Saturday General Debate



Welcome to the General Debate for this Saturday.  For those new to the blog, this is where you can start your own topics.  There is another one a 9am tomorrow.

Well, what an end to the week with Dunne spiraling down.  First he’s not leading a party, then he’s no longer a minister… where next for the man?  Sad to think this will be what people will remember him for.

Personally, I resent the fact Winston Peters got a run on the board here.  For that, I am most disappointed with Peter.

Quick administrative note:  Can the Produce Delivered Blubbergeddon participants please email their weights to me at petalwobh AT gmail . com – thanks.


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  • maninblack

    forget Dunne.. Russel Norman is the real problem in NZ politics at the moment.

    • Patrick

      Yes although drumming Dunne out of parliament leaves Key on shaky grounds especially concerning the partial privatisation of SOEs. That is the big win for the Left. They ain’t finished yet & will not be until Dunne is completely gone.

  • island time

    A couple of questions I hope someone can help with –

    1. If Winston knew about the leak – then how did he find out?
    2. If Dunne is saying he did not leak the info (he was out of the country for a long time and “thought” about leaking), then who did?
    3. Dunne has refused to release the other emails – can we assume there is something else to hide that might cause even more embarrassment?

    • mike

      Lets start a good conspiracy theory… Winny in the hopes of regaining votes (and media attention) got together with the journo with the intent of setting up Dunne. Young girl batting her eye lids paying the old fuddy duddy alot of attention makes him look dodgy. Winny then leaks the report to the the journo thereby making it look like Dunne is the leaker. Winny then steps into Parliament and states that Dunne is the leaker and all you have to do is look at his phone and email history, knowing of course that Dunne will never let people see the actual emails that are of a very personal nature (him hitting on Journo).

      Sound plausible?

      • AXjarv

        Maybe Ms Vance just read the report while visiting Dunne when he was distracted.

        • johnbronkhorst

          Then you would have to ask, why did Peter have the report printed on his ceiling?

        • pukakidon

          Are you saying that Vance is involved with some sort of attack against NZ national interests by acting as a honey pot, in order to exploit classified information through a member of parliament?

          I hope not that is very serious

          • mike

            Not an attack against NZ interests… try something a bit more egotistical, she just wants to make a name for herself.

      • Hazards001


    • If Andrea Vance is really worth her salary, and isn’t just using her natural assets to get an old fool in trouble, she will be answering those questions, one by one, during the week to maximise hits she can get in with this story.

    • Liberty

      Is there any real difference
      between a phone hack and a honey pot.?

      • Patrick

        Morally perhaps no. But in a phone hack one party is an unwilling participant. In Dunne’s case that is probably not the reality. His problem is it would appear the little head was making the judgement calls – the big head was “out to lunch.”

    • AnonWgtn

      As only two people had the ems, and Dunne did not give them to Winston, who does that leave. ???????????????
      I understand the little Irish woman is a product of the News of The World.
      So well schooled to leak.

    • dyannt

      I’ve got a couple of questions too. (Excuse me if I seem somewhat confused)
      This report that was leaked – it was made public by the PM the following week?
      If it was of national security, why then is Andrea Vance not being hung out to dry for publishing it?
      After all, if I was selling something I knew to be stolen, wouldn’t I be just as as liable as the thief?

    • Mediaan

      Seems quite likely that there were two motives for ths report-diverting.

      One, some faction wanted the report. Not Firfax, some political outfit.
      Two, the same outfit

    • Mediaan

      To continue. (My other comment keeps freezing when I try to finish it.).

      Two, the same outfit wanted Dunne weakened and maybe gone.

      So they set it up, using Vance which makes it look like Fairfax is doing it, and knowing Fairfax won’t say no to a big juicy news chunk, then tell Winston.

  • Random66

    Looking at that photo of Dunne you can’t help but feel sorry for him. He looks broken and defeated, and no doubt feeling shame and remorse. Regret can be a terrible emotion and I’m certain we have all felt it.

    • Never trust a man in a Bowtie and braces

      • Random66

        Lol, and here I thought it was never trust a man who wears a gold chain.

      • Patrick

        Like that silly old Labour suckhole Barry Soper.

      • Kopua Cowboy

        Dr Who???

  • Greg

    MCS Rena Recovery Fund: A fund of one million dollars donated by the owners of the Rena to be used by the people of the BOP that suffered from the tragedy.
    Its for businesses, wildlife, costs for clean up AND IWI…. Yep thats right the bloody IWI are considered as a separate entitlement identity.

    • AnonWgtn

      In such circumstances it is usual for claimants to have to “prove” their loss – eg financial account etc.
      One café at the Mount says that it actually increased her trade as people came to see.
      Dolphin watch may have a case, however, if they can prove their loss, but I understand that may not be easy as very casual trade.
      The fact that the Taniwha got oiled up, unknown to anybody, should be adequate “proof of loss” for part Maori. This should be offset by the large timber flotsam that got lost.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        ‘Part Maori’ I like that

  • johnbronkhorst

    Is it me, or does this sound all to familiar?
    Implications of sexual impropriety, here involving a left leaning journalist and then a labour party member?
    Peter Dunne………=Richard Worth……..?

  • williamabong

    Hope old Pete actually got his willie wet, be a real shame if he’s been hauled over the coals like this and didn’t even get a run over the target.
    Definite case of the dick getting hard and the brain getting soft.

  • Mr_V4

  • Pissedoffyouth

    In the spirit of Blubbergeddon, I’m eating some M&M peanuts :)

  • unitedtribes

    Was just wondering if all you Green and labour fighting, political savy, red neck gun toting mates are just about ready to giving up being meeter maids yet?