Redbaiter would have been Redfaced if this feature was available back then

Hover your mouse over the upvote “button”/chevron, you now get to see who upvoted a comment



The good news is that it doesn’t do the same for down votes, so my downvote stalker can continue to do so in total privacy!

Just a note that some people may not have realised: anyone can upvote a post, but you have to be logged in to be able to downvote one.  Hence the “Guest Votes” at the end of the list there.

I suspect some people were happy to upvote a comment when they could do so anonymously, but they may not want to stand behind the upvote of controversial comments if it means it can be linked to them.

What do you think?  Is this new feature going to change the way you upvote other people’s comments?  (Travis doesn’t need to reply – I know it won’t make a damn bit of difference to him)


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Sweet M8! :-)

  • unitedtribes

    But when Travis hovers over the unbutton he may discover it was only Travis who upvoted him

    • Orange

      ok everyone try playing with united’s votes

      • GregM

        That is so funny, disqus is going to shit itself :-)

      • peterwn

        Yes, I plead guilty – I suspect you are allowed one up vote (per user or per cookie I don’t koow) only. So I thought I would have a play to test my hypothesis – results quite inconclusive apart from possibly one irritated moderator!

        • The only thing that ever amused me was redbaiter leaving a comment, and within 10 minutes he would have 15 upvotes, when it takes an hour or so for anyone else to accumulate that many. It was when he started saying he was the most popular and publicly supported commenter as “proven” by his accumulated upvotes that it was time to expose him. Yes, it can be rigged. Easily so. You want upvotes? Go for broke. Just having 4 browsers will get you 3, and that’s before you do anything more exciting than that like use your tablet and phone as well. I found it amusing he decided to trade on it. Of course, he didn’t like to be called on it, asking if I thought he would really do that on purpose. I replied in the positive, as it was very obviously rigged (unless he has a few dozen acolytes on stand-by at all times). His ability to “outperform” any of the prolific and genuinely popular commenters by a factor of 3-4, and to do so not throughout the day but within 20 minutes of posting was a little too odd for it to be believable. And yes, it takes a nerdy data boy like me to notice patterns like that. redbaiter correctly assumed nobody else would care to look. But one of my jobs here is to look for patterns, good or bad, so we can do more of the good stuff and stop what doesn’t work.

          • Pete George

            You can see similar patterns at Kiwiblog, and not just with RB. Although it is possible a congregation is at the ready to jump on any crusade at 30 minutes notice.

          • There are a couple of dozen here just for enjoying and egging on the punch ups. As far as that is concerned, things haven’t changed since way back when.

          • unsol

            There definitely is a few different little groupies. The rest of us just come on here to see the other side of MSM. I always read MSM first & indie media then read Cactus, Lindsay, a left wing one & here…leave this til last as I like to see other views first. And we all have our pet topics….welfare being the favourite for most of us!

            Disappointed there wasn’t a follow-up to the William Roache story – wanted to see if those who defended him last time had the audacity to do so this time on the pretence that an 11 year old could be mistaken for a 16 year old!!!

          • I’ll allow for that. But I found it really, really strange, how most of his upvotes would happen “instantly” where nobody else has that sort of result. Even when comments gather 30+ upvotes it takes most of the day to accumulate them. For redbaiter to consistently have that much public support for everything he wrote was just too much of an outlier to be credible. Had he done it every now and then, or spread it out throughout the day, it would have been more realistic. Making it all about him caused me to take a look at it over a period of a number of weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that he cooks the upvote books. I would have left it unmentioned was it not for redbaiters own insistence that we all take note of it. It was, and continues to be, a very odd way to behave. And as you’ve illustrated, it continues to be a very important part of his self identity.

          • unsol

            I’m no techy person but I noticed this too within him & some of your other regulars. Figured they must have worked out a way to up vote themselves..,,the guest thing is a weird one. Some people manage to log in as a guest so remain completely anonymous. Seems a lot of effort for online commenting though. Mind you I only keep recent comments active & have noticed others do the same (seems to stop the trolls stalking as much) so maybe some delete their comment as soon as they have posted it = seen as guest.

