Sledge of the Day

Joint winners, Judith Collins and Peter Dunne for his effort yesterday.



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  • williamabong

    The real sad part about this, is it’s true.

  • Pete George

    When people accuse Dunne of being prepared to go into Government with anyone they fail to notice how disillusioned Dunne is with the Labour of today. Apart from Labour’s ongoing incompetence there are too many major policy differences with the greening of Labour (or perhaps more accurately, the redding of Green).

    • AnonWgtn

      Having said that perhaps it is time for Shearer and Key to have a cup of tea, as at present the Greens have taken the opposition leadership, heavily backed by the media.
      It would be in country’s best interest for them to talk about many policies of common interest.

  • maninblack

    haha- i love having crusher on twitter. she is ruthless!!

  • unsol

    Clever but not entirely accurate – Labour have never had any talent. Their views preclude such abilities.

    Best sledge – I would say that served to the Oppositon by Steven Joyce on Breakfast. He manages to throw them off their self-imposed pedastool in such a way I doubt they realise they have been given a good slap down until much later.

    I would love to see Joyce & Collins work their way through every MP on every issue systematically destroying their credibility until the MSM have no option but to support the right.

    • manuka416

      Go and tell Crusher that she’s wrong in her perception of political talent ;D

      • unsol

        Collins is a dime a dozen – in the real world at least. Most women who have really lived life can easily match the so-called tough persona of people like Collins. But she represents the ‘strong woman’ without coming across as a silly bitch reasonably well. The only downside is her tendency to be catty (e.g. twitter). This shows she has more than a few dents in her armour; it shows she is defensive & it undermines her intelligence. Thankfully, the left haven’t the smarts to recognise or combat it.

        • Kimbo

          “Collins might be fairly unique to NZ politics, but not in the real world…and she has nothing on Richardson”.

          No, she is better than Richardson because she has a sense of humour and a grounding in common sense. Richardson never knew how to build a consensus by bending occaionally, or being seen to bend. for the ultimate and long-term good of her political values.

          Putting aside all the hysterics generated recently by Norman comparing Key to Muldoon, I actually think Collins has many of the good qualities of Muldoon: –

          1. From what I understand Collins originally comes from a Labour family, so she knows what makes Labour voters tick, just as a battler raised by his mother and grand-mother in the Depression like Muldoon did. Contrary to the bullshit that chardonnay socialists spout, traditional working class people are actually conservative in many of their values, i.e., Westie Man. Which also means Collins has a genuine conservative compassion, as Muldoon did, for the genuinely deserving poor and down on their luck – and a good bullshit detector to discern the difference between the genuine battlers and the welfare frauds. They tried to pin rascism on Muldoon, but it never fitted, and given that Collins is in a cross-cultural marriage, the “nasty rascist Tory” tag will never fit – so her opponents don’t even try.

          2. As mentioned above, Collins has a grounded common sense, and a wicked sense of humour – particularly at putting down the pompous, arrogant and those who think they deserve special privilege, i.e., the wanky whiny left wing – which resonates with Kiwi voters, just as it did when Muldoon did the same. Plus she is not ashamed to employ a bit of populism to further the cause. Who wouldn’t want to be known as “Crusher” when it comes to taking on lawless little hoons like boy racers! PR to die for!

          3. Finally, despite her occasional populism, Collins does not allow that to compromise her essential values, of which she is very sure, and understands clearly. Like Muldoon, she is especially principled in resisting pressure groups, and doing what she thinks is right, and according to her values. Lots of Minsiters of Justice could have rolled over before the Joe Karam-David Bain propaganda juggernaut, and a pompous intellectual egg like Binnie. Not Collins, who had the guts to follow through on her gut instincts, becuase she realised Binnie was a legal fraud, rather than being intellectually intimidated by Binnie’s standing in the legal community compared to her (Collins) legal training. Which yet again proves she has common sense.

          When folks accuse her of being dictatorial and arrogant, take a good look at those saying so. Then you realise Collins, like Muldoon appreciates the fact that to be a good and effective politician it is not only necessary to have friends – you also need enemies. You judge a politician by the quality of those who are their enemies. Just as Key being maligned and slandered by Norman should be a badge of honour to Key, so Collins’ enemies are a credit to her!

          • unsol

            You raise some interesting points, but for the general populous being likened to Muldoon is never going to be a compliment. Few voters really know or understand NZ political history.

          • Kimbo

            Yes, that is probably true.

            At the moment he remains a scape-goat for the right wing because of his interventionist economics and for the left wing because he was so good at exposing their pious frauds.

            However, give it a bit more time, say another generation, and I think you might find Muldoon’s legacy and achievements will be appreciated a bit more. He modelled himself on R J Seddon both in terms of style and policy, and no one now remembers Seddon’s anti-Asian racism or demagoguery.

  • Michael

    The Maharey Principle at work – what you say in opposition does not reflect what you do in Government.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Judith & Peter… masters of the understatement…

  • Whafe

    Talent, yes indeed I agree, there is none in Liabour, nor the Green Taliban actually…
    Talent is something I look for first when employing staff. Skills and knowledge is transferable, where by talent is not…. When talent comes along, it pays to grab it….
    Anyone realistically with talent would not wish to be a part of Liabour, nor the Green Taliban… It would go against almost every grain of their being!

    • JeffDaRef

      I think you’ve lost most the lefties when you start talking about employing people, running a business etc – they may have read a book about it once but that’s it….

      • Whafe

        Exactly, name a few within Liabour or the Green Taliban whom have actually had a job in a commercial organisation? Sweet fuck-all!
        None have the talent to succeed in the commercial world…

        • JeffDaRef

          more to the point, theres no place for blind idealogy in the real, oops sorry, commercial, world – when you’re running a business you’ve got to make things work, not dillydally around arguing its not what your management lecturer said…

  • Col

    That’s true.

  • Pete George

    A graphic example of Labour’s talent vacuum – rated by some as a rising star MP David Clark the ODT published a column on Freedom versus Fairness, and even Labour’s own cheerleading team have trashed it.

    Disdain from the right, distaste from the left. Labour have a problem when…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Well two people who will be out of job on Nov 8th, 2014 are chatting…..pity that!

  • Daniel Church

    Haha, GOLD!