NZ Herald don’t know their arse from their elbow

Regular readers will know I’ve had some fun at the expense of the Wairarapa Times-Age, but to be honest, they are better than the NZ Herald.  At least they proofread their articles, have proper photos and in spite of the stories reflecting the provincial flavour of the paper, they’re running a decent show.

Not so at the Herald, as we all know.



Now, readers can be forgiven for not knowing what a Mi-8 heli looks like, and they may not realise the photo is of an Apache.  But for crying out loud people, this goes beyond mistakes.  We all make them.  This is an organisation that no longer cares if it is accurate or not.

Really, what is the point of illustrating an article with an image that doesn’t match the text, especially when the readers wouldn’t know the difference?  The Herald doesn’t show any institutional will to “get it right”.

Here, for those who want to know, is a Mi-8


A quick google search results in a Wikipedia page showing you more than you would ever want to know about an Mi-8.

There would have been a time when NZ Herald staff had the sort of pride to not put their name to this sort of shoddy work.

Those days are long gone.

Enjoy looking at those awards boys and girls.  Yeah, you’re just the best.



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  • Ronnie Chow

    This is a sign of the dumbing down of news , where any old picture will do for the plebes who click on ads . When they show a plastic toy helicopter you will know we are doomed .

  • Josh Metcalfe

    What’s happened, I’ll wager, is that the herald used that Thinkstock company for a stock photo and all they searched for was “helicopter” and used the first choice. At the best it’s lazy journalism, at the worst it’s incompetent journalism.

    • Rodger T

      I`ll go for incompetent.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        But they spend years in university imbibing left wing bromides. Of course they aren’t incompetent. Don’t be absurd :-p

    • Ratchet

      And what’s even worse, the helicopter they chose is only capable of carrying two people!

  • pukakidon

    hahahahahah rank incompetence!!!