The Huddle


I was on The Huddle last night at 1740. Larry Williams was away, Susan Wood fills in and my usual sparring partner turned up for another shellacking.

Our topics were:

Russel Norman turning nasty on John Key – he’s also now been on the end of a lot of ridicule for the Muldoon comparison. It’s also over shadowed the policy announcements the party actually made over the weekend, so it doesn’t appear to have been the slam dunk they were perhaps hoping for. Metiria Turei must be fuming her crazy education policy didn’t get any uptake…but then again maybe that was the plan. 

Then there were the riots at Springhill prison. Maybe those who started the fires should be housed in tents until the damage is repaired!

And last but not least, Bradley Manning facing the music over the wikileaks saga. I mean he took the original information, but its Assange who’s been a complete arse with it!


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  • maninblack

    2 stations in one day whale! awesome!

  • Cam, can you ask Josie some time if she is worried that a vote for Labour will bring the Greens into Govt to majorly influence policy and governance. We all know it is true, but I would love to hear a true Labour supporter actually come out with it.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Off the subject:
    I see the teacher (just before school) are trying to hijack the Yahooxtra poll today.
    Would you send your kids to a charter school?
    Mysteriously, considering all polls have been PRO charter schools and there are already 33 applications to become a charter school!

    • johnbronkhorst

      Not trying to hijack this thread (promise), but just had to put this in.

      “Teachers’ union NZEI says there are a lot of risks involved in charter schools, with president Judith Nowotarski calling them “an extremely reckless and irresponsible experiment” by the government.”..Yahooxtra today.
      My answer any more risk than the pedohiles at public school or maybe the fraudsters, stealing our tax money while masquerading as registered teachers?

    • sheppy

      Anyone wishing to take a look at that poll will find the word “Vote” on the right under “News Poll” next to a picture of a bus

  • bobby

    Josie’s comment about Assange not going to Sweden to face his accusers omits a major detail of the situation. His accuser’s claims are extremely dubious credibility-wise. If you read some of the details of the situations you’d also be wary of the Swedish courts claims.

  • Hazards001

    Manning is a traitor. Nothing more nothing less. In a slightly different and quite frankly better world he would have been lined up against the wall and shot!

    Fuck this pc bullshit.