NZ Herald columnist resorts to plagiarism

Kerre McIvor (nee Woodham) appears to have been inspired by this article


When she filed her NZ Herald column here



Now, you may think that looks legit.  But if you compare both articles using a plagiarism tool, you get just a few too  many matches to feel comfortable:








Although Kerre appears to have a done a decent job of rewriting the article, it doesn’t get attributed as the source, and it clearly has portions that Kerre couldn’t quite make her own.

But even the original article wasn’t the original article.  At the bottom, it, at least, credits the BBC.  The BBC’s article also has a very familiar photo.



The BBC headline seems to match Kerre’s.  Mostly.

Run the comparison tool once more, and you get



NZ Herald.

The award winning home of plagiarists.


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  • Ouch.

    All it would have taken is an attribution.

    Not big on attributing sources other than “decent journalists, trained and skilled”, are they?

    • Lance

      There’s an attribution right in the first paragraph:

      “I read a story about babies sleeping in cardboard boxes in Finland.”

      I bet if someone asked really, really nicely she’d tell them where.

      • Random66

        Agree, I like Kerre and she’s not one to pretend she is something that she is not.

  • Ronnie Chow

    At what age would that be a charge of unlawful imprisonment ?