Oh dear lord no!

Michael Laws is talking up another tilt at the Wanganui mayoralty…he much be suffering from attention deficit disorder.

Former shock jock Michael Laws – once an MP and mayor of Wanganui – is thought to be considering a rerun for his old mayoral job.

A source told the Herald on SundayLaws has been sending more emails recently about civic affairs.

Laws was weighing up the position, but would not announce he was standing until the last minute, the source said. 

“It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.”

Current mayor Annette Main, whose husband John Blythe died this week, said she would stand again and was not concerned by talk of a challenge.

Laws told the Herald on Sunday: “I haven’t given any thought to local body elections whatsoever.”

Laws ceased being relevant years ago…he should stick to writing free columns for the Sunday Star-Times.


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  • Michael

    You’re believing the Herald Whale? The paper that makes news?

  • Patrick

    Laws is suffering from “lack of media attention disorder” (LOMAD), therefore a patsy journo has written a pap piece in the Herald. Laws will now get the attention he desires for a few days, squawk back radio will go stupid for a few days & then we can all get on with our lives.

    • The word on the streets of the River City is that the former mayor is somewhat more advanced in his planning than he disclosed to the HoS. This is more than LOMAD Patrick.

  • Mr_V4

    I thought you were in favour of ex (or soon to be) pollies being mayoralty candidates?

  • Phil

    Hopefully he kicks that stupid H from the name.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes, spineless politicians afraid if there own shadows. Fuck the majority the minority are more scary.