            I like the new feature though – I like seeing who agrees with the opposing side (usually to me)..,,

  • Orange

    Who would upvote their own comment?

    • Orange

      It doesn’t look like it stays.

      • Travis Poulson

        Always been that way.

        • Bunswalla

          Damn! So I’ve been relentlessly and shamelessly up-voting my own comments, all to no avail?

          • Here, have one of mine to console yourself :)

        • Not with the same browser, no. But use different browsers, incognito browsing, on multiple devices, and you can knock up a dozen if you care to waste your time doing so.

          Never trust anyone with a huge upvote count, I’d say.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      No idea…

  • GregM

    Not going to worry me, I am more than happy to be associated with cotroversial comments.

    • Travis Poulson

      DD, DD

    • LesleyNZ

      Me too!

      • Travis Poulson

        Yes, but that’s redundant when posting from behind an alias.

        • Isn’t it time you reveal yourself, Martyn? I think this has gone on long enough now.

          • Bunswalla

            Laughing hysterically!

          • Travis Poulson


  • Sidey

    This character Redbaiter still occasionally refers to his rate of upvotes here as some form of validation of his wackadoodle verbal vomits. I guess he was his his own best fan then?

    Will this change how other commenters are viewed? “Oooh, this anonymous person liked my last comment, perhaps they aren’t a tool after all. I now feel some obligation to reciprocate.” Nah, we’re all too mature for that eh…

    Being able to also see who downvotes would stimulate some discussion, although perhaps not in a productive manner – best left to a well-constructed dissection of why said comment had a knob factor of 9.5. There’s never a shortage of anonymous opinions! (He says while hiding behind a made up name)

    • MarcWills

      I agree Sid, I would be more interested in knowing who disagreed with me, rather than the “yes” votes.

    • TomTom

      He was a just a wee bit mental, wasn’t he?

      • We all are mate. He is just better at it.

  • unitedtribes

    Looks like Cadwallider is the kindest up voter He ticks just about every comment

  • Polish Pride

    Interesting put it on the down votes and things could get really interesting. Then we’d see who has kahunas and who doesn’t :)

    • Travis Poulson

      We’ll just get a bunch of whining directed at the downvoters by the person who initially commented, then it’ll end up being about that, rather than the topic at hand. “oh but you always downvote me without an explanation …blah blah blah…” I can see it now…

      • Polish Pride

        Yeah I gotta admit you summed it up pretty bang on.

        • Bunswalla

          Aren’t people funny!? That’s exactly what it would become, which says a lot about motivation, ego, vanity etc. If someone doesn’t agree with you, it probably means one of:

          a) They disagree with your view on the topic for their own reasons, and nothing you do or say will ever convince them otherwise
          b) They disagree with everything you say and nothing you do or say will ever convince them otherwise, or
          c) You’re talking shit

          Whichever, what does it matter who down-votes you, or why?

      • Contractor

        Christ just imagine unsol…….

        • Travis Poulson

          no comment…..

        • unsol

          I’m really flattered I get a random mention so often by someone who rarely comments (as this alias anyway)

          And no the down vote wasn’t me…..

          • Contractor

            Phew. You just proved my point. Cheers.

  • No problems for me, the only thing I’ve never been able to figger is why Disqus sometimes, not all the time, adds 2 ups when I’ve only clicked once

    • Travis Poulson

      Someone probably upvoted the same time as you. With the amount of traffic we get through this blog it’s highly likely.

      • Correct.

      • Bunswalla

        He may have a stutter?

  • motorizer

    its fuzkin annoying

    • motorizer

      nice comment nige

  • RightOfGenghis

    Love this feature, but already highlighting most upvotes are rigged and therefore irrelevant. Is there any way of filtering the guests out?

    • I don’t believe so, no.

