Suicide by cop [NSFL]

Content warning: Violence, possibly death


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  • Michael

    Don’t think the police had any choice but to shoot him, he would have killed them all if he had the chance.

  • Andy C

    This is pretty gruesome Cam. You sure you want this on here? I know its on the web, but perhaps its better not to spread it far and wide which may increase its reach to a wider and younger audience.

    • Jonathan Pull

      Why not, its controversial and will get site visits up (not that its needed as Cam points out regulalry). And of course gives people another chance to degrade and talk badly about those who make bad decision in society.

      • Muffin

        What a cock, bad decision to run from the cops then attempt to murder them for doing their job.

        • Jonathan Pull

          Bloody stupid decision to run from a cop and then fire on them (especially American cops)

    • Troy

      I initially thought that too, but on reflection, it has an element of learning in it for the would-be youth who want to trek down the same road as the guy that was shot in the head… ie you will die if you pull a weapon on a cop… we live in a world of violence, can’t get away from it, therefore we shouldn’t deny that things like this happen… i do get your point tho.

    • rightoverlabour

      No its not gruesome. It should be made compulsory viewing at all high schools where wanna be gangzstas think they are bullet proof. Got what he deserved.

      • Andy C

        You want to make it compulsory for high school kids to view some other kid (perhaps a douchebag who deserved it) get shot. Please dont run for a school board, our kids deserve better.

    • kehua

      Are you scared of reality, this is what police all over the world risk everyday.

      • Andy C

        No im not scared of reality. I guess by your logic then you would put pedo vids up or rape vids because that’s what law enforcement also have to deal with. Yay you.

  • Donovan Jackson

    Bullet through the head @ 3:52. Game over.

  • GregM

    One shitbag dead, two policemen get to go home to their families, win-win situation, well done Police.

  • motorizer

    I wonder if there’s a poor little dear out there who might just think twice after seeing this.

    I was quite prepared to close my eyes (I won’t watch gory or even action movies. Don’t want all that shit in my head) but as soon as I saw that determined stance on the prick, felt I owed it to the officers to see them do what needed to be done. Such waste.

  • Bunswalla

    Cops. Glocks. Problem solved.

    • Allan

      Only if they have the time to properly train with them!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    One more arsewipe taken out of the gene pool.
    Good job Police