Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant – Green Hypocrites Outed

I blogged last week about Green MPs and their blubbing over lobbying. I alluded to there being two MPs who enjoyed the company of a lobbyist and her client at parliament despite the calls from their leader to unleash the disinfecting powers of sunlight.

Yesterday Holly Walker blogged?again?about lobbyists without any mention of the fact at least two Green MPs enjoy the company of lobbyists from time to time:

International best practice?is to have a publically available register of lobbyists so that the public knows everyone ? not just those who have a special swipe-card ? who is seeking to influence decision makers about what.

If our parliament is really as open and accessible as everyone says, there should be no need for particular individuals to have swipe card access.?

This list didn?t used to be public ? former Speaker Lockwood Smith decided to disclose the list last year at the time that my lobbying disclosure bill?passed its first reading?in parliament.

It?s great for transparency?s sake that new Speaker David Carter has decided to continue with this disclosure, but it does again raise the question about why some people get privileged access to parliament and decision makers, and why we don?t have broader public disclosure of lobbying activity in New Zealand.

She speaks of transparency…if you are from ?party that is promoting an anti-lobbyist bill and seeking a register you would think that your own MPs would fess up about their activities with lobbyists, and “in the interests of transparency” declare such meetings publicly.

They haven’t so it is up to me to explain for them that Kennedy Graham and Julie Anne Genter spent an evening and dinner at Bellamys with a lobbyist and her client shortly after the speech by Russel Norman calling for the disinfectant powers of sunlight.

Perhaps they would like to enlighten us all as to what they were talking about…you know in the interests of transparency.

Perhaps Russel and Metiria might like to clear it up for us…you know sunlight…disinfectant…you know, all that.