Saturday nightCap [MUST WATCH]


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  • fecnde

    I’ve seen this guy talk some crap before – but this one … this talk is spot on!

    Before any teacher jumps up to loudly though – did you get the point that standardized tests have a purpose? Teaching to a test is crap – but diagnostic, standardized testing has a place.

    The GOOD teachers use individualized programs to motivate all kids to learn – and surprise surprise, they get good standardized scores. The bad ones teach to the test, and kids drop out.

  • fecnde

    THIS is worth watching too. Bill Gates on improving teaching

  • Ururoa

    Yep, what he is talking about as worst practice is what we are racing towards in NZ; constant assessment, teachers driven to perform based on measurable “outcomes” etc. etc.

    This guy talks the old talk, common sense. Systems actually don’t mean much, it is the people that implement those systems that actually have the effect. So get back to the basics, and realise that it is the people that do the teaching who have the greatest effect.

    So rather than constantly assessing the students against a set of standards (and thus by proxy the teachers), work to choose the right people as teachers in the first place.

    • Michael

      Can we clear up myth number 1 – National Standards are a standardised assessment, not a standardised testing method. Unlike the USA, students don’t undergo testing. Teachers have a standard that describes the average ability expected of a child by that stage, assess the student six monthly against that standard, and then report it to the parents. Teachers and parents then meet and come up with a plan to lift the level of achievement.

      This is exactly what Ken Robinson calls for – identifying the problems and working inside and outside of school to fix it.

      And he also talks about giving schools autonomy outside the control of edication bureaucrats – literally a call for all schools to be charter schools.

  • Frank Collette

    School is for dummies

  • Donovan Jackson

    Brilliant – this is how I instinctively feel about education for kids – I also believe that parents must be the primary educator, supported and aided by teachers and the school system.