    • Bunswalla

      Don’t see why we should be bothered about that. To me a Guest up- or down-vote is just from someone that’s either too lazy to bother registering for Disqus, or someone that’s paranoid that they will somehow be discovered and outed as holding a controversial view. For all those that hide behind an alias (unlike me, everyone knows there’s only one Indian baker in Eketahuna), their opinions, even if only expressed bluntly via an up- or down-vote, are just as valid as anyone else’s.

  • Pete George

    Redbaiterbaiter has hooked an interesting tiddler.

    You’re all a bunch of braindead sycophants. Enjoy some Saturday night entertainment:


    This comment is an example of why I regard Pete George as one of the
    most despicable cowards and liars on the blog scene, so frequently
    smearing people with lies and with absolutely no evidence to back up
    those smears. Only worthless scum stoop to this kind of conduct.

    Cameron Slater and the bunch of braindead sycophants he called his
    army are no better. All conscienceless worthless cowards. At the head of
    the bunch that disgusting liar Petal, who hardly gets his lips off
    Slater’s dick long enough to say anything worthwhile about anything, and
    claiming I was “outed” voting up my own comments is a prime example.

    There was never any outing. There was never any evidence, because I
    did not do it. There was never anything but false allegations from liars
    and cowards piqued because they had suddenly been made aware that their
    sick group think opinions were not as universally liked as they deluded
    themselves they were.

    Arrogant and out of touch with real NZ, they just cannot believe that
    there is a large sector of the population who does not buy into the
    mindless group think that characterises their political views.

    The comments I made opposing marriage redefinition especially earned
    warm support, and later polls on the issue showed that the general view
    was against when Slater and his sycophants and cowards were constantly
    claiming the opposite. So large up votes for my comments were actually
    in line with public thinking. Slater and his crawling fuckwit/ gay boy
    followers could not cope with this simple truth.

    Self obsessed and narcissistic urban liberal progressives ensconced
    in their little group think enclaves really do not speak and think for
    all of NZ. There is a another NZ out there, and you progs need to think
    about that before you make cowardly unfounded allegations in deluded
    attempts to support your own arrogant self righteousness.

    • I wonder what he really thinks? One thing is for sure, I’ve been enjoying much more lip on dick time since he’s been elsewhere.

      (You don’t expect me to take this seriously, do you?)

      • Bunswalla

        Please don’t talk with your mouth full; it’s impolite.

    • GregM

      That’s the nicest thing I’ve been called for ages. Red must like me, how sweet.

      • Travis Poulson

        Angry times at the house of Master ‘Baiter.

        I see he’s still got this obsession with “progs”. Of course, he made his entire comment redundant by calling people cowards, all the while permanently hiding behind an alias.

        What. A. Waste. Of. Anger.

        I bet he gnashes his teeth when he wanks too.

        • GregM

          Exactly. Funny thing is, I actually did upvote a lot of his comments, but because I disagree with him on ONE topic, I’m a “prog”. Oh well.

          • unsol

            Me too. Interesting he labels us all amoral when his views were clearly in the majority in ME.

            He has been in a pip for the best part of a year though – barely commented on anything but things like ME. Become a bit like Lucia & Andrei – one trick ponies. ever see him offer anything on the main issues that keep out country ticking over!

          • Been kind of busy. If you read my blog, which apparently you don’t, you’ll find I comment on a whole range of issues. Unfortunately, however, since the beginning of May, I’ve been without a functioning kitchen which has slowed down my blogging and commenting tremendously. Having to do the dishes in a a bucket in the bathtub will kind of do that. I might have a tap installed this week, and maybe even a dishwasher, so things will be looking up. But as for commenting in this place – forget it. You’ll get the odd thing, but I really don’t like it here that much.

            I’m replying to you btw, because we’ve had conversations, and you mentioned me, and I noticed. :) Don’t read more into it than that.

          • unsol

            I was being cheeky & mentioned you to see if you were watching :-). I do read your blog on occasion & yes you do cover many topics. But you tend to only comment on a couple here. That said I can understand your reluctance – not often a lot of interest in real debate. Seems to be more about ego & oneupmanship. Eeck kitchen renos sound like drama – makes every day chores a real pain in the backside eh – I’m sure it will be worth it.

