Russel Norman volte-face on Dunne fiasco

Russel Norman has posted this message on Facebook…it represents a sudden change of attitude, I wonder what brought that on.

Norman 11062013

That is a massive climb down from Russel Norman, who was just last Friday demanding Police climb all over Peter Dunne and force him to hand over emails.

Now he is even saying that the Privileges Committee complaint from David Shearer may well be overstepping the mark.

Again, I wonder what has forced this dramatic turn of events which basically sees Russel Norman backing away from calls for Peter Dunne to have the Police inspect his inbox, backs away from Labour’s Privileges complaint and also backs away from calling on Peter Dunne to resign.

One could say this is a curious turn of events.


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  • I’ve also just blogged on this. Russel Norman has swallowed a very large and juicy dead rat over the weekend. But let’s not pretend that what he posted on FB yesterday is what he now really thinks.

    It’s time for the real Russel Norman to stand up.

  • JC

    Sauce for the gander perhaps?

    I should imagine the greens have a very friendly profile with the media to get their favourite topics in front of the public and one of the things a Privileges Committee might do is recommend a tightening of the rules around leaking.

    And of course those older members who didn’t like his nasty attacks on Key and then Dunne might be a bit stronger than he thought.


  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    What the hell has happened that Wussel back down like this. Last week he was ostracizing him and now a 180 deg turnaround. What caused him to change his tune is more interesting than the Dunne saga

  • Patrick

    Alarm bells are ringing at Green Central HQ – why?

    • blokeintakapuna

      The thought of ALL emails from ALL MP’s being open to scrutiny probably. Now the bigger question, what does Norman have to hide?
      Has Norman recently “discovered” a previously unheard of off-shore bank account?

      • Patrick

        Sunlight – best disinfectant. Bring it on I say, just make sure the techies have good backups of their mail servers & they have retention policies & litigation hold in place. There will be a mad scramble of emptying mailboxes going on shortly if this gains traction.

        • mike

          Archive everything that is sent and received, NZDF does… and we can’t delete anything from the Archieves

  • Sym Gardiner

    Grandma Green (Jeanette) has stirred.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Very curious indeed. Did someone hijack his login??

    What’s an apprendix?

  • Lloyd

    My first thought was: Which Green MP has done something that Wussel is trying to cover for?

    • Col

      Yes, they have been planting trees on the foreshore, and were trying to say it was flax. lol Just something though, notice Turei is quite at the moment ?

      • tarkwin

        She went to a flash restaurant and couldn’t squeeze back out the door.

  • blokeintakapuna

    ..or, maybe Norman sold a massive “dummy-pass” to Labour & NZ1st, setting them off down the garden path, inciting all manner of vitriol demanding yet another enquiry… but only sitting on the side-lines letting Labour & NZ1st embroil themselves in the affair, whilst keeping one’s hands clean on the side-lines.
    Seems Norman now has 2 willing lap dogs to do his dirty work? He will be pleased – Peters and Shearer, not so much.
    Do 4-headed Taniwha’s have cannibalistic tendencies?

  • Macca

    Call me a cynic but I reckon the little flea has something to hide and he’s shitt’n like a big black Alsation. He knows that if Mumbles gets his way and the emails have top be released, the Gweens are gonna be in a whole world of hurt as they have a whole swag of them that would make for very interesting reading!!!!!!

  • In Vino Veritas

    Or has he led Labour into a morass and is now trying to take the moral high ground? If so, it would appear to be too late, given the damage he has already done with his intital outburst.

  • TomTom

    Sorry Norman, you’re still a worthless cunt.

  • boristhefrog

    We’ve heard more than enough from him already!!!!

  • Col

    AS I said the other day, you never know, it may have been a Green who leaked?
    Or Norman has seen his voters slide away and thinks if I m nice to Dunne I may collect some of his votes and National, well it is just a thought?

  • tarkwin

    Funny, John Key said “be careful what you wish for” This morning.

  • Magoo

    The sniveling little ferret Norman doesn’t like the idea of someone looking at his own dirty laundry in his sent folder perhaps.

  • GregM

    Yup, a few skeletons rattling in the greens inboxes for sure.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Newsflash ; Norman exorcism successful . All pain gone . Sees world in new light . All people are good .
    Bishop Tamaki smiles on benevolently , welcoming Destiny’s child . Norman christened ‘Revolving Norman’ in recognition of his many faces .

  • ozbob68

    Sounds like someone has “had a word” over the weekend, explaining what the impact of this precedent would be. It leads me to ask who the voice is behind Russell and who any Greens voters are actually putting into power?

    • waynewhoever

      Me thinks that any Green voters are actually putting into power the Communist Party,well thats if enough are that gullable to vote for Wussell and his Gween Commo Party

  • mike

    “Hey Clint, do we want the Police rumaging through our emails?”

  • BJ

    What a hideous piece of writing by a man wanting to run this country. He hasn’t done an about face and taken a particular view – he is all over the place and covering all bases even within each numbered point.
    No 1. makes me think he may have been the leaker (didn’t he get a copy?) and really doesn’t want any chance of a request for his emails around that time of the leaked document.
    No 2. is worth a second and third read to see how random and mixed up his nonrelated, vague sentences are. The way his sentences and paragraphs are structured does not clearly articulate one thing honestly.

    • Patrick

      Like a mad woman’s shit – Norman is all over the place.

    • tarkwin

      You expected better from a person who wrote their doctoral thesis on the Alliance Party? I’m surprised he got away with that, you could have written their entire history on the back of an envelope.

  • rouppe

    Interesting how he’s on National radio and front page of the papers when he’s calling for heads, but he retracts via Facebook. Coward.

    And really, who but those with the most iron of constitutions would be following Russell Norman on Facebook?

  • flashman

    Possibly he’s thought through what full disclosure of MPs’ emails might mean for what some Green MPs have links to, such as animal rights activism?

  • steve and monique

    Two faced C**t

  • “Hey Clint; can you make sure all our e-mails get deleted today please…”

  • Phar Lap

    Trust Russel Norman???? Sure cant!

  • Justsayn

    Can it be the the twit is finally grasping what the leader of a political party should do to win votes in a situation like this – let other throw stones and sit back saying I wouldn’t throw stones but did you see that wound on his head?

    I certainly hope this is an aberration in an otherwise unblemished career of dickheadedness.

  • Pita

    Looks like Norman has left his hand puppet, “me too!” Shearer, out to dry.

  • AnonWgtn

    Curiouser and Curiouser !!!!
    Out of Character – what is he afraid of ?

  • #StillCantSitAfterClintKickedMeAroundTheRoom

  • niggly

    Wussel is stating as a fact (in point 2) that Dunne leaked the K report, when in fact Henry couldn’t prove that (nor did Henry imply that – ref: see his report).

    Dunne has stated categorically that he didn’t leak the report and seems to have been up front in terms of his other answers last week.

    Perhaps Dunne discussed aspects of the report with Fairfax but it’s still a long bow for Wussel to say he leaked the report. Even John Key isn’t sure that Dunne leaked the report.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Some one put the shits up him.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    I wonder how many large, hairy mono-browed women Russel’s been getting kinky with on the webcam over msn?

    • steve and monique

      Last thing I ever wanted to think about.Cheers. Ruined dinner

  • Steve R

    uh oh whats this cock been upto