Some bloody awful parking in Mt Roskil!

Roskill-parking - Copy


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  • Jimmie

    Parking? More like awful driving.

    Probably some 5ft tall little turd with a learner licence who figured out that going around a 40km/hr corner at 90km in the wet isn’t a good idea.

    • Guest


  • Michael

    what a dumb arse. It never ends to amaze me how people drive like knobs despite the conditions. Good luck with the insurance claim.

  • metalnwood

    Put an after market spoiler on a car like that and the obvious will happen. It will crash at some point.

    • Donovan Jackson

      Downforce, cuzzin! That looks like a front-wheel drive, so I’m not sure how necessary that downforce *really* is….

      • coventry

        “Excess rear down-force, lifted front wheels & caused the issue officer…” “It had nothing to do with my speed or me driving like a cock, honest”

        • Donovan Jackson

          Seems legit.

      • Saccharomyces

        That spoiler won’t be making any downforce at all, if anything it probably creates lift.

  • anonymouse

    They must have been seriously pooing themselves as they left the road and started to skid towards that first big tree,

    They are damn lucky they only dinged the car on the steel pole they took out,

    Those large trees would have made a real mess of them

  • In Vino Veritas

    Bloody Phil Goff!

    • Patrick

      Phill will be around with a shovel to clean up the mess soon – after all he cares about the environment

  • SJ00

    Also coming from a school zone, judging by the sign on the left. Speeding through a school zone, that ain’t going to be cheap.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    He had probably finished his shift at a douchebag car parts assortment place and was on his way to pick up his ZM listening girlfriend from her bullshit HR job to take her out to buy some tat made by slaves with an 80% mark up and a label slapped on it from the mall.

  • LionKing

    Aside from clipping a small sign, that’s a nice powerslide on wet grass. Missed the lampost by inches as well as the trees. Top effort.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Indeed, a masterful display of car control.

  • Dave

    Driving a mitsi of that model was a bit like driving a horse and carriage, they handle terribly, sledge and understeer, I would say to fast into the corner, understeered into the gutter, veered left, took out pole sign and there is approx $3K of damage………

    • coventry

      Ummm look again – it’s a Nisan Primera (1995)

      • Dave

        Oops, the spoiler looked very much like a Mitsi.

        • coventry

          Yeah looks like it’s an EVO wing

          • Guest


  • Hazards001

    I can’t believe everyone is concerned about the halfwit driving across the grass and signage when clearly the post is about the fuckwit in the truck parked on the footpath!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I think the stupid prick is stuck on the curb, the other vehicles seem to be going around the shitbox. Maybe it was stolen and then abandoned after the shitbox lost control

  • Peterkar

    WHERE was it, exactly? I’ve never heard of this place.