Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 3

Week 3, and the winners and losers (aren’t they the same?) are starting to take shape.  (Yes, the puns just roll off the keyboard today).  Unfortunately, quite a few results missing this week (if missing, previous results are carried forward and in italics).

Congratulations to Lofty, who is going great guns having lost 4.03% of total weight, for a loss of 4.7 kgs!


Here’s some feedback from John:

Another week of 12 minutes-per-day on the cross-trainer and I’ve lost further 0.9 of a kilo down to 124.0 kgs :-)
PS  I’m with you Pete on the idea of Produce Delivered sending boxes to all Blubbergeddon participants [take it up with the management.  what do you think we should do about it?  a hunger strike?]
PPS  I think the total percent loss you are showed last week of 3.77% for the group should read closer to 1% [that value is “max”, not “total”, but who knows if that was clear]





Produce Delivered are the official sponsor of Blubbergeddon.  Cam is getting a box full of fresh produce every week to give him and his family the edge in this competition.

Blubbergeddonites in Auckland and Hamilton are able to order using the discount code “Blubbergeddon” to get 10% off.

Yes, Produce Delivered are proud to announce they now deliver to Hamilton as well:




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  • Lofty

    Hell I am starting To wonder why my weight loss is ahead. All I have really done is cut out the snacking between meals, and slowed the booze a bit.
    I am happy though, a long way to go………I want to get to 105 ish.

    Keep at it folks, you are my incentive to win ;-)

  • unsol

    Nice results guys, but don’t feel threatened by the whale’s free fruit & vege – they are easily bought at a good price near a supermarket, market or green grocer near you :-)