Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 4

Well, I’m disappointed with myself.  And I suspect many of you should feel the same way.  We’ve had people failing to report in (come on now!) and some of us aren’t making a huge leap into lightness!  Why are we not making any progress?

Same exercise routines as before but I completely screwed the calorie intake with a dinner party last weekend, Chinese takeaways mid-week and KFC for dinner yesterday.
Result – 125.5 kgs this morning on the scales.  Ouch!
Scary how easy it was to undo 2 week’s progress in just a few days.
—- John

Thanks John.  Yes, it seems that just one or two days takes a huge toll.  Definitely harder to lose weight sitting at home cold and miserable while it’s raining outside.  All those comfort foods are just beckoning like Sirens from the pantry…

pdNow for some excellent news:  Produce Delivered is extending the BLUBBERGEDDON discount to all our readers!  So if you’re in their Auckland or Hamilton delivery areas, please feel free to enter the Blubbergeddon code into the on-line order form for an instant 10% discount on your week’s fresh fruit and vegetables.

Right, here are both the glorious and terrible tales for week 4:

Lofty has solidified his lead at 6 kgs lost by week 4!  Well done that man.  He’s also taken the percentage lead off Maggie.  Come on Maggie, you’re not far off.

Travis is showing the joy of being able to eat at all after a week of terrible food poisoning, and the less said about Cam and yours truly, the better…




Administrative note:  Lloyd, Tagaloa and Paul risk getting dropped next week unless they report in.  Come on – if if you’ve gone backwards, it shows the true struggle we can have when we try to lose weight.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


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  • RightOfGenghis

    To the laggards, try the following. Worked for me…
    Reduce the size of the evening meal
    Switch hands
    Eat slower and say something between mouthfuls

    • Travis Poulson

      “Switch hands”

      Is this during dinner, or bed time?

      • RightOfGenghis

        Dirty bugger…

      • Dave

        Travis, disappointed you are confusing dinner and Bed time, better be careful what you eat!