Rodney Hide on the global warming scam

Rodney Hide discusses the Green taliban’s lack of recent focus on global warming, now that they have all realised they have been rumbled.

[T]he shift on global warming with the Greens is significant. We are safe in concluding that they no longer regard global warming as the greatest threat to the planet. It would, I think, merit a mention in a leader’s annual speech to the Greens if it were. A fast-approaching environmental armageddon would be top of mind, not the constitutionality of parliamentary legislation, and not Peter Dunne’s emails.

So, hallelujah. The polar bears can continue to float about on their ice floes, millions of environmental refugees won’t wash up on our shores, malaria won’t be making an unwanted appearance in New Zealand any time soon, our beachfront properties are safe and there is no need to feel guilty driving past that bus stop.

It was always going to end with a whimper, not a bang. The scare was so big, so dominating, so accepted, that it could not be sustained. Unless, of course, it was true. It’s now not possible to maintain the huff and puff that the media and politics need to keep the headlines running. 

Rodney is right, but can we expect an apology from the fraudsters and liars?

And so we have moved on. Mr Norman knows it. He along, with his party, has had to move on, too.

The global warming scare was, oh, so last decade. The surprising thing is that it has happened so quickly and without notice.

The bureaucracy and legislation will remain. But it won’t be front and centre of government as it was. It will be shoved out back as new and sexier government initiatives take centre stage.

There won’t be a moment where the Greens, or the government, or scientists, put their hand up and say they we were wrong. Editorial writers won’t admit they were misled.

The crusading journalists who beat up the global warming theory will always regard it as a great story – but now an old story. What will happen is what is happening now: we will just stop talking about it.

And, once again, the Greens are leading the way. They have been the first to shut up about it. The argument is no longer that global warming has “paused” for 17 years but rather that even the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand is no longer beating the drum. That’s when you know the cause is dead.

After all, Mr Norman was still backing Marxism-Leninism long after Mikhail Gorbachev had given up on it.


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  • Hazards001

    Rodney gave us the SuperCity. His fucking legacy is there for all to see.

    I couldn’t give a cunt full of cold snow for his opinions on which fly was going to get to the top first never mind his opinions of world events be they real or as farcical as global warming.

    • Sponge

      “a cunt full of cold snow” – Wonderful!

      • klem

        I’m a guy dog, and even I think that would hurt.

  • Greg

    It’s “cunt full of cold water” as, by definition, snow is cold.”cunt full of cold snow” is just silly. Rodney Hide did the right thing, it’s just not in the current left wing councils interest, or its nature to reduce staff numbers or take any other opportunity a to become efficient.

    • Hazards001

      I know what the expression is Greg. Outside of that my point stands and you simply illustrated it..”it’s just not in the current left wing councils interest, or its nature
      to reduce staff numbers or take any other opportunity a to become
      And to that I say..well what a fucking surprise…so how did that slip past Rodney?

      • Greg

        So it should have been left as it is, with all the duplication,non jobs, personal fiefdoms etc, etc? What’s your soulution?

        • Hazards001

          Not my blog. But to summarise quickly I work with Auckland Council and their numerous CCO’s a lot.

          Answer me this..why does Auckland Transport pay rent at the Telstra building (vodafone now) when there is still a lease being paid on the original (empty) North Shore council offices in The Strand in Takapuna?

          I could go on and on but it’s off topic and as I say..not my blog. The duplication non jobs etc have increased exponentially not lessened!

          • Lopsy

            You work for rent seeking parasites. Hide did the right thing by all Auckland ratepayers. Pity they returned the favour by electing morons who thought supercity meant super gravy.

          • Hazards001

            “You work for rent seeking parasites.”

            Seriously..WTF does that mean?

          • Lopsy

            People who invent their own jobs, produce nothing of real value and suck on the tit of the public purse. Clearer now?

  • cows4me

    The global warming party may be over but the hangover remains. To much has been invested by the fascists of the world to let it slip into the history books. I await the day the idiot Gluckman, the mad fucking Smith and the snivelling weasels that pass for our politicians to remove all forms of taxation and regulation surround this bullshit. Of course it won’t happen, it’s true purpose is served, wealth redistribution and state control. I despair.

    • Apolonia

      “global warming party” Is that red Labour, blue Labour or green Labour as they all support the ETS.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Can we now get rid of the ETS scam please?

    • JC

      The more interesting issue was always going to be what the Greens would do when the GM and AGW balloons burst.. how would they stay relevant?

      The answer was turn further left and get nasty.. a not unexpected outcome as environmentalism was initially an outgrowth of Marxism.


  • chadchambers

    Rodney Hide, huh? Cue the irrelevant nobody.

    • Lopsy

      Cue the irrelevent braindead nobody troll. Tell me, why Chad Chambers?. Couldn’t you have picked something a bit more in line with your philosophical mantra, like Doh!.

    • Travis Poulson

      “Cue the irrelevant nobody.”

      My thoughts exactly whenever you comment.

      • Lopsy

        It’s just following orders Travis, like any faithful grunt would. We should treat it like a mastiff would treat a chewtoy.