            And don’t worry – only read into your comment so far as to see that you value my opinion because I’m awesome :-)

          • LOL!

            Yes, the kitchen will be worth it, but boy it’s hard work dealing with it. That and the stress of hoping that everything I’ve chosen will actually work together.

          • Bunswalla

            So that’s two people that read your blog – unsol and yourself. OK, I guess only one real person. Maybe if you buy a chinese dishwasher it will work, those yankee ones tend to shit themselves for no reason whatsoever.

          • unsol

            I hear you; our kitchen was quite easy but our bathroom – a nightmare…totally jinxed. But then it came good & a couple months on – we are so happy we pushed through! Just you wait – when you have your new kitchen you will want to sleep in it because you love it so…a good kitchen makes the home so much more functional.

            And keep up the blogging – I am no fan of your faith, but I how you articulate the academics of it. Plus we need as many alternatives to MSM as possible…and yours is not only G rated, but is also one of the few that is well written.

    • Dumrse

      If you take the emotive language out of his post there is fuck all left to read.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      studied sociology, did we? sycophant… pffft

  • Mr_V4

    Is there any actual evidence he was upvoting his own comments, seems a bit over the top.

    • The headline on this post is just meant to be funny, and not meant to start a redbaiter bash-a-thon. I apologise to redbaiter for having started this mess!

      However, you asked for ‘evidence’.

      There were only two credible answers:

      1) he did it himself
      2) he has a group of people following him wherever he goes who provide the majority of upvotes on his comments within a very short period of the comment being posted

      Answer 1 is simply more plausible.

      One of the most upvoted commenters is Travis Poulson. And even when he chucks out one of his pearlers it takes several hours to accumulate the upvotes. In comparison, redbaiter would collect his within the first 15-30 minutes, with a few stragglers following over the rest of the day.

      This sort of “upvote pattern” is exclusive to redbaiter. Nobody else enjoys that sort of instant approbation from the readers. So, unless he has a couple of dozen groupies hanging on every utterance the moment he shares it, I truly believe his popularity, such as it is, is largely one of his own creation.

      • Lofty

        Maybe, but I happily put my hand up as an upvoter for red from time to time.
        Yes all of the above…..but he often passes nuggets of truth and sense.
        If those of us commenters can see thought the rhetoric and mine the nuggets, it is not all bad.
        One would not expect dunnishness from Red….it seems that what you read is what you get.
        And as a parting shot, better Red than .. Let me think…Shearer, Norman, hone, mallard….oh just tack on Winstone and probe down from there.

  • 4077th

    I noticed it yesterday. Looks good. Keep it.

  • Test comment

    • Travis Poulson

      You don’t have an upvote. If you upvoted after posting that comment, it just disappears when you refresh the page.

      • Interesting. I have a screenshot of it being there, but you’re right, it’s gone now.

        • GregM

          If you post a comment, then log out, close the browser and reload, you can then upvote yourself as “guest”
          Watch this….

          • GregM

            I have just down voted to balance it out, but that’s how he did it.

          • If he did it at all, which I don’t believe he did. Go have a look at any of his comments and half of them are upvoted by registered users.

          • GregM

            I up voted him myself on several occasions, but I do think he was adding a lot, if not most of the “anonymous” votes.
            EDIT: good luck with the kitchen, I did mine a year ago, it was like camping at home :-)

          • Why do you think that? Because it’s apparently easy to do?

            My theory is that only people that actually do that sort of thing themselves think that someone else would do it.

          • GregM

            Think of Kosh103, Meg, teachersrock, gayguy,, four registered users, same person.

          • Yeah, but that’s a certain type of person. Redbaiter has only ever used one username in seven years at least, that I’ve known him online.

          • GregM

            Yep fair enough. I have just noticed my self down vote above has disappeared, so I’m guessing we can’t downvote ourselves either. Interesting.

  • LesleyNZ

    Probably already been asked – why can’t we see who downvoted?