Saving the world from climate change actually contributes to more harm

So now it appears that actions taken to clean up air quality, partially in an effort to reduce the so-called effects of man-made climate change, have in fact contributed to far more destructive climate change in the form of deadly hurricanes.

Apparently air pollution was helping to cause more of the sun’s energy to be reflected back into space, calming down ocean temperatures and circulation patterns. Now that air quality is better, more of the energy is getting into the oceans and creating conditions favourable to hurricanes.

Is this the law of unintended consequences in action, a reminder that we’re actually far better off leaving mother nature to sort her own sh*t out, or both?

Hurricanes, referred to as “acts of God” by insurers and seen by others as harbingers of the effects of climate change, are becoming more common as an unexpected side-effect of efforts to reduce pollution, research indicates. 

A study by British scientists has produced evidence that there is a direct link between a decline in industrial pollution across the Atlantic and an increase in the number of deadly storms battering the coasts of America and the Caribbean.

In a sign that efforts to reduce humankind’s negative impact on the planet can themselves produce harmful results, research by the Meteorological Office suggests that for much of the 20th century, sooty particles generated by industrialisation made conditions unfavourable for hurricanes.

But efforts to improve air quality since the 1980s seem to have once more unleashed natural forces that lead to the formation of gigantic storms, such as Hurricane Sandy which devastated parts of New York last October and was the second costliest in United States history.

The process at the heart of the increase is the climactic interaction between tiny airborne liquid droplets, known as aerosols, and clouds.

The British researchers found that pollutants, spread through the atmosphere as aerosols, have the effect of brightening clouds, causing more of the sun’s energy to be reflected back into space. The knock-on effect of this process on ocean temperatures and circulation patterns makes it harder to create hurricanes. When the aerosols are removed this brake on storm-generating conditions is released.

The Green Taliban have a lot to answer for. Almost every single one of their alarmist issues has turned to crap, and the supposed solution has caused far more damage than the original calamity thy highlighted.


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  • Andy

    The latest rumour I heard is that Scottish Malt Whisky would have to stop using peat ( i.e change the taste ) to “combat climate change”


    • Phil T Tipp

      Shite. Sources, or it didnae happen laddie.

      • Andy
        • Kopua Cowboy

          Peat bogs produce massive amounts of CO2 anyway. I therefore move they all be dug up and burnt to produce single malt. All in the name of a cleaner greener future, of course. Green tech jobs right there!

          • Andy

            I vote for free Single Malt for everyone.

            Something has to dull the pain of this madness

        • Phil T Tipp

          “The whisky industry is seeking talks with members of Scottish Environment Link – including the Scottish Wildlife Trust, RSPB and the John Muir Trust – after they claimed ending commercial peat use was essential to slow the decline in Scotland’s biodiversity of plant life and animal species.”

          Biodiversity laddie, no climate changey. That blether about carbon is just an add-on to sell the idea of killing economic activity in the Highlands, I’d imagine it’s courtesy of Friends of the Earth Scotland – the only out and out eco-commies on this list of member organisations:

          It’s aw pish and wind anyhoo, whiskey rules and that’s that.

        • Plue

          That is one of the most depressing articles I have read in a while, not only are the green nutters attacking whiskey but “Scotland is 65% peatland” how could harvesting enough peat for whisky be a problem. Even if it takes 100 years to grow back 10cm to make any dent in 65% of Scotland would be one sh** load of Peat.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Grrr! Now these nutjobs have really made me mad and I will have to resort to swearing! These bastards can bugger off and all die a miserable death!

      I’ll fight them to my last breath to prevent the destruction of my Lagavulin, Ardbeg and Laphroaig!

  • Of course! They were wrong about global warming, but are right about hurricanes! Of course!

  • Hazards001

    Love that clip…consequently wasted another 9 minutes….sigh