join the dots – their profits pay her so she can be warm, dry & eat 3 square meals per day.

  • Goldie

    The AHB will have some questions to answer from some very pissed off stakeholders I think.

    William McCook and John Dalziell need a good hard smack for this.

  • cows4me

    Thanks Mr Travis for the post and thanks to all the posters who speak common sense without the emotive bullshit the loons employ. I promise I shall not call this “woman” as a diseased bitch of a cow and shall reframe from profanity in this post. I could probably write a thousand word essay on each of her pointless points but it would not make a scrap of difference. Just as the Melons would happily enforce a crippling carbon tax upon agriculture so do they seek to regulate every aspect of our lives. The environment is now the proxy for communism and totalitarianism, I despise these scumbags with a passion. The keyboard still lives but is now covered in froth.

    • Travis Poulson

      Life is about to get more difficult for the Melons, their bullshit and propaganda will not go unchallenged.

      • cows4me

        Jees I fucken hope so.