Techtard of the Day


Clare Curran is the gift that just keeps on giving. Just when you think she can?t get any dumber she comes out and proves us wrong.

The tip line has produced an absolute gem which shows why the ICT sector should be crapping themselves if Curran ever gets the portfolio.

During Radio New Zealand?s financial review appearance?Clare Curran showed what a techtard she is.

This transcript exert below is brilliant. RNZ chief executive Peter Cavanagh did well not to start pissing himself laughing.

Jonathan?Young: I listen to your programmes every day of the week through my iPad. I don?t use my radio anymore except as an alarm.

Clare Curran:?Actually, I just wanted to wave it at you because it is such a great innovation, the app, and I have listened ? I used it when I was in the States last year, and it was amazing to be there and to hear the quality of the voice coming through. It?s fantastic. The only criticism I would have of it, and I?m interested to know if this is happening to other people, is that it cuts off. It cuts out after a certain amount of time, and then you?ve got to stick it back on again. So there?s some sort of glitch, but I don?t think it?s just my iPhone. ?

Peter Cavanagh:?Can I respond to that one? Are you mobile at the time you?re using it?

Clare Curran:?Sometimes not. So you?ve got to walk around with it to keep it going, is that the answer?

Peter Cavanagh:?No, no, no. We?re not aware of any bugs in the iPhone application itself,?but we certainly have had reports?and I?ve experienced this myself,?listening, when I?ve been out walking. But as you move you move from one?reception area to another, and sometimes when you change reception areas?it cuts out and then will cut back in again.

Just in case you missed it, Curran was actually asking if you have to be continually walking round to ensure the app works properly!

I couldn?t make this up.

I bet she experiences loads of Chair to Keyboard interface problems.