Smelling wine corks. I didn’t know this. Do you?


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Never sniffed a cork, or inspected it.
    But learned today, why they give it to you…..seems logical!

  • Hazards001

    Fucking screw tops!

  • P1LL

    I wonder why my cardboard casks don’t have corks

  • unitedtribes


  • Bunswalla

    I call bullshit. Smelling mould on the cork means the wine is almost certainly corked, and in any case who uses corks these days?

    • Andy C

      The guy in the video said specifically that mould on the cork does not mean the wine is bad.

      “who uses cork these days”

      This survey is a little old and it was for American winemakers only, but Amorim Cork America found that “79 percent of winemakers close
      70-100 percent of their bottles with it”. So speaking of calling bullshit on people…