Plane on tarmac for 5 hours, no A/C, no food… what song to sing?

6/9/13 from Vegas to Phoenix. Flight attendants leave us alone to our devices after 5 hours, 2 planes, no snacks, no water, no A/C. Two people passed out, two vomited and to avoid a mutiny, the passengers banded together in song.

What song? Answer at 0:50 (if you can’t guess).


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  • Sandysure

    What a good humoured bunch – considering the circumstances!

    • Never in the dark…..

      Unlike Jetstar, many North American airlines offer some decent compensation.

      A mate who frequently flies between New York, Toronto and his hometown Vancouver often encounters problems. He’s scored return flights to LA for two business class; been bumped up from business to 1st class.

      On one trip, he took his wife, after 2 hours on the runway they were disembarked and put up in an upmarket hotel for the weekend (drinks not included).

      Jetstar could take notes…..

  • MarkF

    What ever happened to the FAA’s 3 hr rule? This used to happen quite often a few years ago but I thought the FAA stepped in and but a 3hr limit on a departure hold.

    They did but lifted it during the ATC Furlough