Teachers at it again – using kids

Sue Rogers. Image source Kaikoura Suburban School

Sue Rogers. Image source Kaikoura Suburban School

Teachers profess to care about kids, they state that they only have their best interests at heart. They claim that this is why all teachers must be registered…so that no harm can come to the kids, yet every week there is a parade of teachers before the courts for molesting children or committing other crimes.

But is the crimes they get away with, molesting the minds of children that is most insidious.

Take this special effort by teachers at Kaikoura Suburban School, where they have brainwashed their class and infected the children with the hippie , anti-progress dogma.

Teachers like this should be expelled from the system.

We feel awfully scared that Anadarko Petroleum Company is going to start testing for deep sea oil drilling in December this year.

As a community we need to collaborate to stop deep sea oil drilling in New Zealand. Deep sea oil drilling is brand new, untested and unknown. The sea around Pegasus Basin is too deep, too cold, too rough, too isolated from the rest of the world’s help and the currents are too unpredictable in the canyon.

We cannot let our ocean be a test case. Please reduce, reuse and recycle.  

We need to use less fossil fuels and develop more renewable technology. We are clean, green and pure New Zealand and we need to stay that way.

Fossil fuels will run out – they create carbon dioxide, so let’s think and act now.

Tourism is vital to New Zealand and Kaikoura, our image and our marine species are unique and precious. We need to protect our marine species and environment for our future.

Our generation needs a clean, green future, so that we can lead happy, healthy and wealthy lives.

Please help us to protect our future by writing to John Key, Amy Adams, Nick Smith and Colin King.

It’s up to us to stop the drilling.


Teacher, Shearwater class

Kaikoura Suburban School

This stupid woman doesn’t even know basic facts. Has she not heard of the North Sea where there are literally thousands of deep sea wells drilled, all without pollution?  Does she not know that plants use carbon dioxide to live?

What is worse is she has frightened, blackmailed and coerced the class into writing letters too.

What this teacher is doing is molesting minds.


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  • Jimmie

    Teachers should be like cops – prevented from expressing their political opinions in the classroom.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    and again the problem is: if you can’t do anything else then be a teacher. There should be a mandatory course such teachers as this must attend if caught tampering with politics in class, something similar to anger management courses.

  • AnonWgtn

    Am I correct when I have read that the Gulf of Mexico has almost 4,000 rigs operating ?
    Silly b…h, but no, just a deranged normal teacher.
    Does other real teachers a great deal of harm.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Class…ic example (pun intended) of teachers teaching kids what to think, not how to think!!! You know that thing that the teaching trolls on this blog, claim NEVER happens!!!!

    • andrew carrot

      The Deed of the Kaikoura Suburban School (sited two blocks from the Rural School) includes the goal of saving the world’s oceans. There’s the ‘official’ justification for her comments.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Prostituting a child’s innocence to push a political agenda, whilst that innocent child is in your care as an educator, should be treated as a form of child abuse.
    Having the said child repeat fallacies and blatant untruth’s whilst you’re charged with educating the child – is another form of child abuse.
    Teachers should teach – the facts, not some green-washed utopia… and leave the politics to the politicians.
    Hopefully a parent at that school will lodge a formal complaint with the MoE about these teachers abusing innocent children with invented stories.
    Teachers prostituting a child’s innocence for their own politically slanted agenda, attempting to use that as a weapon against the government… well, she deserves a few charges of Sedition… and treason against common sense.

  • Donovan Jackson

    Presumably, that teacher walks everywhere and doesn’t use the evil products that come out of oil wells.

    • Whanga_Cynic


  • metalnwood

    Holy shit, from the moment I read the first few words I thought it was something the teacher had told the kids and one of them had started to write it. A shock to see an adult had actually penned it.

  • andrew carrot

    “Analysis of school-wide data in November 2012 identified that 17% (10/59) of all students in reading, 17% (10/59) of all students in writing and 10% (6/59) of all students in numeracy were well below or below National Standards.” As this data was sourced from her school, it’s now very clear that her request for people to write letters to the PM and others is part of the school’s literacy improvement programme. I think that’s the purpose, but I could be wrong.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Then write about the rugby world cup, their favourite sport, Shakespear’s relevance to modern literature.
      NOT politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dumbshit

    ” tourism is vital to new zealand and kaikoura” are they going to walk there in bare feet? and row out whale watching

    • Saccharomyces

      Physical exercise leads to increased CO2 emissions too…….

  • Phil T Tipp

    Silly cow. She’d get a fucking mouthful if my kids attended her school.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Alternative writing assignment.
    Dear Mr Ryall
    We wish to thank you for being the best Minister of Health for 50 years.
    The way you have repaired the broken down system you inherited from the dishonest and (borderline) corrupt Annette King has been nothing short of miraculous.
    With hospital waiting lists down, emergency waiting times down immunisations up. You have been a revelation in terms of the advancement of preventative care, Primary Health care, elective care and emergency care.
    For this I wish to thank you again.
    Yours Sincerely
    Think we will EVER see this from a teacher??
    NO me neither!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    I could just imagine asking her a question and her not being able to answer it due to her not knowing any factual information pertaining to the question. This is very common among “teachers” today. A bunch of left-wing stooges with their snouts in the trough, desperate to wield power and influence to the extent that they make tits of themselves by bullying young children while having no real knowledge to bestow upon any other person. Thanks Labour.
    Can you all picture her doing the hands on heads, hands on shoulders, clap clap for the handicap routine for ten minutes?

  • dicks here

    Not much knowledge of modern, student lead inquiry learning around here obviously.

    • johnbronkhorst

      This is nothing short of BRAINWASHING.

    • Peej

      I couldn’t find any reference to where this fitted into the learning programme, if the letters were written at the end of a study or whether they were done at home as homework. So I wouldn’t be able to comment on any “student lead inquiry learning.”

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I don’t think those Teachers understand what they are doing. The three of them are illiterate, or did they compose in the child’s sense?.
    Typical socialist programers who have no idea of the real World (the coin only has one side)

    • Peej

      Did you understand who did what? The three of them are not teachers.

  • Lynda Kitchingham

    The children in this class have had visits from some very informed people about the deep sea oil debate. One such visitor, John Wathen, was an eye witness photo journalist who flew over the Gulf of Mexico immediately after the 2010 oil disaster and has continued to monitor the tragic ongoing events. They have also had visits from some of those deeply involved in the issue in Kaikoura who have made it their business to be informed, both locally and globally. Yes, the children are young and perhaps the points they are making may seem simplistic and naive to many adults. However, they have seen the photos of dead and oil covered marine life, heard accounts from people in the Gulf of Mexico talking about their resulting severe health issues, and they understand the basics of needing to replace polluting energy generation with clean energy generation….. Who doesn’t!…. Anyone who takes the time to understand the issues around climate change knows there is ALREADY far too much KNOWN oil and gas stock on the oil company s’ books to push the planets temperature over the predicted catastrophic 2 degree limit, without exploring for more deposits in increasingly risky locations. (You can hear this for yourself on the movie “Do the Math.” http://act.350.org/signup/math-movie/.) I fully support Sue in allowing these children to meet and hear people who are passionately trying to protect the environment for these children and future generations, and to express their opinions and passion in creative and persuasive ways. Go ‘Shearwater’ Class!

    • opusx

      And did these kids also hear from someone who opposes the Climate Change brigades views? No I guess not. If you are going to subject our kids to political viewpoints, at least have the decency to treat them with some intelligence by showing them opposing viewpoints, otherwise your argument is just purile nonsense.