Rudd knifes Gillard, early election for Australia

Labor have shown just how dysfunctional they are with the overnight knifing of Julia Gillard buy Kevin Rudd.

The illegitimate?government?just became even more illegitimate.

Kevin Rudd has been re-elected leader of the Labor Party almost three years to the day since he was deposed by Julia Gillard.

Mr Rudd won the ballot 57 votes to 45. There was no spill for position of deputy leader however there are reports that Treasurer Wayne Swan has resigned.

Labor is in disarray. The caucus is deeply divided. Most of their money men have been indicted for corruption, the power brokers too, the ones left are quaking in their boots that other skeletons won;t come out, but in all likelihood they will.

Labor is stuffed for at least 3 probably 4 terms nationwide. ?The effects could well last for a generation.?

The electorate will punish them severely now in the early election. There seems little doubt that an election will be needed.

The result may spell the end of Ms Gillard’s political career, with Australia’s first female prime minister declaring earlier on Wednesday that she would not stand in the next election if she lost the ballot.

It is also expected that cabinet ministers Stephen Conroy and Peter Garrett will now quit the frontbench, as they have previously said they would do so if Mr Rudd was re-elected.

Earlier on Wednesday night, Mr Rudd promised there would be no paybacks for the Gillard camp.

“If I win this ballot, every effort I have in my being will be dedicated to uniting the Australian Labor Party. No retributions, no pay backs, none of that stuff. It’s pointless, it’s old politics,” he said.

Mr Rudd’s election as leader also raises?constitutional questions, given the Labor minority government.

Earlier on Wednesday, key independent Tony Windsor suggested that he would not support Mr Rudd if he was returned as Labor leader. Other crossbenchers Andrew Wilkie, Adam Bandt, Rob Oakeshott and Peter Slipper have not said if they would support a no-confidence vote against Mr Rudd on the floor of the House of Representatives.