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via Imgur


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Imagine taking a bath in that , me big hairy bollocks hanging over the side ….

    • Jimmie

      You mean your tiny little pecka? lol

      • PlanetOrphan

        U gotta admit that’s the smallest, silliest bath ever invented M8!

        • Jimmie

          Quite true.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I wonder whether it will take the weight of some of the Labour female MPs?!?!?

    • Patrick

      Most MPs prefer a trough to bathe in – far better to bury your snout in. Still I do wonder what sort of structure is in the walls to hold up 300 – 400 kgs of weight of bath, water & occupant.

  • Patrick

    BTW can anyone spot the drainpipe? How the hell do you empty it?

    • Col

      See the little white square in the middle under the bath, that is the drain. Pull the plug and down it goes.

    • cows4me

      It’s probably a socialist bath Patrick, full of Chardonnay , you drink yourself out.

      • Whanga_Cynic

        and after a bathful, that’s when the best socialist policies are born!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Cool idea….room for 2???

  • Never in the dark…..

    Bet you can have nice slides in it. My kids would have loved it.