Taping family funerals – without asking, a new low for David Fisher?

via the tipline

Disturbing news on Dotcom’s PR man David Fisher.

We all know how low David Fisher has previously stooped to in using unauthorised photographs, taken at a funeral, of Judith Collins and her son.

David Fisher wrote a scurrilous article about Judith Collins on Saturday. In that story he used a photograph obtained without the consent of the family, taken at David Wong-Tung’s mother’s funeral. That photo was supplied by Clinton Neville Bowerman.

At the time Fisher defended the use of the photograph and the story with numerous tweets. In one tweet he said that this was “how a real newspaper works”. That “real newspaper” though seems to have taken down the photo that they emblazoned all over their website on Saturday…perhaps they aren’t too happy with the sleazy and underhand way with which their top “investigative” reporter obtained that photo.

Now Fisher has been exchanging tweets with Trevor Mallard around the content of Mike Bush’s eulogy at the funeral of Bruce Hutton – and Mallard duly disgraced himself in a select committee

Fisher knows what was in the eulogy because my sources tell me he attended the funeral and he recorded it during the service. So why did he feel the need to OIA the speech? He already had a recording of it.

But the tipline has also been running hot with suggestions that the lovely Mr Fisher didn’t ask the Hutton family for permission to record any of the service. It is believed that he asked the undertaker…but not the family

Is this a new low?

You do have to wonder though at the coincidence of Fisher and Mallard launching attacks against the integrity of Mike Bush in such a coordinated way. You also have to wonder how it was that certain media knew that Mike Bush and not Peter Marshall was going to make that speech, and the content of it before it was even delivered.

Perhaps Labour, with its new found fondness for using the Police to demand emails from politicians might like to pull emails between Labour MPs and anyone currently working in Police HQ.


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  • Gutter journalism. But what would you expect for a man who has hung his jacket on Dotcom’s over-sized coat-rack?

  • blairmulholland

    What’s wrong with taping something in a public place if you are actually present yourself? Nothing that I can see.

    • At a funeral? Was Fisher there to pay his respects to Mr Hutton and comfort his family, or was he there solely to dig for dirt?

      If someone turned up uninvited to the funeral of one of my family then published something they had covertly recorded, I would be absolutely livid; it’s the ultimate breach of privacy.

      • blairmulholland

        Well sure, the lack of ethics seems to be in simply turning up looking for a story rather than to pay his respects.

        • Dave

          Precisely Blair, Respect, Ethics, look and think, Mr Fisher is a media whore, selling his sole and prostituting any ethics to anyone who will pay. I thought selling his soul to DotCom was low, but seriously, recording at a funeral, unauthorized photos, whats next, rewriting history, oh wait….

    • Can I tell the widow that her husband and I used to have gay sex. In her bed? Can I say that loudly? Handing out photos? At the funeral?

      Of course it’s not illegal, but most people would consider it wrong.

      Cam’s not asking if laws were broken. Cam’s asking where Fisher’s personal line of “nah, I don’t do that” lies.

      I need some help here, but is recording someone in public without their knowledge an offence? I realise they may not need to give you permissions, but to do it without their knowledge is a problem, isn’t it?

      • Ask John Key and John Banks. I believe that the term used there by the police was “unlawful”…

        • blairmulholland

          That may not qualify as “in public”. It was a private conversation in the absence of the person recording it.

          • Dave

            Blair, how bout I turrn up somewhere where you and your business partner, GF/ Wife or partner, and record a private conversation and ask WO to publish it, would that be okay ?

            Thought not, so save yourself and drop the large dose of Hypocrite pills. Suggest a good dose of Auckland sunlight and a walk in the cool air might assist.

          • blairmulholland

            I think you misunderstood Dave. I meant that the conversation was private and not meant for the recorder’s ears, so therefore should be regarded as illegal. I wasn’t saying they were fair game – quite the opposite.

      • johnbronkhorst

        I would think that recording in public and happening (by accident) to catch the conversation, may be OK. But deliberately targeting a conversation, should be illegal without consent ….just my opinion. The law may say otherwise.

    • It was a private funeral Blair.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        On the other hand, did Fisher arrive, introduce himself to the family and then say that he was doing a piece on the funeral of the officer and they accepted his presence and his taping of the eulogy on the reasonable assumption that it is unlikely that a journalist would speak ill of the dead? I will never let a reporter near a funeral of any of my friends or family, ever. Well done Fisher! Surely no-one who read what he wrote has any sympathy with his, or Mallard’s motives. Creeps. Makes me sick!

    • Whafe

      There lies the issue hey….
      If you can honeslty not see any wrong doing in what you describe, heavens to morgatroid

    • pukakidon


    • Col

      I never thought a funeral was for the public, that is why they call the police to throw people out who go for the free food, I assume you have been thrown out several times, you cheap prick.

