Nicola Toki trips over her own tongue

If there’s one thing militant conservationists tree/snail huggers are becoming increasingly notorious for, it is rank hypocrisy. When Nikola Toki isn’t busy jumping up and down about Bathurst Resources plan to mine the Denniston Plateau, opposing the creation of jobs and its flow on effects for the economy, she’s busy burning solid fuel and polluting the atmosphere with smoke.


Now that’s all well and good, I mean I love a good wood burner as much as the next bloke (or greenie), but the trouble is people need to practice what they preach, or at least make some kind of effort to support the cause they like to crow about. The consistency of the militant tree huggers to pick and choose when they ‘fight for the cause’ is not lost here either.

(As an aside to save the indignant replies from the climate change deniers…)  Climate change is a real thing, spurred on by the constant consumption by the human race and the consequences on our weather are real. I’m sooooo not interested in having the debate about climate change, who started it, what the dinosaurs did or didn’t do, what role carbon has to play. Have that argument on talkback source 

So she’s convinced humans are responsible for climate change as a result of the “constant consumption by the human race and the consequences on our weather are real” but she’s still happy to keep contributing to it? WTF?? I’ll go out on a limb and hazard a guess her “wee woodburner” is a product of steel, made from….you guessed it….coal.

Funnily enough I found this article from last month on, whom this self proclaimed “conservation advocate” writes regular conservation articles for.

Woodburers cause more air pollution than cars, new research from Victoria University has found.

Woodburning fires have long had the finger pointed at them for contributing to air pollution in places such as Masterton, where air quality standards were frequently breached during winter.

But this study, by PhD student Travis Ancelet comparing emissions in Masterton, Auckland, Nelson and Alexandra, is the first comparing different forms of pollution in the colder months.

Even on winter mornings, when people were commuting to work and car pollution was likely to be high, woodburners were the biggest polluters, including in congested Auckland, Mr Ancelet said.

“You would assume in the morning, between 7am to 9am, traffic would be the major contributor,” he said.

Mr Ancelet, who graduates next week and is now working for GNS Science, was working with regional councils towards meeting their Environment Ministry commitments for air quality, which need to be met by 2016.

Councils needed to consider woodburning as a significant player and had to think about how they could minimise the pollution, he said.

“If you completely cut out woodburning emissions, air pollution in the communities we studied would not be a significant issue.”source

If there’s one smell I can’t stand, it is not the smell of air pollution or smoke from wood burners, but the stench of Green Taliban hypocrisy.



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  • jaundiced

    Next you’ll be arguing that greenies shouldn’t drive cars

    • Macca

      So why should ‘Greenies’ drive cars? All they continually wank on about is how bad fossil fuels are and want everyone else to stop driving cars etc, yet they never practice what they preach! Basically everything we use on a daily basis has been mined at some stage yet these people are so far out of touch with reality it beggars belief!

      How can these clowns EVER be taken seriously (like the Greens), when they continually preach to all in sundry to to stop doing something yet do exactly that themselves! Its called HYPOCRISY!

      • jaundiced

        I was just putting out some bait Macca, settle down.
        I agree about the hypocrisy, but go easy on the hysterical over-reaction. Just because you are concerned about the environment (as most people are – go on, admit you care) doesn’t mean you can’t drive a car and keep warm in the winter. Humans have an impact on the environment – always have, always will.
        But with developing countries like China all starting to drive cars instead of bicycles, we should be concerned. And speaking of wood fires, people living in Singapore are experiencing again the seasonal impact of forest burning in Indonesia with smoke shutting out the daylight all over the region.
        Puts woodburners and supermarket bags in perspective. I use both.

    • Plue

      Yep. They seem to hate everything about cars, especially the roads they use and the heavy industries that create them so they should give them up if they really want to make a difference. Recycling a few plastic bags from the supermarket ain’t going to do jack (according to them) Personally I am all in favour of plundering the earth for all its resources before it kills us off (as it surely will)

    • OT Richter

      9/10 cars with a “Save the Coromandel” bumper sticker is an oil dripping, smoke belching piece of shite.

      Proof that 90% of greenies are hypocrytes.

      • Hazards001

        Yep and the 10th car is a high end European import being driven by a Climatic Organisational Controls Knowledge centre activist.

