Sunday General Debate

peter_dunne_leanAre you all Dunne?  He’s certainly left a lot of question marks lying about as to his future, dare I say, his united future.

What sort of a party leader lets his party expire while exchanging “private” emails with a journalist and expects to survive it with any dignity intact?

One thing is for sure:  however much Peter would like this to be over, this isn’t going away yet.

In other news, terrorist turned statesman Nelson Mandela survived his health scare overnight.  it appears he may be at the end of his road soon however.

The All Blacks were kind enough not to tank the economy, business confidence and our general feeling of wellbeing by winning over the French last night.

But now it is your turn.  The Open Debate awaits.



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  • Ronnie Chow

    Advice for us Capitalists . Lefty’s , ignore this please ….

  • rockape

    I am still fascinated by the Dunne saga. If the content of the Emails clear him why didnt he release them. They would have proved his innocence and could still have been kept confidential. Also Dunne could have gone to JK and said heres the emails, they prove me innocent, if stupid, please be discreet . My conclusion has to be the emails in fact condem him and that Dunne is lying. Dunne should resign from parliament.

    • maninblack

      He was spading up the reporter, and if they are released it will reveal this to his wife..

      • Col

        Wouldn’t be funny if old Dunne has one up his sleeve and puts Winston on the fire to burn. The only way Winston found out is Ms Vance must have given Winston the info or someone very close?
        It was a real good setup by Ms Vance.

      • rockape

        Not so, they could be released to the PM direct and go no further! These e mails condemn him!

        • Patrick

          Agree, he could have done a deal with the inquiry to release to Henry only. I am sure they would accommodate that. The truth is these emails nail him & Vance has no doubt shown them to Peters.

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            If he did that the toxic combo of Sheep-Hippie-Poo-Horny will scream that John Key is controlling the investigation. You cannot win against left wing nutters bro.

    • AnonWgtn

      Because he though he might get a chance to shag her.

      • BJ

        He wouldn’t have shagged her – it was his private fantasy and there was nothing wrong with that at all – if he was not acting on it – until someone decided to use it against him with the purpose, I would imagine of covering up the real leaker. I think that might amount to emotional blackmail.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      May be Dunne is saving the email collection to turn up into a book -“86 Shades of Grey”

  • rockape

    No Bragging rights from the All Blacks, a closer game than the scoreline and against the team that came LAST in the 6 nations!

    • CheesyEarWax

      Not great from the ABs, especially loosies failing to secure the breakdowns. Also time for Nonu to cash in $$$ by going overseas.

      • Harroputza

        Ranger was a revelation. The atmosphere in the ground changed the moment he got his first touch, and within a few short seconds he had sat a Frenchie on his arse. Fantastic.

        • williamabong

          Not unlike Rene did to his missus

    • Bunswalla

      No McCaw or Carter, first game of the season with a shortened preparation. A win’s a win and we beat them by a margin 10 times greater than the last time we played them at Eden Park.

      Some people are never happy!

      • GazzW

        Totally agree Buns. Hansen is taking the opportunity now to blood a few new players which is essential for a successful defence of the RWC in 2015. Great to see them win without McCaw and Carter who let’s face it are unlikely to be up to standard come 2015 despite the sabbaticals. Neither are likely to be up to it physically and the rest of the rugby world won’t be standing still in the meantime. Come the beginning of next season we will have a radically different team running on to the pitch

  • pukakidon

    Silly old fuddy duddy who has been sucked in by a dirty temptress? Time for him to go I am afraid!!!

  • BAM

    Dunne’s leak not the first time, says Peters

    What a surprise, silly old arsehole, thinking only with his cock.
    I hope they find something to prosecute him with and throw the book at him.

  • Can Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON participants please get their results in? I’m missing over half a dozen, and the publishing deadline is looming.

    • rockape

      I feel Camms post on “What can stop obeisity ” may have been a portent of defeat. Is he trying to undermine the resolve of his competitors? Low tactics Slater, whats next recipes for chocolate cake!

    • RightOfGenghis

      Expecting a jaw dropping performance from Travis. It’s a desparate strategy but a healthy dose of camplylobacter followed by 3 days of emesis and Montezuma’s Revenge has surely relieved him of at least 10kg!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      How do I enrol Warehouse wardrobe Tuatara in Blubbergeddon?

  • niggly

    I can’t say I’m impressed with Fairfax’s response to the Peter Dunne saga.

    Asked if Dunne leaked stories to Vance, Fairfax executive editor Paul
    Thompson said: “We never talk about our confidential sources. I have no
    comment whatsoever to make, we won’t be going anywhere near that.”

    I’m sorry but that is simply not good enough, We have a situation where a Minister has had to resign in controversial circumstances and all Dunne asked was for Fairfax to confirm that he did not leak them the Report.

    Fairfax and Paul Thompson have their heads firmly up their own arses. Hope they enjoy their own stench.

    FFS everyfucking person in the land now knows that Dunne and a Fairfax reporter were corresponding and that Dunne was Vane’s source. Fairfax and Paul Thompson must think they are in sort of deluded la-la land in which their actions are immaterial to the events around them.