      • blairmulholland

        Uh…. WTF?!!!!

  • chadchambers

    “funeral of Judith Collins”

    If only.

    • johnbronkhorst


    • Dave

      Chad, thats very very low. I note you are saying that of JC, but whilst a few here, myself included wish the likes of Mallard, Little, Norman and Shearer would F….O…. / retire, move, or take up tiddly winks as a career option, i don’t think anyone wishes them dead!

    • GazzW

      Do us all a favour and fuck off Chad. You’re the lowest of the low.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Why do you hate her so much of all people? Haven’t you heard of Mallard, Harawira and Minto?

    • Bad__Cat

      Pathetic troll

    • Travis Poulson

      Consider yourself on your last warning troll. There won’t be another.

      • chadchambers

        Just to clarify; is anyone who doesn’t prostrate themselves, and suck up to the drivel posted on this site, a troll?

        If you look at this cleanly Travis, I’m sure even you will acknowledge that I’m just posting the same shit as everyone else on this bored, but from the other wing. Is that enough to ban me?

    • Col

      That’s not nice Chad/ thought you didn’t do personal attacks, and you said you were at art classes, your getting more like those Labour boys and girls everyday, stop telling fibs!!!

  • SteveWrathall

    “…unauthorised photographs taken at a funeral of Judith Collins and her son.”

    You mean unauthorised photographs of Judith Collins and her son, taken at a funeral.

    • chadchambers

      Thanks Steve. That was my point. I was clumsy and for that I apologise to johnbronkhorst, and Dave, and anyone else who was offended.

      Still, shocking grammar from Whaleoil.

      • I’m not a “decent journalist, trained and skilled”

        • Dave

          And I bet your average trained and Skilled Journo, repeater do not turn out approx. 20 articles a day, and they have sub editors and editors and copy writers to assist. Amazed you manage to do the work you do WO.

        • johnbronkhorst

          Funny how, the only person to misinterpret the meaning was chad???

        • chadchambers

          Ain’t that the truth.

  • Patrick

    Cheap prick probably tucked into the “aftermatch” sausage rolls too.
    So now in NZ we have the situation where journos provide the ammunition for opposition MPs to attack State servants – what an incestuous little corrupt backwater we have become.

    • Jester

      Hey Patrick
      Mate, your comment should be nominated for Comment of the Year!
      Well said. Give that man a beer.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Blame the “education” system.

      • Patrick

        You assume he was educated, perhaps like me his greatest achievement at school was finishing his lunch

      • johnbronkhorst

        Being educated is no guarantee of intelligence!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Bitching over statements from a eulogy! Mallard really is the Hutt’s representative! Have you been to that town? I had the misfortune to grow up there. I like to point out however, that I am from the Hutt, not of it. Prepositions matter.

  • LesleyNZ

    Why was he at the funeral in the first place? He certainly wasn’t there to pay his respects. So the recording of the police eulogy read by Mike Bush was posted on the NZ Herald website by David Fisher without the Hutton family’s permission?

  • LesleyNZ

    Please can we see the exchange of tweets between David Fisher and his friend Trev?

  • LesleyNZ

    Found David Fisher’s Tweets – around 12th June. https://twitter.com/DFisherJourno He tweeted with both Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff saying they were wild. A very well orchestrated campaign between them all – the climax being Trevor Mallard’s walkout except it all backfired when another NZ Herald journalist Isaac Davison wrote a truthful account of the events leading up to the walkout (posted 5.30am yesterday) referring to Trevor Mallard’s bullying before the walkout. “Mallard bullying police – Tolley” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/index.cfm?objectid=10890181 . Then a few hours later David Fisher posts this at 11:40am “Eulogy scripted to praise cop who planted Crewe evidence” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/index.cfm?objectid=10890286
    With the timing of the post it did make me wonder if David Fisher is a friend of Mallard’s and was trying to defend his mate and his uncalled for questioning of Mike Bush – especially after the Whale’s post on this. Is there “inner turmoil” in the NZ Herald office! Now I have seen the tweets between them all it clicks into place. David Fisher HAS TO BE working with Trevor Mallard and the Labour Party with the aim of discrediting Mike Bush and police hierarchy and the Police Minister. The thing is – how could Trevor Mallard be wild when didn’t even bother to listen to the detail and context in the illegally obtained recording posted on the NZ Herald website? This all sounds a bit shady and corrupt to me!

    So what David Fisher’s real objective in attending Bruce Hutton’s funeral? I think we know now.

    • Dave

      Good work Detective Lesley.

  • pukakidon

    An utter scumbag leading a bunch of scum bags