        Almost always a former Green Party member or politician or former arts teacher at Victoria University that has now branched out into the lucrative trade of eco consulting.

        • Travis Poulson

          Don’t knock it, it’s a lucrative market for sure, just find your own slant to put on it that is unique and you’ll be raking in the squillions like Al Gore. People say he’s dumb, he’s not dumb. He got rich off dumb people that would pay to listen/read his shit. He probably doesn’t even believe it himself but he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

          • Hazards001

            I have a multi millionaire Uncle in Aussie that has already done it. You should see the crap he sends me…and the arguments we have. Not bad since he’s the bloke that got me into mining and construction!

          • Travis Poulson

            Maybe Toki will start her own successful firewood business……

          • Hazards001

            I had one as a young man as an off shoot to our (mine and my mate/partner) forestry ventures. We made bugger all money but had fun and stayed fit.
            The amount of smog created by all the wood burners in the world over one year would probably not equal one season of aussie forest fires. (no facts and no…not going looking..don’t fucking care. Love wood fires!)

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Bloody Greens – the only way they know to fix problems is to tax people.

  • tarkwin

    She works for Forest and Bird, so no surprises here.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Oxymoron tarkwin. How can one “work” for Forest and Bird? Being an activist isn’t work.

    • Travis Poulson

      Used to. Works for animal health board now. I think she’s still a mouthpiece for f&b though.

      • Dave

        Pity the Animal Health Board, she must be in PR there or have a science vetinarian background.

        • dyannt

          Maybe she’s a vegetarian planning on fighting the good fight from within the castle.

  • DoomAndGloom

    Ahhh that is some great hypocrisy, someone with Twitter PLEASE send Nicola a link to that article.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years.

    Climate change is caused by factors that include variation in oceanic processes (such as oceanic circulation), biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions , and Toki’s wood burner .

    The Green Party should be renamed The Preening Party , for all the policy grooming being constantly undertaken .

    • Wait On

      My understanding is Toki is being groomed by the Labour Party…she may be a greenie but it doesn’t make her a Green Party member…

      • Travis Poulson

        I’d like to see some evidence of your “understanding” so I don’t have to dismiss your comment as opinion.

  • jagilby

    On Fair Go last night they were discussing different winter heating options – I almost choked when they described wood-burners as “environmentally sound”???

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Toki is sooo over debating climate change. But the smoke from her fire is going to reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the plants and so there will be less photosynthesis. 5hat will lead to the reduced supply of oxygen…Nooo we are all going to die because of Toki s fire!

    • tarkwin

      No worries there Euan, she’s only burning sanctimony chips and self righteous logs. This combined with her membership of Forest and Bird means she is actually doing the planet a favour.

  • Polish Pride

    She could have put in a rocket mass heater and been much more green whislt still keeping warm – opportunity missed perhaps. Not sure councils would know what one is in order to give consent for it though.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Will a machine cut and split and deliver the firewood ?

      • Dave

        I think thats called barter…… the male friend will cut and deliver! Delivery of course in a Fossil fuel consuming TRUCK or gas guzzling car with a massive trailer.

        Far better she rush off to the insulation firm, or ask the Greens for some of their truck load of Pink Batts, insulate the home completely, walls, ceiling, underfloor, install heavy curtains, move the home so its orientated for the sun, INstall a few Thermal mass walls to store heat, remove a few trees, or prune them so the home gets more sun, and make it an ECO friendly home. A good example in Nelson, does not need artificial heating!!

        Then there are other ways of keeping warm, more clothing, a blanket, moving, friction :)

      • Polish Pride

        assuming you are talking RBE ………Multiple machines could potentially be developed to do so. Delivery would be harder but not impossible and you wouldn’t use anywhere near as much wood with a rocket mass heater.
        That said what Dave has said below is a more likely scenario with RBE (the middle part)

  • rouppe


    Yes wood fires are environmentally sound because apparently they are carbon neutral. It seems the carbon stored in the wood is released in the burning and thus is carbon neutral.

    What I can’t understand is that when my forest is harvested for timber for building houses it apparently isn’t carbon neutral, and I have to repay carbon credits for the alleged carbon released into the atmosphere even when most of it is locked up in framing timber for scores of years.

