Russia’s stealth drone…The Skat

Only Russia could name a stealth drone “Skat”….apparently it is the russian word for stingray.


Pictures showing mock-ups of the stealthy-looking unmanned jet have been circulating for years. (We’ve got to say, it’s pretty ugly compared to its AmericanFrenchBritish, and even Chinese counterparts.)

After years of showing off the mock-up, MiG signed a contract with Russia’s Ministry of Trade and Industry on May 15 to develop an Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle based on the Skat design — that’s a fancy way of saying a stealthy killer drone. 

Like its fellow batwing-shaped drones around the globe, the new Russian drone is meant to flyautonomously, slip past enemy radars, and take out ground targets such as surface to air missiles — thereby kicking in the door for manned aircraft with larger payloads and bigger targets.

According to Russia’s state-owned Ria Novosti news agency:

Skat is designed to carry out strike missions on stationary targets, especially air defense systems in high-threat areas, as well as mobile land and sea targets.

Skat will operate in autonomous modes as well as in conjunction with other manned systems, MiG says.

A “flying wing” design, Skat has a projected weight of 10 tons, a two-ton payload, a range of 2,500 miles (4,000 km), a speed of 500 mph (800 km/h) and a ceiling of 36,000 feet (12,000 m).

Russia’s stealth drone program is way behind that of the stealth drone-building nations listed above. While the U.S. has been flying such planes for over a decade and French, British and Chinese designs are flying or about to, the Skat isn’t even past the mock-up phase. Just today Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said today that Russian-made UAV are inferior to their foreign counterparts, according to another RIA Novosti article.

“This is due to the technological backwardness of enterprises, weak organization of state contract fulfillment and a shortage of skilled personnel,” the news agency quotes Shoigu as saying.


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  • John1234


    Skat may refer to:
    Skat (card game), a German trick-taking card game
    Skat (yacht), a yacht
    SKAT, the Danish tax authority
    Delta Aquarii, a star traditionally called “Skat”
    Skat (river), a river in Bulgaria
    Skat television (Bulgaria) (Bulgarian: Национална телевизия Скат), a national cable television company, with the channels Skat and Skat+.
    MiG Skat – Russian UCAV
    Savanoriškoji krašto apsaugos tarnyba (SKAT), old name of Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces

    You need to look it up in to get the meaning Cam’s alluding to!

    Which makes the name of this UAv, along with the Danish tax authority etc all rather amusing.

    I still rate the name of this town in Germany:

    as more amusing though.

    • rrroberto

      That town is Fucking close to Germany, but not quite there. Anschluss was cancelled in 1945, so its in Austria,So no need to blame this on the Germans, they got the blame for that little Austrian corporal, let them off this one

    • Dumrse

      That’s similar to the town just over the border in Austria !

  • Dr Wang

    What a shit name for a drone.

    • Harroputza

      In fairness, I did actually laugh at your comment ;)

    • johnbronkhorst

      Bugger, you beat me to it.
      Skat referring to animal shit!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    It has a sister ship called the Felch.