Norman goes Nasty again

Nasty Russel Norman has again mouthed off, this time against the head of the Electricity Authority.

Apparently Dr Brent Layton is a “civil servant who has failed to do his job and is now trying to protect his patch,”.

Norman today attacked the statement, saying Layton was simply defending the authority’s failures.

“Dr Layton’s extraordinary foray into political debate is nothing more than a National Party-appointed civil servant who has failed to do his job and is now trying to protect his patch,” he said. 

Reported comments that Layton would not work for a Greens-Labour government “shows a lack of political neutrality that is unfitting of a state servant”, Norman said.

The Greens claim that its policy will save households $700 million a year by stripping out “rents” charged by owners of low-cost hydro electricity generators. This, it claims, will save households $300 a year.

The Green/Labour bloc has produced no evidence that they can reduce prices, but there is plenty of evidence world-wide of the failure of solutions as proposed by the Green/Labour bloc.

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges said he was briefed that the paper was coming but had no direct contact with Layton.

He did not believe the attacks were inappropriate.

“Anyone who knows Brent Layton knows that he’s not going to take guidance from politicians,” Bridges said.

“What you see with Dr Brent Layton is what you get.

“I don’t think he’s at all interested in politics, he’s interested in good public policy, and with respect I think what he said is what his perspective is on good public policy.”

Bridges added that what Layton had written was “absolutely right”.


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  • Bad__Cat

    Dr Norman has every right to expound on the New Zealand electricity industry. After all, he studied at university and did a thesis on the Australian Green Party, or something.

    • Dion

      His thesis was about the formation of the Alliance Party.

      Hence his epithet Dr. Alliance.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        I understand that world renowned economists are now calling Hippie Norman for financial advice…there you go!

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          That wouldn’t surprise me. Krugman is a fruitloop too.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So norman is now attacking civil servants, with impeccable CV’s and qualification in their field…which….he does not.

  • CommonSense404

    And Russel Norman makes the same observation about the teachers who never ever make political comment… because they are good and neutral public servants… Yeah right!

  • GazzW

    Norman was not a happy camper in the House this afternoon. Having to sit by and watch Tony Ryall absolutely skewering Turei over her demands for nurses in low decile schools was a sight to behold. It’s worth a watch on replay tonight if you did not see it.

    • LabTested
      • Sledge of the day at 18:28, after Hipkins raises a point of order to note that he couldn’t hear what Turei was saying, Gerry Brownlee followed up with:

        I don’t want to prolong things mr speaker, i think it, I have to agree it was pretty hard to hear the member.

        It’s probably because of the location of the microphone with all due respect, if it was on the other side of that desk, and she was speaking directly to it, it would have been in a better position to hear what she was saying.

        But, it was actually quite pleasant.

        • maninblack

          haha that was funny!

    • LabTested

      Problem with posting, sorry for the duplicate

      • sheppy

        and doesn’t she go on and on and on…. FFS you lost again, STFU and change the bloody record!

  • Phar Lap

    Australian Labor found out a little too late,to be a coalition partner of the so called Greens.They uncoupled them totally, when their own credibility took a massive hit.The green party in Australia is in a nose dive.Same as in NZ.NZs voters certainly don’t want or need an Australian whimp known as Russel Norman to teach them how to suck eggs.Normans days as a johnny come lately, or a carpet bagger,are numbered.His comments and body language in the last few days confirm his status as just another loser,aided and abetted with his Quack!Quack! running mate Turei.

  • Whafe

    Liabour & the Green Taliban = NZ Economy Terriorists

    • Cadwallader

      Together with the secret ingredient: Mana!

  • JC

    “The Green/Labour bloc has produced no evidence that they can reduce prices,”

    And of course DPF produced a graph from Stats Dept showing the rate of increase in power prices about halved under Nats in the last four years compared to the massive increases under Labour. Note the 30 year pattern of good prices under Nat Govts compared to the disasters under Labour.


  • GarethsPussy

    But if anyone has any burning questions about the Alliance Party, Normans your man.

    Anyone, anyone at all? No? So, still no questions about the Alliance Party, then?

    • Lofty


    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Nope. None at all. Who?

  • Dumrse

    Russell Norman’s a fucking cunt.

  • OT Richter

    Carry on Wussel. The more you talk the more you look like a desperate man who can see the writing on the wall.

    Surely Labour is not happy with his rantings over the last week or so. Eject eject eject!

  • Dion

    Attacking civil servants. Here was me thinking that only Trevor Mallard could achieve that level of nasty.

  • Bob

    Russel Norman, Green Part Co-leader is a utter cunt.

  • dumbshit

    better to be thought an idiot than open ones mouth and remove all doubt

  • Tiberius

    Is this the same Green Party that has criticised others for attacking civil servants? His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Folks – Look at the last Roy Morgan poll. People have rejected Bill English’s budget and approved Labour-Green power policy. That proves it all. Let us move on. Kiwi Power is people power.

  • JC

    “Dr Layton’s extraordinary foray into political debate is nothing more
    than a National Party-appointed civil servant who has failed to do his
    job and is now trying to protect his patch,” he said.”

    Actually Russel, he’s the Chairman of an independent Crown Authority charged with making the electricity sector perform with full competition.. a civil servant he is not. His work background is that of a prominent company director with many skills as an expert in a variety of fields.

    Of course he wouldn’t work with you.. he’s independent of you and regards you as an incompetent and corrupt politician intent on destroying the economic base of NZ.


    • Lofty

      Exactly JC, the art of directorship and the learning process to gain that expertise is far more intensive than a Phpfft and a (cough) Dr……PHD in the history of the alliance party (who?) this muppet is actually..well..actually a ..ahem..muppet!
      I am in awe of directors such as Dr Layton, they are experts and genuine governors, and to reach that level of expertise is a long hard learning road.
      They are the life blood of our wealth and income producing sector, without people like this we would unable to punch above our weight as we do…muppets like norman & the 150 cardboard cutout muppets cannot and will not relate to this concept, they do not even start to understand what it takes to actually deliver food on the table, or to meet the day to day expenses of the hard working public..

  • Alloytoo

    Wussell’s really become quite feral lately.

    • niggly

      Perhaps Angry-Clint advised Wussel to go “nuclear”?

  • Col

    Old Russell is everywhere, here there and everywhere, I think he is going to lose it, sorry he has lost it, jumping around like a chook with its head cut off.

  • rockape

    Its all coming together so nicely. We all said Norman was nuts, he is setting about proving it. Labour lead by a bumbling fool, NZ first by a geriactic racist and the Greens lead by Nutty norman and fatty frog. Yes next election is going to be so much fun. JK will have difficulty keeping a straight face come debating time.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    If I were, God forbid, a public servant, I’d tell that Aussie ring-in to just fuck off, and take this co-horse with him. Why would any decent Kiwi vote for this rejected Aussie retread rejected by his own country is beyond me. Fuck off home Norman, you snivelling commie cunt, we are sick of paying you a benefit.

  • rossar

    I object to the language used in the comment by Mr Sackunkrak