    • Polish Pride

      This is exactly the sort of thing I think is total BS on the whole carbon credit bullshit regime.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Here is the Greens current version , soon to be culled from their website following the removal of Global Warming ….

    “Supporting and Strengthening Kyoto
    Support the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol
    Make every effort to persuade the US to join Kyoto.
    Work for a stronger binding agreement for post-2012.
    Ensure that all our international trade agreements uphold the principles of Kyoto.”

    Kyoto failed in its chief goal of achieving legally binding global emission cuts, much as the Bush White House foresaw it would because of its economy-busting potential, mostly for the industrialized nations. The UNIPCC has also been forced to admit that the “natural variations” inherent in climate change means it wildly overstated its case. What the UNIPCC fails to explain is how those same “natural variations” make claims to climate catastrophe 30 years down the line any more credible.

  • johnbronkhorst

    All human activity generates waste products (carbon etc) Since some human activity is necessary for the survival of the species. It is only the unnecessary things they are talking about.

    ENTERTAINMENT, bar b que’s , jet boating (topical visit by the clowns of commerce), motor racing, flying,etc.

    So it appears the greens and labour are to be the FUN police?
    Do their supporters know this?

  • In Vino Veritas

    “soooo not interested in having the debate about climate change”. It’s pretty hard to successfully debate something that is a fantasy. It’s like taking the affirmative side when debating that unicorns are breeding in the Kaimai’s.

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      Have you seen them too?

      • johnbronkhorst

        Acid must be good in the Kaimai’s.

  • Lance Reid

    “I sooooo love the smell of woodsmoke in the morning”

    • OT Richter

      There is nothing like having your wood smoked in the morning.

  • unitedtribes

    My woodshed

    [WO: redacted]

    Fire goes for 4 months non stop

    • CheesyEarWax

      Doh, thats a URL to a file on your computer…Lance.

  • Bunswalla

    Wood-burning fires are also one of the least efficient means of heating a home. Something north of 80% of the heat goes up through the flue/chimney and straight out of the building. The metal box and flue get pretty hot but if you want to feel the effects you just about have to sit on thing and wrap your arms around it.

    • Guest

      Perhaps…depends on the burner & the house. We live in a small (90 sq m) well insulated house & have a yunca though. We often have to open doors & windows to cool the place down. Of course the area where it is placed is aways the warmest, but it keeps the rooms at the back of the house above WHO 18 degrees [thanks dave!] so we couldn’t be happier with it. Oh and it’s a wetback so our free or very cheap firewood = free heating & hot water. I’d call that winning!

      • Dave

        Unsol. Sounds good, and I hope its using fallen wood, so its not consuming timber that could be used for other purposes, if so, you have pre qualified for membership of the Green Party, enjoy!!

        WHO standards are for 18deg min in a home, many Scandinavian countries achieve this despite the extreme cold, but they build walls 12 inches thick, triple framing with heavy insulation and thermal mass. Best practice and many examples suggest this works in NZ as well, triple glazing, thermal mass, solar orientation, solar reflection and storing heated water, then simple appliances and utilize heat distribution systems to ensure even heat throughout the home. Best I have come across in NZ is a groundwater heat transfer system, invisible, economical and cheap to run (but very expensive to install)

        Best practice insulation in Canada and similar countries are R10 insulation in the ceiling cavity, NZ is R3.6 at best, they mandate triple glazing, we have double glazing now……… a long way to go.

        • Guest

          Thanks – knew it was above 17 so will correct….for us the coldest part of the house is always 20 degrees so we’re sorted. if only the poor people had been smart enough to buy our house before we got to it – it was & will always be below the NZ average. for some reason our area just does not get the same values. yet we are close to everything. beats me. but their loss our win for sure!

          fallen wood – ooh goodie looks like i can be a real greenie. We use untreated pallets that would just end up in the dump (you know, the things that support freight like food, wine, cellphones & computers etc that the greenies like to use :))

          • Dave

            Aha, but a lot of poor people don’t get the basics unsol, Yunno, collect and store fallen wood in the summer, to burn and keep warm in winter! There is no helping some, and the socialists have built entire governments around supporting the poor, and transferring wealth.