    I mean with that line of defence, what next, criminal gangs saying to the Police “hey we don’t discuss our confidential (drug or crime deal) sources, we have no comment whatsoever to make now fuck off”???

    Perhaps Henry’s inquiry needs more powers to get to the bottom of the leak and can have the Police haul in Paul Thomson’s bloated arse in for questioning.

    • Bunswalla

      “I mean with that line of defence, what next, criminal gangs saying to the Police “hey we don’t discuss our confidential (drug or crime deal) sources, we have no comment whatsoever to make now fuck off”???”

      Fairfax isn’t the subject of a criminal investigation, and crims have been saying those exact words to the police for decades. What planet are you on?

      • niggly

        It’s Fairfax’s holier than thou self-righeousness attitude, Buns. Basically it signals the MSM cannot be trusted to back up their “confidential sources” when the shit hits the fan for them.

        BTW I’m not defending Dunne, I’m appalled at what he was allegedly was “leaking” to Fairfax which ensured Vance could write negative headline after negative headline about the Govt day after day (I really cannot understand what planet Dunne was on to be supposedly doing this).

        • Bunswalla

          Yes I get that, but I thought it a bit naive to suggest that this will somehow lead crims to do what they’ve always been doing – saying “I never done nuffink” and refusing to dob their mates in.

          Reporters have been protecting their sources for decades, and it should be no surprise that they continue to do so. If that golden rule was broken (whether you believe in it or not, and I for one think that the sanctity of the confessional, for example, is the biggest crock of shit going), then reporter’s sources would dry up overnight.

          • Bafacu

            ” reporter’s sources would dry up overnight.”
            That might not be such a bad thing – they then may have to get off their bums and investigate things rather than just repeating. I understand that there are some occasions where the only way they have of gaining initial intelligence is to have someone leak the details but there are ways to achieve this with anonymity – then they would need to earn their keep!

    • Pete George

      I think it’s worse. Peters says he has a journalist source. It has to be a Fairfax journalist, especially if he’s seen emails. So that makes the Fairfax claim of confidentiality nonsense. They can’t be trusted, Winston can’t be trusted, or probably both.

      • AnonWgtn

        Only two people had the ems Dunne and Vance, and Dunne did not give them to Peters.
        Where is Mrs Marples to find out who dunneit ?

  • Bunswalla

    Interesting, if predictable, rationalising and teeth-gnashing from the crim-huggers this morning. In the desperate search to find a way to deny that some people are just scum-bags, it turns out that it was grief that made the dead golf-club burglar shoot at Police.

    Not the fact that he was a recidivist dirt-bag who in the past had burgled thousands of dollars worth of electrical equipment from a house set up to benefit cancer victims and their families, as well as numerous other offences.

    No it was because his mum died. Of course that’s a tragic and terrible thing, and we can tell how much he thought of his mum, who was described as a community leader and in 1999 founded the Parents Against Pushers anti-drugs group. he thought so much of her that in 2010 he was convicted of possessing cannabis for supply and of possessing P pipes and cannabis pipes.

    The stupid Horrid repeater thought it was a “stunning coincidence” that Morehu was a childhood friend of Steven Wallace, who also was shot dead by police in New Plymouth in 2000. I don’t find it in the least bit stunning, or even much of a coincidence.

    • spollyike

      Yeah, if you know Waitara at all, you know it’s not a coincidence…

      • Bunswalla

        FFS, now the family are pretending they don’t know why their scumbag crim son is dead.

        “The “devastated” family of the suspected burglar shot dead by police yesterday in New Plymouth say they don’t understand why he was killed, and they are demanding answers from police.”

        I’m no detective but I think this is a clue: He. Shot. At. The. Police.

        Never mind the threats to kill, his aggressive behaviour, and desperate search for more ammunition so he could fire again. Never mind the fact he burgled the golf club, and quite likely another premises earlier that night, and the fact he and his accomplice may have held up the Treehouse Restaurant at gunpoint 6 months ago.

        You shoot at the cops, you can expect to die. It’s that simple.

  • Rogue Trooper

    The Rise (and rise) of ‘Victim Culture’; Collins, SST et al; on the pursuit of compensation for victims of crime : monetary compensation = positive conditional reinforcement for maintenance of the ‘victim’ role. (Erving Goffman has a short script on roles). Anyway, gotta lay tracks, time to burn.

  • blokeintakapuna

    How goes L&G collecting those 16,500 signatures? Anyone heard how that goes? Or progress with their “manufacturing crisis”? Or should we just ask “Hey Clint!”?

  • Chad Chambers
  • Hazards001

    Jailers blamed for prison riot

    Which is a bit like blaming Turkeys for Christmas FFS…and then of course we had this load of complete and utter shit…Burglars grief ends in…

    What a load of namby pamby horseshit. As you read the article it comes through loud and clear the guy was a fucking scumbag. Same as that pull through Wallace was!
    In all fairness these are outstanding results and big up’s to the cops involved.Of course they will now go through two to three years of hell as our soft cock society tries to seek vengeance upon them for doing their job.