Seems I’m not the only one insensitive enough to ask the proper questions





You would think that Peter Dunne is smart enough after all these years to not get led around by the dick.  But even then, he thinks 1) not cooperating with an enquiry into the GCSB leaks and 2) resigning, is going to protect him from people asking about his indiscretions?

What planet is he on?

The irony is that it really does appear that he didn’t actually leak the documents.  If you read the report, it becomes clear this is so.  After all, you leak, you run, you hide.  You don’t end up writing 80 something emails, 23 of which while on holiday with your wife to leak it paragraph by paragraph, or have an in-depth technical discussion about it with a journo.

He’s falling on his sword to keep a bunch of hot and bothered emails from hitting the blogs and newspapers.

Once again, it’s not the act itself, but the act of covering it up, that takes the politician down.


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    Do we really expect politicians to be a moral compass?
    The irony is that those screaming the loudest in all of this have so much to hide themselves but then politics is a dirty business. No wonder it attracts such vile specimens of humanity.

  • niggly

    Well written WO!

  • johnbronkhorst

    If you want to see medias bias. Check out the story on Yahooxtra.
    Recommended: Unstable govt……..
    regarding Peter Dunne’s resignation. When you start reading it, it is a comment from the labour party.

    • Harroputza

      I had to laugh at Corin Dann last night saying much louder than the rest of his comments that THIS IS GOING TO REFLECT BADLY ON THE GOVERNMENT. How?! It has nothing to do with John Key or National. I think Key handled it great — take your colleague at his word until you have reason to believe otherwise. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

      • johnbronkhorst

        Everyone would expect this treatment in their own job.
        It is entirely FAIR, to use a word often misused by the opposition.

      • Chad Chambers

        Really? This quote suggests to me JK knew a lot more, a lot earlier than he’s making out and it wouldn’t be the first time. Lol.

        “My 11-year experience of Parliament is that it’s difficult to pin it down because there are just so many opportunities for people to do things without leaving fingerprints,” – John Key, May 30, 2013

        • Mr_V4

          Not another “when did John Key know” attempted inquisition by the opposition, who have managed to stuff up every such inquisition. The public are bored of it and laughing at the ineptitude.
          Most people would rather know when the left will actually come up with some policies that don’t involve destroying industry.

          • Chad Chambers

            Lol, the current govt has just about destroyed the film industry, well on the way to destroying the meat export industry, and we all know what happened at Pike River.

          • Mr_V4

            Complete crap.
            Destroyed the film industry?

            Destroying the meat industry?

            And what the hell does Pike river have to do with anything?
            Sad that Pike River has become some of attempted catch cry for the gullible left, when it is more an indictment of mining and mine inspection standards in NZ for a long long time.

          • Chad Chambers

            Oh, forgive me. I thought it de rigueur on this forum to blame political party A (Labour) for screw-up B (almost everything). Just joining in, that’s all.

            Nice stats on the film industry. Will be waiting for the 2013 info for which the damage has been done two years previous.

          • Ronnie Chow

            So , you are a self employed exporter in the film industry . That narrows it down a bit .

      • Mr_V4

        If you start laughing at Corin Dan you’ll find you never stop.

  • Phar Lap

    When the so called story broke.Campbell live interviewed A guy called Bruce Ferguson,who seemed to be a very sour grapes type of guy,like he had a chip on his shoulder.When I heard it said Ferguson was an ex head of the security dept,and also a good mate of Dunne,in fact a bosom buddy.Ferguson seemed to know a lot more than most about the story,?????hmmmmm .

  • Peej

    “… it really does appear that he didn’t actually leak the documents. If you read the report, it becomes clear this is so.”

    Okay, who leaked it? Meaning, who gave it to someone else who leaked it?

  • Patrick

    Now he finds himself in a position where at any time Vance could release her copies of those emails – say next time she wants to give the readership numbers a boost or when she wants Dunne at her beck & call. He is far from out of the woods & as long as the emails exist it ain’t over. There is also the matter of the missus – how is she going to react knowing he has been canoodling (via email) with some bint while on holiday with Mrs Dunne. A woman scorned & all that…. there is still some bite in this story for Peter Dunne.

    • johnbronkhorst

      True but, if he didn’t leak the report and isn’t guilty of national security lapses. This is only a story for the “Womans Day” and the doctors waiting room!

  • Dion

    If he wasn’t the leaker, why did he believe the emails would make it into the public arena? None of the other two suspects’ emails did.

  • OT Richter

    Winnie reckons he has the emails. He said as much on Red Radio.

    • Col

      Well if he does that would show he is spending time with Ms Vance, right?