No matter where in the world, Arts ratbags are always on the bludge

It doesn’t matter where, New Zealand, Australia, or the the UK the entitlement mentality of arts bludgers never ceases.

The bonus of this attempted bludge is that it will never be tried here, Winston Peters knows when he is bought and who bought him.

The £1.7bn Brits spend with online gambling companies every year should be taxed to support the arts, Lord Puttnam has argued.

The film producer and Labour peer said the UK is in “desperate need” of cultural skills and talent, and taking advantage of the boom in placing bets via the internet could aid the industry.

“We will need to find new ways to help support the arts,” Lord Puttnam wrote in the Yorkshire Post. 

“As many of you will be aware, there is enormous growth in the gambling industry, particularly online gambling, perhaps even, to some extent, displacing money spent on our National Lottery.

“I would like to think that the proceeds of a point of consumption tax on online gambling could, for example, be used to supplement the nation’s investment in arts, sport and culture.”

An Arts Council report last month found the arts sector makes a £7 contribution to the UK economy for every £1 of government subsidy, making up 0.4pc of GDP compared with just 0.1pc of investment.

Typical they conducted their own research into their bludging and found a measure of success.


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  • Sym Gardiner

    If its such a good return, they should stump the $$$ themselves.
    Oh wait… They can’t capture the $$$… Then they are whistling in the wind as to the value.

  • dyannt

    In times of old, “artists” got out of their garretts and found a patron so they could eat a little more frequently. Perhaps we could reinstate the custom and use up some of the gold that the “rich pricks” are believed to be hoarding.

  • Patrick

    Why should the taxpayer fund these elitists? All the while they are looking down their noses at the “uneducated” hoi polloi

  • Troy

    I’m not a hater of art… I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand how millions of schpondoolies are spent each year worldwide with exhibitions, auctions and the like so that just a privileged few can gloat about what they have to their select few of others who also do the same. Somehow its wrong, the money generated or exchanged publicly on art should be heading into other areas where it is needed. How many less than privileged get to “interpret” paintings – especially of the abstract type (which I note are usually really stupid splatters of paint thrown from a distance onto a board sitting on an easel). Seems as though all the priorities are wrong.

  • BR

    Arts don’t need funding. How expensive is it to purchase a hunk of cardboard, some paint and a brush?