Taping family funerals – without asking, a new low for David Fisher?

via the tipline

Disturbing news on Dotcom’s PR man David Fisher.

We all know how low David Fisher has previously stooped to in using unauthorised photographs, taken at a funeral, of Judith Collins and her son.

David Fisher wrote?a scurrilous article?about Judith Collins on Saturday. In that story he?used a photograph obtained without the consent?of the family, taken at David Wong-Tung?s mother?s funeral. That photo was supplied by Clinton Neville Bowerman.

At the time Fisher defended the use of the photograph and the story with numerous tweets. In one tweet he said that this was??how a real newspaper works?. That ?real newspaper? though seems to have taken down the photo that they emblazoned all over their website on Saturday?perhaps they aren?t too happy with the sleazy and underhand way with which their top ?investigative? reporter obtained that photo.

Now Fisher has been exchanging tweets with Trevor Mallard around the content of Mike Bush’s?eulogy?at the funeral of Bruce Hutton – and?Mallard duly disgraced himself in a?select committee.?

Fisher knows what was in the eulogy because my sources tell me he attended the funeral and he recorded it during the service. So why did he feel the need to OIA the speech? He already had a recording of it.

But the tipline has also been running hot with suggestions that the lovely Mr Fisher didn’t ask the Hutton family for permission to record any of the service. It is?believed?that he asked the undertaker…but not the family

Is this a new low?

You do have to wonder though at the coincidence of Fisher and Mallard launching attacks against the integrity of Mike Bush in such a coordinated way. You also have to wonder how it was that certain media knew that Mike Bush and not Peter Marshall was going to make that speech, and the content of it before it was even delivered.

Perhaps Labour, with its new found fondness for using the Police to demand emails from politicians might like to pull emails between Labour MPs and anyone currently working in Police HQ.