Random Impertinent Questions for the Greens over their lobbying hypocrisy

Last night Patrick Gower covered the Labour party SkyCity hypocrisy. He also obtained comment from Metiria Turei about it:

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says it is embarrassing and a real concern that Labour opposes the company but are happy to take gifts from them.

“They have undermined their own approach to this issue and their own opposition and that is sad [?] It does undermine their own integrity,” says Ms Turei.

Which raises an interesting ethical dilemma off of the back of Russel Norman’s conference speech where he also said;

We need clean politics to help achieve a fairer society. We need clean politics to help protect the natural world that we love. We need clean politics to help make the transition to a smart green economy that can get us out from under the huge pile of debt that National has built up.?

Greens believe that the special interest lobbyists should be exposed to the sterilising effect of sunlight.

And we will let the sun shine in.

What a good idea, let’s let the sun shine in.

Perhaps the Green party might like to explain why just two days after their leader Russel Norman delivered his anti-lobbying and anti-cronyism speech and with Metiria Turei’s comments on the same above why it was that two of their MPs were seen in Bellamy’s having dinner with a high profile lobbyist?

Perhaps they’d like to come clean on that before they act all po-faced about lobbying?

Would they like me to out them, or will they do it themselves?