          • Guest

            Yep no argument from me – and your case & point was clearly demonstrated last night on The Vote when Hone essentially said poverty was the white man’s fault & that poverty caused child abuse. People like him – including the well-meaning middle class NZers – will never see that having more children than you can afford, in fact doing anything you can’t afford, makes you poor. So the real poverty in this country is of intellect & basic common sense rather than money.

    • Travis Poulson

      Precisely, and the wood burner is only efficient while you’ve got the vents right open giving it a full oxygen feed. The second you jam the box full of wood and shut the vents down to smoulder away overnight efficiency/carbon neutral goes right the fuck out the window (or up the chimney).

  • Sthn.Jeff

    Burning wood (Untreated) is effectively Carbon Neutral as the Tree consumes the Carbon it creates when it is burnt while it is in the process of growing

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      so burning coal should also be carbon neutral for the same reasons?

      • Kopua Cowboy

        Why don’t we put this to the Gweens?

        • Dave

          Clint is a bit busy sorting out the Labour party issues at the moment KC, suggest you leave it a few months, no one else can answer for them!

  • steve and monique

    Add a little coal,and it would burn real nice.

  • cows4me

    This cow and her ilk want to penalise us farmers for the gases our animals produce. Dopey bitch , fine for her to burn wood, a natural store of carbon but not fine for my cows to eat grass, a natural store of carbon, and belch. I hate these diseased arseholes with a passion.

    • Dave

      She is not a cow, cows are productive animals, this one seems more of a Consumer of resources than a producer!!

    • jaundiced

      Now, now. Calling her a ‘cow’, ‘dopey bitch’, ‘diseased asshole’ just because she has a woodburner makes me think that you’re not a very nice person. What was everyone saying about Russel Norman getting personal? And no, I’m not a green party (I was about to say ‘plonker’ but that would make me a hypocrite, wouldn’t it) supporter.

      • Kopua Cowboy

        Of course hes taking it personally, this dopey woman and all her loopy mates want to destroy generations worth of hard work by farmers by raping the hell out of their businesses, and all for what?

      • Travis Poulson

        The personal comments are probably a little OTT, but I can identify with the feeling behind it. Nothing worse than having your livelihood attacked by someone that wants it changed for their own selfish and misguided ideas.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Um , how was the holiday ?

      • cows4me

        Great thanks Ronnie, 14 day cruise then back to Sydney for 4 days, brother lives there. Bloody hot, 30+ temp at islands New Caledonia , Vanuatu , Fiji, all very nice. Was surprised with Noumea, big city but I can’t speak French for shit. Ship mostly Aussies but great people, plenty food beer and cocktails.

  • Dr Wang

    Nichola Toki says “I’m sooooo not interested in having the debate about climate change” – at least she is being honest that she has a closed mind on the subject of
    global warming, and a closed mind is a lazy mind.

    There are far better ways to stay warm than an inefficient wood burner. She could do some physical work (choke, splutter..), stop shaving (hang on….), wear more clothing – all far more climate-friendly than a smoke belching wood burner.

  • Mediaan

    Shame nobody ever worked out how much pollution and tree loss would be caused by printing more money as needed, before they did their U-turn.

  • Arran Hunt

    As we all know, people like her don’t actually give a damn about the environment. They use it as a tool to get their ultimate agenda, to live in civilization where there money has no value (you can just print it when needed), no technology (lets burn wood rather than turn on a heat pump), no advancements, and no non-white people (as they all starved because of an unfounded hatred of GMO, despite it being responsible for 1 billion lives saved and counting).

    • Travis Poulson

      I don’t believe that she doesn’t care about the environment, or the “people like her” statement as there is little/no proof to support that in relation to her in particular. I do however think she and “people like her” are selective about how they care about the environment, depending on how directly it affects them, for example enjoying the benefit of wood fires, but opposing the extraction of coal and other naturals resources.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Please pay more tax to save the environment…..

    • cows4me

      Let’s hang Sir Cullen from the highest lamppost.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Woodburners cause more pollution than cars- what, are they comparing people who use their cars to keep warm vs woodburners? If not, the study and its initiators are retarded