Ragtag union protest against Jami-Lee Ross [PHOTOS]

The First Union organised a protest against Jami-lee Ross and his bill amending the Employment Relations Act by removing section 97.

The First Union is the union representing the 10 workers at Rockgas that are currently in week 5 of their strike. Amazingly the union managed to get approximately 30 people there to disrupt shoppers. The Rockgas is precisely the sort of strike that Jami-lee’s bill would seek to address. These truck drivers have waited until the depths of winter…when people are more reliant on gas supplies, especially lower-socioeconomic groups, in order to strike. The union has gone to the Employment Relations Authority to protest the use of replacement labour in order to supply customers that their workers won’t.

They failed to disrupt Jami-lee Ross however, as he was in parliament…you would have thought they would have checked to see if he was around before protesting to an empty office. 

Of course the union bosses with their si figure salaries won’t be suffering. After 5 weeks on strike any gains they “win” won’t be recovered. In the unlikely event they won a 10% pay increase it will take over a year for the losses to be made up…by which time their union will probably have put them out again for some other reason.

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  • wiltinpenis

    Yep, that makes sense:
    1)Screw the company you work for, during their busiest time of the year.
    2)Screw the people who buy the company’s products, as a necessity, during the most necessary time of the year.
    3)Screw your family values through the complete lack of foresight of the consequences, to any affected family, of your ‘striking’.
    4)Screw any chance of compassion for you and your family from the general public.
    All because some Union official wants to be a big noter.

    • owl

      This is so funny..one of those guys checked in sick for work..lol…will first union what are you going to do about that when the employer finds out

  • andrew carrot

    Two words: British Leyland. Google them and see what fucked the conglomerate.