The Huddle at 1740


Once again I am on the Huddle. Larry is still away so it will Susan Wood as host and Josie Pagani.

Our topic…no surprises..Peter Dunne. 

As usual you can listen online, or through normal transmission methods.

I will post the audio tomorrow.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    PD should just talk it through with his wife and release the emails ….
    It’s only egg on his face if he’s being honest about the leak.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Agreed…….Clear the air, be BRUTALLY honest, apologise and move on.
      The cold truth will always be better than the imagination of these journo’s and politicians that want to destroy you.

    • BJ

      He should not release his emails. Once two peoples conversation is written down and then read by another it has all sorts of slants and innuendos put on the interpretation of the words used. He will be called upon to explain or justify every word. If all their communication had been dialogue then no-one would be any the wiser and it would come down to believing what he said she said – but they are both saying nothing and it is none of anyone else’s business.
      Dunne’s word that he did not leak the report is as good as the rest of them that could have done so but deny it. What’s more, I’m sure that he has been drawn in to a web to take the fall for this which then conventiently covers someone else’s arse.

      • PlanetOrphan

        So he should throw away his career because he’s so embarrassed about an email conversation that he doesn’t want to disclose the truth … that he did not leak the report ?

        It doesn’t add up BJ , and if true he’s run out of options , Fairfax aren’t ever going to help him.

        • BJ

          It shouldn’t come to loss of career but if that is the case it may – for him – be preferable to being left flailed and raw from ridicule. Some sensitive decent people are far less thick-skinned than the rest of us. Nevertheless, Dunnes comments were that it is on principal that he stands.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Maybe there is more than innuendo is Peter Dunne’s emails. I would guess that it is filled with the most ribald sounding filth about murdering Vance’s box and spanishing her voluptuous lady-lumps. Now that speculation is heading down this road, Dunne should probably turn over the emails, haha…

  • Justsayn

    Weaner looks ready to run for the presidency of the US after sexting a photo of his cock to a young woman, and Dunne is expected to resign because he flirted with a reporter? Is his crime that she is a bit plain?

    • James

      I’d do her…..;-)

  • surfisup

    the girls ganged up on you.

    • Phar Lap

      Agree .That fill in bird ran true to form.

  • Lofty

    Sorry WO I cannot listen to Susan Woods on my drive home, she drives me to road rage…….that’s 2 weeks now I have missed the huddle.
    Hurry back Larry.