Photo of the Day

Appropriate vehicle for road rage.

via Imgur

via Imgur


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  • Col

    Police bike for Northland, for chasing the Hone family.

  • baw

    In a war zone shoot the guy with the biggest gun first.

    Problem one
    What is the recoil like? Steering must be a pain.

    Problem two
    A machine gun drinks ammo

    Problem three
    You have to point it at your enemy and drive towards them. (With no protection).

    Problem four.
    Don’t retreat. No reverse gun.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Lets see:
      At cyclic rate of 2000 rounds per minute.
      Range of 500m
      At 120Km/hr you will be riding over the dead bodies in about 15 seconds.

      • baw

        Problem five
        Only works on roads, or large flat areas. Not great for narrow roads or such. Tires don’t look like they are good for much off road work.

        Problem six.
        Only good for light targets, the moment another machine gun comes out you are dead. (no Armour) That said a tank is not very manuerable but does have a machine gun.

        Problem seven
        Aim by pointing the bike in the direction of travel only. So no ability to aim to the side.

        Problem eight.
        Very noticeable and thus makes you a target.

        But I must admit – good for hit and run attacks against lighty armoured or defended targets on roads.

        • jcpry

          Ideal though for those travelling between Tauranga and Te Puke by the look of it!

  • Dr Stoat

    A sad end for a Honda GL1000

  • CJA

    Zombie Apocalypse bike for sure!

  • Hazards001

    Obviously designed for the quick commute to Walmart in Tennessee.