Rudd knifes Gillard, early election for Australia

Labor have shown just how dysfunctional they are with the overnight knifing of Julia Gillard buy Kevin Rudd.

The illegitimate government just became even more illegitimate.

Kevin Rudd has been re-elected leader of the Labor Party almost three years to the day since he was deposed by Julia Gillard.

Mr Rudd won the ballot 57 votes to 45. There was no spill for position of deputy leader however there are reports that Treasurer Wayne Swan has resigned.

Labor is in disarray. The caucus is deeply divided. Most of their money men have been indicted for corruption, the power brokers too, the ones left are quaking in their boots that other skeletons won;t come out, but in all likelihood they will.

Labor is stuffed for at least 3 probably 4 terms nationwide.  The effects could well last for a generation. 

The electorate will punish them severely now in the early election. There seems little doubt that an election will be needed.

The result may spell the end of Ms Gillard’s political career, with Australia’s first female prime minister declaring earlier on Wednesday that she would not stand in the next election if she lost the ballot.

It is also expected that cabinet ministers Stephen Conroy and Peter Garrett will now quit the frontbench, as they have previously said they would do so if Mr Rudd was re-elected.

Earlier on Wednesday night, Mr Rudd promised there would be no paybacks for the Gillard camp.

“If I win this ballot, every effort I have in my being will be dedicated to uniting the Australian Labor Party. No retributions, no pay backs, none of that stuff. It’s pointless, it’s old politics,” he said.

Mr Rudd’s election as leader also raises constitutional questions, given the Labor minority government.

Earlier on Wednesday, key independent Tony Windsor suggested that he would not support Mr Rudd if he was returned as Labor leader. Other crossbenchers Andrew Wilkie, Adam Bandt, Rob Oakeshott and Peter Slipper have not said if they would support a no-confidence vote against Mr Rudd on the floor of the House of Representatives.


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  • motorizer

    a leader for the people! ALL HAIL THE NEW LEADER!!!

  • Jman

    I admit I’m surprised Rudd has done this. I always figured he would rather let Julia Gillard face an election slaughter herself and then pick up the pieces afterwards, rather than be the one to have to get trounced at the ballot box. Maybe he just wanted to be PM again so badly, even if its just for a few months, or maybe he figured doing it this way was even more humiliating for Gillard. As for his line about “No retributions, no pay backs, none of that stuff” all I can say is “Yeah right”.

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      I think polling will show that there is now renewed hope amongst ALP supporters. If so, then that would suggest to me that he has a stronger support base than Gillard which in politics gives him a mandate to be leader. I say good luck to him. Same would happen if Cunliffe could roll Shearer, Polls would lift on the idea of new hope and that would be Cunliffes mandate. But I don’t think Cunliffe can get the numbers inside to push him through.

      • AnonWgtn

        Cunliffe cannot role Shearer – the Unions now control who leads Labour, e.g. little Little, and the Helen Kelly run Union coterie outside the Parliamentary party. She will be drafted into Parliament somehow as Deputy – Roberson has had a misfire. But can Kelly take a huge pay cut ?
        Additionally Cunliffe has brains, and has done a real job of work, not on the public tit, BUT he is not a Unionist, Homosexual, or a Teacher, so that rules him out on all scores.

      • Patrick

        Rudd has almost no support from the Unions, Gillard had a lot. I suggest the Unions will now do what they can to destabilise Rudd to exact revenge. His ride will not be an easy ride

        • Euan Ross-Taylor

          I suspect you are right, but even the self serving unions know that to be in Govt, is better than to be in opposition, so will support till after the elections.

        • andrew carrot

          “…having participated in a number of crucial reforms that only Labor governments can achieve. I am especially proud to have had stewardship of the most significant education reforms we have witnessed, like the national curriculum, first national teaching standards and much needed investment for literacy and numeracy and indigenous education.” Would’ve her patronage of these changes ensured that she retained the support of the Oz teachers’ unions? If so, why do the teachers and principals act so differently on this side of the Tazzy?

          • AngryTory

            Devil’s in the details. Gillards Oz reforms were designed to entrench the teacher unions ever more tightly, and over time to undermine and destroy private schools. That’s why Abbott promised to repeal the lot.

            NZ teachers hate Key because he’s from National – pure & simple. If exactly the same reforms had been done by Hellen they’d be all in favour. They’re another leftwing reform by Key, because they centralise control of the education system in the ministry, rather than Ruth Richardson’s School Boards of Trustees. Key’s reforms weaken the parents on the BoTs and strengthen the Minister.

          • Patrick

            Exactly & she has held a gun to the heads of the States – every State has to sign up for the Gonski reforms or all the funding gets pulled. She was attempting to lock the Libs into years of her policies – just like Clarke & Cullen did in NZ.

    • Patrick

      I think he was hell bent on getting revenge, the upcoming election & Labors’ potential defeat was the trojan horse to allow him to depose Gillard. He will walk away if Labor are defeated.

  • JeffDaRef

    Phil Goff will take heart and resume his place as inspirational and popular leader….(snigger)

  • blairmulholland

    I wonder if Rudd’s ego is so massive that he actually thinks he can win. I can see no other reason to accept a hospital pass like this.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Same meat different gravy!!
    Rudd started the economic slide in Australia, Gillard just continued it.

  • tarkwin

    It’s like watching a bus going over a cliff while Rudd is demanding the front seat.

    • tarkwin

      Hit the wrong button and voted for myself. Need drink.

      • Bafacu

        That’s OK – I was going to upvote you but won’t now – we’re all even on the count then!

      • johnbronkhorst

        Hit it again and it takes it away!

        • tarkwin

          You’re sadder than I am!

          • johnbronkhorst

            What are you unhappy about…should I send John Kirwin around?

          • tarkwin

            I’m to sad to entertain Sir John. However, a bottle of Appletons could make all the difference.

  • Bryan

    cant believe Rudd talking about “enough of the division” when he has been attacking gillard for 3 years from the back benches does he think the aust people are stupid they could even see the G general step in so could be interesting next 48 hours
    the old boys network wonder what the female voters are going to make of the whole show

  • boristhefrog

    Rudd is such an arrogant tosser that he believes himself to be a god sent from the heavens to save Labor… any sensible person would have played the percentages and waited for Labor to be slaughtered in the election and come in as the saviour then…

    But no… Rudd is a dick and no one likes him… suck to be Labor…

  • kehua

    HAhahahahahahahaha I`m in mourning {for Oz}.

    • Patrick

      I keep reminding my Australian colleagues what an eventful week they are having, national cricket coach got chopped, PM got chopped & on Saturday Robbie Deans will fall on his sword after the Lions beat the Wannabies up – goes down a treat in the smoko room.

  • Mediaan

    Yes, you don’t hit the twisted (powerful) child-sex-abusing circles and get away with it. Or annoy the RC church like that.

    Gillard setting up the investigatory Commission on Child Abuse was probably what ended her political life as a leader.

    Those people know how to hit back.

    But, doncha love the timing?

    Exact same day as the Vatican whistle-blower releases his photos, videos and douments proving that weekly child-abuse evenings (Thursday) were held during the pontificate of Benedict 16th, within the walls of the Vatican.

    And during the Snowden spying revelations.

    “Good day to release bad news”, as some hard-faced parliamentary aide famously said a few years back on hearing of a big tragedy hitting world headlines.