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Maori Battalion doing the Haka in North Africa, 1941

Maori Battalion doing the Haka in North Africa, 1941

Maori Battalion doing the Haka in North Africa, 1941


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  • steve and monique

    Mana. An example to today’s generation what that word really means

  • johnbronkhorst

    Now, these look and acted like warriors!!! Deserving of respect (they earned it) of their friends and feared by their enemies!!!

  • Lloyd

    I conducted the funeral of the soldier in the front row, second from the far end. At the cup of tea held afterwards, one of his friends told me that over half of the soldiers in this picture did not survive the war.

    • kehua

      Amene, a visit to the 28th Maori Battalion Web-site is a very sobering experience, so many fine looking men and so many fine looking young boys who died in North Africa and Europe . RIP.

  • Sthn.Jeff

    Pffffffft……Give me a Dave Currie haka anyday!!

  • Mediaan

    Maori seem to make terrific warriors. What a fine looking, determined bunch.

  • Hazards001

    My Grandfather(a born and bred Kiwi) fought in North Africa and was wounded twice, (and the wounds were terrible..I’ll never forget his hands)He told me (and I never forgot it and used to repeat it at school) that The Maori Battalion was feared by the Germans as much as The Gurkha’s and the Scottish Regiments and only slightly less by their allies when on leave!
    Those were men and real warriors. We have them and their like to thank for the lives we live today in this marvellous country!


  • Col

    Real men, worked hard loved life, got on with it, just like the white man.
    And respected for who they were.